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A/N: Hello hello everyone! Let me start off by saying hi to my old readers, and welcome to my new ones! Now let me move on to say this will be a Hermione/Fred story. Quite different from my last two stories, which were HG/SS and HG/SS with HG/PW elements, and not the GW/SS story I thought I'd be doing. Anyways, this should be fun though- really light-hearted, a bit fluffable, and hopefully humorous too! Anyways, the basic plot is that Hermione and Fred go back in time to the Marauder's era. Basically, hilarity ensues when Fred makes up their cover story. Also, I'm kinda ignoring book six, so I guess this is technically AU. So now, onto the chapter!

I Love You Means Having to Time-Travel

Chapter One: In Which it Begins

"Some of the worst things have been done with the best intentions." – Jurassic Park III

"Hermione, owl for you!" Helen Granger called up the stairs as an excitable brown owl fluttered around the kitchen.

"Coming Mum," Hermione yelled back, and dashed down the stairs and into the kitchen. "PIG! Settle down this instant!"

Pig immediately flew over to her, though his definition of settling down was much different than hers was. He continued to fidget and just be difficult while Hermione untied the small package from his leg. With a hoot, he flew over to the door and promptly hit the glass before Helen had a chance to open it again. Shaking himself, he hooted once more, and flew out the now-open door.

"Crazy bird," Hermione muttered affectionately as she opened the box. She pulled out a small jar holding what she recognized to be floo powder. Raising an eyebrow quizzically, she turned to the letter, reading it aloud for her mother's benefit. "Dear Mione, how are you? Hope your summer's good. Things have been crazy here! Everyone's here since Dumbledore wants everyone nearby to continue training Harry. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone! Mum, Dad, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, the twins, Ginny, Harry, Tonks, Remus, Moody, and Snape are here full time. Others seem to be flooing in and out continuously though. Gets a bit annoying really. But anyways, Mum talked to Dumbledore, and I got the okay to have you come over for Harry's party tonight, and then stay for the rest of the summer. If you can, just floo on over once you've packed and whatnot. Dad had your fireplace hooked up to the floo network for the day. See you soon hopefully, but if you can't, then just fire-call and let us know. Someone'll be around. Your friend, Ron."

"Well, I guess this means you had better get packing," Helen commented.

"I can go!" Hermione turned to look at her mum excitedly.

"Of course," Helen smiled. "As if I'd dream of keeping you apart from your friends. I know how worried you've been about them."

"Oh thank you Mum!"

Hermione quickly hugged her mum and ran upstairs to pack. It was true, she had been worried. The final battle was fast approaching, and Hermione had been quite worried about Harry. She knew he had to be ready to defeat Voldemort, but she also though he should be able to enjoy the summer a bit before they started their seventh and final year at school. But no one seemed to care what she thought, including Harry. He had been quite happy to leave the Dursley's after a week and move to Grimmauld place to begin undergoing training from various Order members.

"Pack!" Hermione directed with a wave, and not five minutes later, all her clothes, books, and school supplies were packed in her trunk. Being seventeen and a legal adult in the wizarding world definitely had some advantages.

"Are you off now then?" Helen questioned as Hermione came back downstairs, her trunk preceding her.

"Yeah. Give my love to dad. I'll send a letter in a few days to let you know how everything's going."

"All right then, have fun dear," Helen smiled, holding her arms out. Hermione hugged her mum quickly, then threw the floo powder in the fireplace and stepped in, clearly saying her destination.

"Oof," she said as she fell out of the fireplace in a graceless heap, her trunk landing with a bang beside her. "Well at least no one's around to see my klutziness."

"Think again princess," a voice called from the doorway.

"Lovely," she said sarcastically, falling onto her back as she took in Ron, Ginny, and Harry standing there, looks of amusement on their faces.

"It's all right," Harry said with a laugh as he came over to help her up. "I mean, you can't be good at everything now, can you?"

"Well I already can't fly, so I think I've filled my quota of things I'm not good at," Hermione retorted as she took his hand and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet and into a hug.

"There's our Mione," Ron grinned as he came over to hug her also, followed by Ginny.

"Where's everyone else?"

"In the kitchen sitting down for lunch," Ginny answered, grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the kitchen, followed by the boys.

"Well look what the kneazle dragged in," Bill teased as the four walked into the kitchen.

"Ha ha, very funny Bill," Hermione rolled her eyes, but hugged him with a smile. He had taken on the role of serving as an older brother to her, as well as a friend. "I missed you too."

"Good to know princess, but what about me?" Charlie put a pout on his face as she turned to acknowledge him after greeting Molly and Arthur.

