Dark Archangel III: The Last Scion

by AthEnA1999

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Introduction and Author's Notes: Welcome to the final act of the Dark Archangel saga!
First of all, yes, I kind of "borrowed" the title from the movie Dogma. In fact, said movie gave me the initial inspiration, but let me explain. In the movie, Bethany was chosen to save existence because she was the last of the descendants of Christ's family. In this story… well, it has to do with a certain other family composed of Digimon. I also doubt that the Digi-Destined will make any appearances; this is strictly about the Digimon. There are very few stories remaining that are completely about Digimon; most of the fan fiction here is Digi-Destined related.

Also, please kindly refrain from giving me crap about my interpretation of Goddramon. I know the card game says he's a dragon, but you'll find out where I'm going with this. This does not have to be completely canon with the series. That's why it's called fan fiction. In addition, please remember that this is a borderline T-rated story, so if you feel that the rating needs to be increased, let me know.

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ScionSĪ'-ŏn- n. 1) A child or descendant of a family, especially one that is wealthy, famous, or important. 2) A living shoot or bud of a plant used for grafting to a stock, thus creating a plant of the desired variety or continuing the line.

Chapter 1
The Fallen One

Heaven and Digiworld shall be one in the same,

As the moons rise and fall, twelve times one thousand.

As the world grows ripe with age,

So the Angel kind shall flourish.

Twelve regarded above all,

The Almighty Goddramon silently presiding.

All manner of things will be well.

A Fallen Angel shall arise,

The first of his kind, but far from the last.

His grasp will be strong, his victims many,

But his greatest capture shall be

The Chosen One.

Long ago, when the digital world was still young, merely sixty years to humans yet thousands of eons in the worlds beyond, an angel was born.

Though not a true angel, he was akin to a god, for he was the first Digimon ever created, and his data helped create other Digimon as well.

His name was Goddramon.

Although a young Digimon, his powers were immense, and confined to a mysterious white mist enclosed in an orb so clear and flawless it appeared to be made of glass. Every ounce of his ability and strength was held within and could be extracted through only the will of young Goddramon himself. As if working with clay, he molded the Beasts, the Androids, the Humanoids, and the Angels. He also molded a dragon-like exterior for himself, a shield to protect his true form.

The Angel Digimon of the Grand Angel Council were Goddramon's greatest pride.

There were thirteen in all, each created with hundreds of years in between. The first Angel to emerge from the mist was Seraphimon, the Grand Angel, advisor of the Angel Council and Goddramon's right-hand 'mon and messenger. His creation was followed by that of the Grand Council of angels, beginning with the ageless fauna Cherubimon, and then the female Ophanimon. Three multiplied itself into six as Nefertimon, Pegasusmon, and ArchAngemon arrived one by one. As the ages rolled past and the warmongering grew, the gentle Estrellamon and wise Auroramon brought peace. Finally, as lesser Angels entered the new city above the digital world—Civitas Dei, Latin for "City of God"—five other angels were chosen amongst them. Angemon, Angewomon, MoonAngemon, FloraAngewomon, and PyroAngemon represented the elements below the skies.

Of course, as the heavens prospered, the digital world did as well, and that was when the Angel Council had grown fearful that they could not watch over the world as well as they once could. As the sun sank below the clouds 802 years before the Digi-Destined arrived, twelve of the thirteen angels gathered in their thrones, Seraphimon the Grand Angel presiding over all from his golden throne draped in white; the other thrones, six on each side, were silver.

"Everyone," the Grand Angel addressed the others solemnly, "the time has come to select a new addition to our Council. Would anyone like to suggest whom to choose?"

"I think we need a replacement for PyroAngemon," asserted Pegasusmon from his yellow-draped throne, pointing to the seat that was completely empty except for the crimson material. "He has failed to attend several of the past meetings, and I'm concerned that his absence will destroy us all."

"I beg to differ," said Auroramon, the only angel who was dressed in black, yet it was only to enhance the beautiful rainbows wrapped around her. "Let him stay; he needs another chance."

"That's what you have said for the past seven moons," challenged ArchAngemon. "It is time he needs to awaken before he's wrenched from his position."

