Ok peeps this is gonna be the weirdest version of Eros and Psyche you will ever read.

And this is my first Avatar fanfic so be gentle

'Yo' thoughts.

"take" talking


Fire Lord Ozai was pissed in fact he was down right livid. 'How dare those peasants bow to that water tribe wench and forget who their real master was how dare they!'

He was the one who conquered the world, he was the one who allowed the water tribes to remain, he was the one who their pitiful little existence continue on to plague this world and yet do they thank him? Do they bow to him? Do they sing him praises? Do they build temples to honor him? NO it all goes to that stupid little water-tribe girl. He's heard what they've been preaching. How this one insignificant girl was said to posses the power to aid the one who would overthrow him one day HIM THE FIRE LORD laughable.

'Still the idiots shall be punished now how to punished the conquered' he thought, he walked to the window and looked out over his capital he looked down to his court yard there was his son Zuko heir to his empire the one who would continue his name his hope for the future.

'Hope that's how you do it you crush people by taking away their hope' with that in mind he called out.


"Yes father." was his response.

"Come to the throne room now!" he yelled then walked away.

Zuko sighed his father most likely wanted to send him to assassinate someone who was trying to rebel he father really was stupid if he thought everyone would just bow down to him that once proud nations would bow to the will of one man he dreaded when the time came for him to take the throne people will only take abuse for so long. Sighing again he stood up and walked toward the palace could have been truly an impressive place, if it didn't give off the feeling of death and decay.

"Zuko!" his sire yelled angered at his slow pace.

"Coming father" he said moving faster

Ozai smiled to himself. 'This shall be a lesson to all peoples of the earth the fire nation owns them.'

"You wanted to see me father?" Zuko asked from the doorway.

"Yes my son, I want you to head to the south pole there is a problem there that needs to be taken care of." he said his face in shadow his voice sounding twisted and cruel.

"Yes father." Zuko said understanding what he expected to happen.

"Take Commander Zhou with you." the Fire Lord said.

"Yes father" Zuko said then continuing "Who is it you want me to take care of?"

"A girl you'll know who she is when you get there she's the one everyone will be bowing to, now go get packed you leave tonight!" and with that he walked out of the room.

Zuko looked incredulously at the spot where his father had just left, sure it was one thing to go kill a man, but a mere girl, he felt a small sensation of pity go through his heart then brushed it off and went to pack.

'Feelings never do you any good.'


'It's getting colder.' The prince thought as he pulled his white parka closer they were coming up on the southern water tribe luckily they were shielded by a huge iceberg.

"Prince Zuko I bet just can't wait till we reach the village can you?" came the voice of Commander Zhou.

Zuko remained silent

Commander Zhou didn't let this stop him though.

"I myself can't wait until we crush this village." he said with mirth.

"My orders were to take care of the girl the village is to be left alone." Zuko said.

"But my pri-." Zhou began.

"I SAID THE VILLAGE IS TO BE LEFT ALONE!" Zuko yelled "I'm going in on a smaller boat you and your men still here if I find out one of you left this ship and defied my command I'll have you put up for treason.

"I, uh yes prince Zuko." Zhou said bowing his in mocking respect and wait for the prince to set out on the unnoticeable bout and then looked over to the nearest worker and said "You there ready the catapult!"

"Sir?" the man said.

"The Prince told us not to leave this boat so ready the catapults!" he yelled with a deranged look in his eye.

"Yes sir." the man said then went off to do his work.

"If Zuko's no longer around I can push Ozai to give me the thrown." he said to himself.

Zuko had found no trouble entering the village and was now cleverly hidden in plain sight.

'Heh guess white parkas are good for somethings.'

That's when he saw her, a girl just about 14 walking towards the hut closest to him but stopped when a little was pushed down into the snow by a bigger lad.

"You should be ashamed of yourself! What did he do to you that deservers that kind of treatment he's only a boy!" she stopped to say.

"He took away my favorite toy sniff oh I'm sorry please don't tell my parents!" the older boy cried.

The girl's stance softened Zuko thought to himself that it was a good thing he hasn't seen her eyes he didn't think he could kill her if he'd seen her eyes.

'Angi she's beautiful' he thought.

"Well you shouldn't push people down when they take what's yours" she said then turned to the smaller boy "And you shouldn't take things that don't belong to you, now I'm going to go to bed so why don't you two find your way home." she said and stood up.

"Yes Katara-hime!" they both said bowing then ran off. Katara sighed she hated it when the villagers called her that she wasn't a princess and she hated it when they called her one.

Zuko by now had figured out it was this girl his father was taking about and had slowly snuck into her home at least it was empty. He looked around and then hid in what you could call a closet.

Katara walked into her house her brother was off with her father trying to rebel against the fire nation and Gran-Gran was staying at a friends house. She walked into her closet and started to change.

'Damnit I knew I should have found a better place to hide' Zuko thought as he tried to avert his eyes but sadly found them glued to her back as she took off the top part of her parka and then the other clothing that followed. 'But damn she is gorgeous.'

Katara pulled on her night dress and walked out to her bed laid down and was asleep within minutes. Zuko took a deep breath slowly pulled out a knife and walked to the sleeping girl on the bed, he slowly took the knife down to her neck... and then


The earth shook the sound of cannons being fired. Zuko pulled away the knife and Katara woke up deep blue eyes met burning gold ones. Zuko felt something give way when he met her eyes and knew right then he couldn't kill her.

He'd seen her eyes.