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Katara stared up at the dull grey ceiling bored, hungry, and was on the verge of crying. She didn't know what to do confound to a bed and afraid to move she weighed her choices.

'Not that I really have any I'm stuck on a boat of fire nation men and I don't know if I can trust my one ally' she sighed 'when did life get so complicated.'

She looked down at the bed it was soft, much softer then she expected the red downy comforter was truly beautiful gold embroidery depicting a dragon with its mouth a-flame. There wasn't a window in the room but light shone through from what she guessed was the bath room. She contemplated, as she lay back down on the bed, to her self how funny a turn her life had taken after that fortune-teller had come to her village.

Her parents had been worried about how no man seemed to express any interest to marry her after she a been repeatedly, called the most beautiful girl in the village even though she still had two more years until what was considered the proper marring age. However, with the random poets showing up at her door with verses of poems and elongated ballads of love her parents were sure someone would have asked for an engagement at least.

But with all the declarations of everlasting love, never ending faithfulness, and undying praise no true suitors had come to call, her parents fearing that she had angered the gods in some fashion were the first to seek counsel with the psychic.( wow and I just took a really long time to say something that could have been summed up in nine words.)


Katara followed silently behind her parents. They told her that they where going to the teller for questions about where the best fish would be, or what trades to invest in this year. She knew better she had heard them talking last night. This was about her and she wasn't even going to be allowed in the room.

She sat at the bench provided for her as her parents went into the seer's inner sanctum. A middle-aged woman sat in the middle of the room dark purple eye shadow adorned her eyes her lips were a deep red a gray streak went throw the sides of her dark hair.

"You really must tell me where you get your make up from Mrs." Aunt Wu said to Katara's mother.

"You may discuss cosmetics with my wife later, we are here about our daughter." her husband said to the teller. He watched her with dark inscrutable eyes as he and his wife sat down at the low table.

"It was your wife's idea to come here was it not?" Aunt Wu asked sipping her tea.

"I don't believe the future is so easy to understand I highly doubt it can be comprehended with tea leaves and oracle bones." he said gruffly.

"Yes well now to the issue of your daughter I'm assuming you want to know if she'll make a successful match?" she asked.

"We want to know if our daughter has angered the gods in some manner and how we can make amends?" Katara's mother asked (p.s. I hate giving names to characters that have no name and are not mind so until I find there names this is all I'll ever refer to them as.)

"What has happened to make you think you daughter has slighted the gods?" Aunt Wu asked.

"There are jesters, poets, and minstrels coming by our house every day singing to her beauty, sweetness, and her chasteness." she stopped and gave a huge sigh "But so far no suitor has come to call."

"And this brings you to think she has insulted the gods some how?" Aunt Wu pressed.

"Yes, what else could it possibly be?" Katara's mother stated franticly.

"Well let's toss the bones and see." Aunt Wu reached over and grabbed the mother hands.

She picked up the bones shook them in her hands started taking in some strange language (think Latin) she tossed the bones on the table.

"The virgin is destined for no ordinary lover her future husband will be a powerful bender and with him she will over throw the fire lord." Aunt Wu said.

End FlashBack

Katara was on the verge of sleeping staring up at the grey ceiling. The door knob suddenly jiggled. She almost gasped until she remembered what the Blue Spirit had told her so she laid there still has death hoping praying that the door wouldn't open.