"First things first," mediated Seraphimon, banging his staff on the marble floor. The other twelve angels listened. "I would like to find a thirteenth angel for the Council."

Suddenly, the light grew dim, and a small figure not unlike Cherubimon's appeared in the hallway. He appeared to be no older than a child of thirteen, and was wrapped in a scanty white robe. With his pale skin, blonde hair, and clear blue eyes, he looked almost like a ghost. The amethyst markings on his skin were set off greatly by his complexion. From his back, twelve pure white wings protruded and spread out.

"Pardon me," said the childlike angel, approaching the center of the circular hall, "but hearsay told me that you needed a new angel for the Grand Council. I think I would suffice… wouldn't I, Seraphimon?"

"I would not know, granted you have not told me your name yet," retorted the Grand Angel.

"Where are my manners? Obviously I have believed myself to be more famous around these parts than I truly am… or maybe you are just behind the times. I am Lucemon, the true Angel of Light. Goddramon created me especially to bring light to the digital world. And don't let my appearance fool you… I may look like a teenaged boy, but I am actually one hundred times older than that… 1300 years, to be exact. I have experience… and sheer power. Please put me on the Council."

"And what makes you think you have that kind of potential?"

"What makes you believe I do not? You put that slouch PyroAngemon on the Council, and he has barely lifted a finger for any of you. With my presence, the digital world shall be saved."

"I sincerely doubt it, Lucemon. In order to be part of the Council, you must either show power beyond what ordinary angels possess or be related to a member through marriage or blood… or even linked through children, though there has been no infidelity present and no angel has yet been able to have children."

"Really? If you put me on the Council, the world will be secure. If not… the heavens themselves will collapse. Word has it that you have a powerful enemy lurking in these parts… possibly within the Council itself." The angel glanced at Estrellamon, the Angel of the Night. Her complexion was as blue as the sky, her eyes a deep blue with silver stars sparkling in them, and her hair black as midnight. Her six wings were silver, as was her breastplate and the ribbon that wound around her. Her revealing, two-piece bodysuit was a dazzling white. She took no notice of Lucemon, regardless of how much he stared at her. Instead, her hand closed around that of MoonAngemon, her betrothed… "Remember… without the light, darkness will prevail. I shall see you soon… very soon, indeed."

Estrellamon, as the Angel of the Night, bestowed beautiful dreams upon every Digimon who slept as she flew through the air. Of course, she and MoonAngemon had been trying desperately to conceive a child, but every attempt was in vain. The angels needed an heir badly; fewer and fewer were flying through the heavens, and had yet to give birth to an Angel Digimon. She was soft-spoken and always faithful to her arranged husband of two years, and yet… no matter how many attempts were made to procreate—and this had become nearly every night now—there was no sign of a child within her. If only she could… if only…

The angel swooped downwards onto the surface of the continent of Server, in the heart of a forest that bordered an endless range of mountains. This dark glen had always been a sanctuary to her; her dear friend Rosemon ensured that no other Digimon would trespass upon this sanctum. So many black trees surrounded her, their tops curving over like a domed ceiling, their many leaves rustling and letting the moonlight shine a kaleidoscope of light upon her. Carpeting the hollow was a small field of lush, green grass that was always cool and refreshing underneath Estrellamon's bare feet, and in the center was a clear pool that reflected the moon above.

Where was Rosemon? Estrellamon began to fret over not having her best friend in which to confide, then sat down on a rock overlooking the pond and began to weep.

Why must I be an angel? Why must it be so difficult for angels to have children? Goddramon… Rosemon… speak to me now! I need a child so badly… Civitas Dei needs a child even worse! So many angels have died defending this world from natural disasters like leaks and sudden bouts of virii, but now… angel blood is thinning, and it is I who is responsible for this!

Through the ripples made by the clear waters of the pool, Estrellamon could see a glowing figure behind her. She gasped and turned around.

"Lucemon?" she asked in her deep alto voice. "What are you doing here?"

Lucemon lay a hand on Estrellamon's shoulder. It felt cold and unnaturally rigid, as if its owner did not want it there. "It's not your fault you don't have any children," he told her, as if he could read her mind. "It's all MoonAngemon. Digimon of that age are… quite incontinent, you know."

