Little Things

Author: Moggie

Rating: Pg13 T / Genre: AU. FutureFic. Romance. / Spoilers: None. Established Relationship. / Disclaimer: I do not own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Formally Known As: Baby Makes Ten.

Summary: GSR. 'Never has a night such as this, brought so much sadness and joy to so many hearts'


Anthony Blackwell flipped up the next corner and signed his name over the dotted line. He set the first batch of papers into his briefcase and locked it.

"Are you sure about this?" A lawyer for some twenty years, married and first partner of his firm in Los Angeles, Richard Briggs was Anthony's old college roommate.

He nodded. "Positive."

"It's not going to look good in the papers, you understand that?" Richard warned.

"It can't be helped." Anthony murmured. "At least this is something I can control." He signed the copies of papers he had in his briefcase before handing them over to his friend. "My sister lives in Vegas, so make sure she gets these." He looked up. "In person would be preferable. I don't want her to be blindsided and coldly informed at the same time."

Richard nodded as he took the papers. "I'll see to it. Told in person will make it more accepting."

"Thanks. I'm going to spend some time with my son before leaving. Are you sure Sally can cope for a few days?"

Sally Briggs, Richard's second wife of five years was also a friend of Anthony's. Obviously known through Richard. Currently they didn't have children, but Sally was an aunt two times over, so she knew the basics for changing, feeding and taking care of a young child. She was also three months pregnant.

"She is excited about getting some hands on experience. Especially since Alex and Nicola are four next month. Though its been a while since she changed a dirty diaper." Richard chuckled.

"I'll bring a bottle of wine by when I drop AJ off. I can't thank you enough for this Richard." He shook his friends hand firmly.

4 Weeks Later.

Sara Sidle buttoned her black jacket and wrapped her scarf around her neck. She then slowly pulled on her ankle length thick coat and shifted her shoulders to straightened out the shape of the fabric. The ringing of the phone in the background was ignored as she grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on the nightstand.

Arriving at the cemetery after a short church gathering, she walked arm in arm with a friend she hadn't seen since starting college. They hadn't been in the same classes or the same dorm building, but with her brother only two years ahead of her, she knew his friends and to some, she became friends too as well.

"It's starting to get windy." Her friend squeezed her arm. "Autumn is here."

"Tony always loved the leaves falling from the trees as a kid." Sara said softly, smiling. "He used to bury me in leaves in the backyard and I'd cry because he would cover my head."

"Sounds like the Anthony we love." Richard chuckled, pressing a handkerchief into her hand. "Just remember those good times and things won't seem so bad."

"Thank you for everything Richie. I don't think I could have organised this without your help." She sniffed quietly.

He guided her across the grass. "I did have help from your friend, Sara. Thanks should go to him too."

"Yes." She sighed sadly as the coffin and gravesite came into view.

1 Week Later.

The phone call came at the most inappropriate time as it was their night off. Sara groaned breathlessly into the neck of the heavily breathing Grissom. All movement stopped as the phone continued to ring.

Having an inkling that it was work, Sara pushed at his shoulder and crawled on top of him. Settling into a comfortable but pleasurable position, she reached for the phone.


"Hey Sara." Nick said coyly down the phone. "I wasn't interrupting something was I?" Knowing he was, he enunciated further. "I'd hate to stop whatever you were doing."

Grissom growled at the laughter that could be clearly heard through the phone receiver. His head landed hard on his pillow as his hands held onto Sara's hips with a strength that made it almost unbearable. He was suddenly losing his appetite.

Shifting her hips subtly, "As a matter of fact, yes Nick. I was smack bang in the middle of something. So please get on with it." Sara ground out at the same time as she tilted her head to hold the phone against her shoulder so her hands were free to pry away Grissom's. "Get talking cowboy." She grinned slyly down at her lover and winked. "This won't take long honey."

"Honey? OH!" Nick's howling laughter was beyond acceptable to both Grissom and Sara.

Grabbing the phone, Grissom bit out a growl. "Get back to work Stokes." He hung up the phone and tossed it onto the pillow as he sat up and drew her into a sloppy kiss, working on getting his body back into action.

Just when things had started to heat up beyond optimum temperatures, the phone rang again.

"Dear God!" Grissom cursed, his back going stiff.

Sara slid down with him as they reclined back against the pillows. "I hate interruptions." She said quietly, trying to catch her breath against the pleasure that stole it from her in the first place.

Running warm fingers up her heated and slick back, he sighed out his contentment.

Even with the phone still ringing, they gazed into the others eyes with small smiles. A few months of dating had settled differences and a few more months of sleeping together gave back their drives for their work.

"We'd better answer that." Grissom said, turning his head to look at the phone on the opposite pillow.

"Yeah." Sara sighed as she rolled onto her back and reached over her head for the phone. "Sidle."

Silence that would have made a church envy, fell over the room.

To Be Continued.