Loving Secrets

Author: Moggie

Rating: Pg13 T / Genre: AU. Romance / Disclaimer: I do not own The Sound of Music. / Notes: First SOM attempt. This is after the honeymoon and I've given a few more weeks until the Anschluss

Summary: CaptainMaria. With the Anschluss coming, distraction is always a good thing.

Characters: Captain Georg & Maria von Trapp / Liesl, Friedrich & Louisa, Kurt & Brigitta, Marta & Gretl von Trapp / Franz / Frau Schmidt / Max Detweiler


"Your collar, Darling." Maria ran her fingers along the back of his neck as she walked across the veranda.

"Mmm." Georg fumbled blindly with his shirt, barely taking his attention from the newsprint.

Maria leaned against the balustraude at the top of the steps. "Where are the children?"

"With Max." He answered distractedly.

Turning to press her back against the stone wall, she smiled lovingly at him. "Darling?"

"Hmm?" The crackling of the paper turning almost drowned out his murmur.

Smiling and shaking her head, Maria pushed away from the warm stone. "My Darling, what has your attention?"

Absently covering her hand when he felt it on his shoulder, he answered. "The German's are moving towards Austria."

"We've known this would happen." She straightened his collar, which he had failed to correct.

"The Anschluss is coming." He muttered darkly.

Maria smoothed her hands over his shoulders. "Such news is not new, my Love."

"Any day now." He sighed and folded the newsprint. "We have to think about leaving Austria if I'm offered a commission."

Running her fingers lightly down his neck, she kissed his temple. "We'll be fine."

"I hope so, Maria."

Following his hairline with her fingers, she smiled against his hair. "Come, my Love."

"Where?" He asked, standing when she took his hand. He chuckled when she pulled him away from the table and towards her.

Intent on distracting her husband, Maria folded her hand with his and took hold of his upper arm. She smiled at his chuckle and started to lead him into a waltz.

After a few minutes of follow standard turns and a few twists, Georg raised his left arm. Maria turned under his arm and twirled to meet him again, carefully leading him backwards a step or two before releasing his shoulder to step out and back before stepping back again and twirled under his arm.

His eyes twinkled as he was now successfully distracted from the inevitable German war invading his homeland. He took great pleasure in dancing with his wife and much happiness bubbled within him as they waltzed and gazed into the others eyes.

"Hmm, my Darling Maria." He said thickly, smiling warmly as he wrapped his arms around her and gathered her against him.

Reaching up one arm to slide over his shoulders, she sighed happily. "I love you."

Closing his eyes in sweet torture at the feel of her fingers combing through the hair at the nape of his neck, he gently swayed them and began dancing small steps, never letting her go. His head came down to rest against hers as she pressed her ear to his shoulder.

Maria smiled widely at the sound of a giggle behind them. She felt Georg's hand caressing her lower back and heard his low laughter in her ear. They were being watched by several sets of eyes and they knew them to be the children's and Max.

"Father!" Gretl ran up the steps and headed straight for them.

Looking down at the hand clinging to his jacket, he smiled. "Yes, Gretl?"

"Can I dance with you, Father?" She asked politely.

Maria shared a loving look with her husband and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "Go ahead, Darling."

Georg's smile grew. "One dance, Gretl." He took her hands and twirled her twice before glancing up as Maria was asked to dance by Friedrich.

"Liesl, may I have this dance?" Max offered his hand with a charming grin.

Kurt with Marta and Louisa with Brigitta, they stiffly danced in the only way they knew how and that was short steps forward and a few turns. Nothing complex for the children, but Max was turning and twirling Liesl with hearty laughter.

"Oh, my Dear, you are a natural." Max cheered loudly.

Maria was teaching Friedrich how to do a simple waltz and sneaking the occasional glance in Gretl and Georg's direction. She watched as Georg lifted Gretl into his arms and continued to dance on his own.

Undoubtedly happy, Maria would have to wait until they were alone again. She had important and eager news to share with the family, but telling her husband was what she was looking forward to the most. It wasn't everyday you told your husband you were expecting a child.

May Continue, May Not.