"How dare you speak of my husband that way?" demanded Estrellamon, before she gave him a hard slap and turned away, prepared to make her escape.

"Deep down, you know he is," said Lucemon. "You want a child badly, and you will not be able to bear one for much longer." He paused, waiting for the words to make an impact on her soul and intensify the blow. "I understand all that you've been through… I, too, have a goal of my own that cannot be reached… but it will take desperate measures for me to attain. And you do as well, I understand…"

"You understand nothing," snapped Estrellamon. "I am leaving." As she spread her wings and prepared to fly, Lucemon held out a single hand and created a force so powerful, she could not move. Then he seductively skulked around the poor Angel of the Night, prepared to strike.

"Estrellamon… what you do not understand is that I alone possess power beyond power, and that includes giving you the power to conceive a child. Your faithfulness to MoonAngemon could mean a generation of angels is lost. Give me the chance, and you shall give birth to angels upon angels. There could be a new Civitas Dei at your fingertips… and all you need is me." He slowly undid the top portion of his robe and let it fall so it hung down, exposing his lithe, well-toned figure, covered with purple markings. "Estrellamon, would you rather be faithful to your husband and destroy every digital angel… or would you make love to me and save Civitas Dei and the digital world forever? I know you have the power within you… you do." He closed his eyes and placed his lips against Estrellamon's. He mode-changed before her eyes into a grown 'mon that looked completely irresistible to her. His white-blonde hair fell around his broad, muscular shoulders, and his blue eyes were the hue of precious sapphires. Protruding from his well-toned back were twelve wings—six feathery, angel wings and six demonic bat wings. "This is my true form—Lucemon Falldown Mode," he said. "Come bear my child."

The Angel of the Night teetered on the edge of contemplation for a brief second, and then she unwound the silver ribbon that encircled her body, followed by the removal of her gloves and breastplate. Lucemon Falldown Mode let every article of clothing slide off, and Estrellamon stripped herself of her white bodysuit, the top portion first, followed by the bottom. And finally she removed her helmet, yielding her entire being to Lucemon Falldown Mode under the watchful eye of the moon…

Nine months had passed, and the angels still had not found a thirteenth member for their Council. No hope was lost, as they anticipated the arrival of MoonAngemon's and Estrellamon's child.

"A true scion," boasted MoonAngemon, placing a hand on his lady's swollen stomach. Estrellamon bowed her head in shame. "He will lead the digital world into light. He alone shall—"

"Who says your pitiful son will lead the world into light?" challenged Lucemon, who had appeared before the Council yet again. "My name is derived from the word that means 'light.' Goddramon created me for—"

"The only thing that Goddramon ever created you for," said Seraphimon, who had grown irritated, "was to annoy us. We already have the thirteenth member of our Council, and he shall make his grand entrance into Civitas Dei quite soon, indeed!"

"That means that I shall be a member of your Council as well," said Lucemon. "Unless, of course, that you want a bastard child as part of your Council."

"A bastard?" questioned MoonAngemon. "Hardly; Estrellamon and I had been trying to conceive a child for two years, and finally Goddramon has blessed us with a soon-to-be born son. He is the scion of the Angel Digimon race!"

"You can't very well have a child in this Council without his father present, now can we?" said Lucemon, a smug look crossing his face.

The Angel Digimon glanced at each other in confusion, until MoonAngemon realized something. He shot a disgusted look at Estrellamon, who looked as if she were about to cry.

"You… you slept with Lucemon?" he cried. "How could you?"

"It was Lucemon Falldown Mode, a grown version of him! And I had to, MoonAngemon!" insisted Estrellamon. "He said that infidelity was worth saving an entire race of angels—" Suddenly, she let out a scream of pain, bending over. Fearfully, she glanced at her husband. "And now he's here! There's no more time!"

As Auroramon and MoonAngemon rushed over to help Estrellamon, the other nine angels present glared at Lucemon.