"Nope, you're easily missable," she waved a hand dismissively.

"Now you're going to get it," he growled, and pounced a moment later, scooping her up in his arms.

"Charlie! Put me down! I'm wearing a skirt!" She pleaded, but was laughing.

"Why so you are," he said, putting her down and taking in her appearance. "And don't your legs just look gorgeous."

"Mione, maybe you should go put on some jeans or something," Ginny suggested, seeing Ron's face. "Ron looks about to burst."

"Anything to keep Ronniekins from bursting," Hermione laughed, looking down at the jean mini and pink t-shirt she had on, paired with flip-flops.

"Oh, while you're up there dear, would you tell the twins to come down for lunch?" Molly asked.

"Sure thing Molly," Hermione nodded. "Be back in a minute."

She went back into the living room and levitated her trunk, floating it up the stairs to the room she shared with Ginny. Setting it down, she opened it and rummaged through it till she found her favourite pair of jeans. She changed quickly, and then grabbed one of her plain black robes and threw it over-top. It may have been summer, but it was rather cold still inside Grimmauld place. Securing her wand in her pocket, she walked down the hall to the room the twins shared, and knocked on the door.

"Come out or stay in," a voice called, and Hermione shook her head at the invitation.

"Hey guys," Hermione greeted as she entered.

"Mya!" they both exclaimed, using their special nickname for her. Of course, this broke their concentration, and George accidentally cut his finger instead of the hellebore he was slicing and dicing.

"Ouch, let me go clean this up," George hissed.

"Then go downstairs for lunch, it's about ready," Hermione smiled as he quickly kissed her cheek on his way to the bathroom. She turned her attention back to Fred. "So what are you two working on?"

Fred started to answer, but a loud hissing and rumbling from behind him caused him to stop and turn around. The cauldron they had been using was now bubbling and spitting ominously, and before either of them could move, it exploded, knocking them both to the ground right before they disappeared.

"Hey Fred, Mya, come on, Mum's getting impatient," George said as he appeared in the doorway. He took in messy room, potion everywhere, and the lack of two people. He then turned and rushed down to the kitchen. "Are Fred and Mya here?"

"No, she went upstairs to get you two," Ginny looked at him questioningly.

"Oh no," George mumbled, letting his head fall against the door frame.

"George Christopher Weasley, explain precisely what you mean by that comment," Molly's eyes took on a dangerous glint.

"Well, Fred and I were working on a potion, and when Hermione came in, I accidentally cut my finger. I went to fix it, and when I came back, the room was a mess, it looked like the potion exploded, and neither of them was there."

"What potion were you working on?" Snape spoke up suddenly. No one had noticed him come in.

"Well, I'm not sure exactly," George winced at the outburst that followed.

"What do you mean!" Molly screamed at him.

"Well see, Fred and me were trying to make a potion that would sorta speed up your molecular structure so to speak," he explained, very consciously aware of everyone's eyes on him. "Only for about five minutes or so! Just enough to, let's say, help you get to class if you're running late or something!"

"So you're basically saying you have no idea where either of them is?" Harry asked.

"Basically," George nodded, hanging his head.

"Ah, do not trouble yourselves," Albus spoke as he walked into the room. "I believe I am correct in saying that Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley are no longer with us?"

"Yes, but please sir, where are they?" Ron quickly asked, speaking for everyone.

"Of course Mr. Weasley," Albus' eyes twinkled. "They've gone back in time. To the year 1978 to be exact."


"Oh bloody hell that's going to hurt in the morning," Fred moaned as he sat up.

"You mean it isn't hurting now?" Hermione snapped back, looking around. "Where are we? And what happened to you?"

"I don't know, though it looks an awful lot like the dungeons at Hogwarts," Fred commented, taking in their surroundings. "And what do you mean what happened to me?"

"Your hair is a strawberry blond color," Hermione stated. "And your hair is short and spiky."

"What!" Fred reached a hand up to feel his now-short hair, and apparently blondish. Odd. It had been shoulder length and the famous Weasley red. Hermione then caught his eye. "Well you've changed too you know."

"What do you mean I've changed?"

"Your hair's a dark auburn, almost reddish-purple even," he said.

"Great," Hermione rolled her eyes. "But while that's nice to know

"What was it you were working on before it exploded?" Hermione asked suddenly.

"Uh…a potion to try and speed up a student's molecules. Help them get to class if they're running late," Fred answered absently, getting to his feet. "And there were a few other things around. Like our morph-mints! That must be why we changed appearance. You suck a mint and you'll change your appearance until you take the antidote."

