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The door opened to reveal the Blue Spirit with a tray of food. (Bet everyone saw that coming) Katara's stomach grumbled at the smell of food. Zuko smirked behind his mask when he saw the tension in her body leave when she realized it was him. He set the tray down by the night stand and handed her a bowl of soup.

"Thank you." she said politely.

"You're welcome." Zuko said

"Now it's going to be three weeks until we reach our destination so I'm going to lay down some ground rules." he started.

"Destination? You'd better not be talking about the Fire Nation because if you are I'll jump off this boat and swim back sharks and all."

"First off it's a ship not a boat, second I'd have to kill you if you jumped off, and third I'm not taking you to the Fire Nation." he said in a deadpan voice.

"Smart ass." Katara said.

"Really you think so because I've always thought it was more firm than smart." he smirked behind his mask when he saw her blush.

"Now back to the ground rules."

"If not the Fire nation than where are you taking me?"

"Do you always interrupt people whenever they're talking?" Zuko asked sardonically

"No it's my quirky way of flirting." Katara replied sarcastically.

"Well in that case I'm honored. Now back to the ground rules." he saw Katara opening her mouth to ask another question "And if you interrupt me again I will tape your mouth shut."

Katara closed her mouth and glowered.

"Rule number one, I make the rules."

Katara stuck her tongue out at him.

"Rule number two, You follow the rules."

He turned around and she mimicked throwing her soup at him.

"Rule number three, unless the ship is sinking do not leave this room." he emphasized the word ship.

"It's still a boat to me." Katara said mockingly.

"Do you always have to be so childish?" he asked.

"Do you always have to be so proper?" she shot back.

Zuko leaned in really close had his mask not been hiding his face she would have felt the breath on her ear.

"If I had been proper you'd be dead by now and I'd have my room back." he whispered.


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