"Oh Merlin," Hermione whispered, then grabbed her wand and pulled it out, muttering some spell he didn't recognise. Words appeared in front of her. "Hogwarts, July 31rst, 1978."

"1978!" Fred yelled.

"We've gone back in time," Hermione whispered, before promptly passing out.

"Oh bloody hell," Fred whispered, immediately rushing over to her. He picked her up, careful of her head, and began to leave the dungeons.

"Why hello there," Albus Dumbledore suddenly appeared as he rounded a corner.

"Dumbledore," Fred said dumbly, his mind racing.

"Call me Albus. You must be the new applicants for the Defense position, correct?" Albus asked, his eyes twinkling.

Fred latched onto the cover with no small amount of relief. "Yes, that's us. I'm afraid though that the journey tired her out, and she is in need of some medical attention."

"Of course, right this way," Albus began to lead him through the halls and into the infirmary. Fred set Hermione down on a bed, and Poppy rushed out and began attending to her.

"Will she be all right?" Fred asked nervously, seeing how pale Hermione appeared.

"Have no fear," Poppy looked up, seeming to just notice him. "Your wife will be just fine Mister…?"

"Wilson," Fred said the first name that popped into his head. He figured that shouldn't be too hard to remember. "Greg Wilson."

"Well Mr. Greg Wilson," Poppy said with a smile. "Your wife appears to have a slight concussion, but she should be waking up in an hour or so. Now, leave her in peace. I believe Albus has some things to discuss with you."

"Oh good," Fred sighed, then turned to follow the expectant Headmaster out of the room.

As he walked, his mind finally picked up on a little, important fact. He had acknowledged Hermione as his wife. Or rather Mya. She shouldn't mind the nick-name too much. Afterall, you can not change time. He had remembered that much from all the research he and George had done on time in preparation for their potion. And he also knew that if they hadn't used alias' and been lucky enough to have their appearances changed, then they would be easily recognised in the future by the likes of Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick, and so on. That would be a huge mess. And, he supposed, the whole marriage disguise would also help, as he and Mya were two people very unlikely to get married.

"Mr. Wilson, please, take a seat," Albus invited, and Fred was surprised to see that they were already in his office.

"Thank you sir," Fred replied gratefully, sinking in long, lanky frame into the plush chair. He was abnormally tall in his opinion, at six foot five. George was the same, though a quarter inch taller. Bill and Charlie were both taller than he was. Ron was the shortest at six foot three, though Percy was close at six foot four. According to their mum, they got their height from her father, who had been a formidable seven feet even. She unfortunately had taken after her mother and was a respectable five foot six. Ginny was the same.

"Now, I believe there are some things we need to discuss," Albus steepled his fingers as he gave Fred a calculating look.

"Yes sir," Fred nodded, and quickly went on to explain how he and Mya were actually from the future, though he didn't say much other than that. "…And I have no idea how we're going to get back."

"I will contact some friends at the ministry, and have them begin working on a solution, though I daresay it won't be for several months, possibly a year," Albus apologised. "But in the meantime, I do need a Defense instructor. Are you and Mrs. Wilson up to the job?"

"Uh…" Fred considered this. He knew Hermione was brilliant with school, and loved the idea of teaching. He himself had fun with kids, which was why he wanted to be a joke-store owner. "Yes sir, it will be no trouble. My wife's the smartest witch of our times back home."

"I see, and where is home for you?" Albus asked.

"Here for now I suppose," Fred answered, catching on to what Albus was trying to do; help him with a cover story. "My wife and I have traveled extensively the last year, learning new spells and appreciating other wizarding cultures. Our last location was in Salem, Massachusetts, in America."

"Wonderful," Albus nodded. "And the reason your wife is almost too young to be a teacher?"

"She came from a wealthy family and was tutored, taking her OWLS and NEWTS at an early age."

"Well it seems as if everything is in order," Albus stood. "Now I believe that your wife should be waking soon. I think it prudent for you to be there and talk with her while I go over a few things with Poppy, don't you?"

"Of course sir," Fred grinned, and followed Albus to the infirmary.

"There you are Mr. Wilson," Poppy greeted as he walked in. "Your wife has been asking for you."

"She has?" Fred looked confused.

"Of course, now go and see her," Poppy laughed, and shooed him off.

Fred slowly walked to the curtained bed where Hermione was lying. Pulling back the curtain, he saw her propped up against some pillows, her eyes closed. He looked around, and seeing a chair, pulled it over by her bed, seating himself in it. When he looked back up at her, he saw her eyes were open and glaring at him.

"You, Greg Wilson, have some explaining to do."


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