It was then that Seraphimon had an epiphany of his own. "Lucemon, how dare you?" he hissed in a frighteningly low voice, pointing his staff at the angel's face. "You fooled poor Estrellamon into believing that she would save the other angels when really it was all to help you get a position on the Council… just as you desired."

"You will not get a single word out of me," said Lucemon. "How do you think you're going to do that?"

"GOLDEN NOOSE!" cried Pegasusmon and Nefertimon at the same time, binding the angel in seemingly unbreakable gold-plated ropes.

"HAND OF FATE!" shouted Angemon, whacking Lucemon across the face, bruising and tearing the flesh. The latter's expression grew more malicious than ever.

"CROWN OF THORNS!" shouted FloraAngewomon, striking Lucemon with a wheel of thorns that ripped and tore his skin, slashing red into white.

"STORM OF JUDGEMENT!" Cherubimon unleashed a sudden tempest upon Lucemon, complete with crashing lighting and torrential winds, and the other angels had to hold onto the pillars to prevent themselves from getting blown away.

Estrellamon screamed again as MoonAngemon let her lay her head on his lap, stroking her sweaty, helmetless forehead. The shrieks were so agonizingly loud, even Lucemon began to find himself impaired. Auroramon waited between her widespread legs, hoping that her friend's child would arrive unharmed.

"You'll be all-right, Estrellamon…" whispered MoonAngemon. "You'll be fine… this will all be over soon…"

"HA!" laughed Lucemon from the center of the room. Somehow, he had broken free of his golden confinement. "You can't harm me! When Estrellamon's child is born, I shall be a member of the Council… or else terrible things will happen, indeed!"

"SEVEN HEAVENS!" proclaimed Seraphimon, using the power and energy of Goddramon himself to blast Lucemon to the other end of the digital world. "And stay out!"

There was a pause.

"That was surprisingly easy, Seraphimon," Nefertimon said, breaking the silence. "Something about Lucemon's defeat just did not seem… right."

"What do you mean?" asked Seraphimon. "You know nothing of Lucemon's power! For all you know, he could not even be an angel at—"

Estrellamon let out another ear-piercing cry, and the other angels forgot about their new archnemesis and rushed over to help, either holding her hands or whispering reassuring words. She appeared to be in pain beyond measure, and wished desperately that everything would just end… she felt as if she were being split in two!

"He's coming," announced Auroramon. "He'll be fine!"

One cry became two… Estrellamon's was ten times louder, and the pain was so intense she blacked out…

The Angel of Night awoke in the white sheets of her bed, her face in a hot sweat and the pain of childbirth lingering. She felt quite ill, much worse than she knew she should have been. She could not tell if any of it were a dream or not…

A cool breeze washed over her, and she felt MoonAngemon's reassuring hand against her head.

"I… I'm sorry, MoonAngemon…" whispered Estrellamon in her feverish haze. "I… I wish I had never done that…"

"Ssh…" MoonAngemon whispered back, placing a finger against his lady's lips. "It was not your fault, my love… Lucemon tricked you."

"My son…" slurred Estrellamon, holding out her arms. "Let me hold my son!" She felt the warm bundle resting against her chest, and relaxed… "What have we named him?"

"He doesn't have a name yet," said MoonAngemon. "He will soon, I promise." The angel left the room, allowing his bride to rest.

"I was thinking… Azraelmon," murmured Estrellamon. She fell into a deep, delirious sleep, her sleeping, newborn child resting in the folds of a silken white cloth, with her arms wrapped around that. And what a beautiful child he was—his skin was a beautiful shade of sky-blue; his hair blonde like his father's; his closed eyes a striking shade of ice-blue. Two feathery white tufts sprouted from his back.

"Azraelmon…" murmured MoonAngemon. "I like it."

Cloaked by nightfall, Lucemon skulked through the halls of MoonAngemon's and Estrellamon's home. It appeared to be a small, white building composed of marble and Ionic columns—a cross between the Acropolis and a cathedral. He slowly glided over the tiled floor of the main hall, casting a reflection in the shine and the moonlight. A chilled breeze wafted through the hall, but the angel did not shiver.

Tonight was a good night, indeed.

He would take back what belonged to him.

Civitas Dei would pay.

The entire digital world would pay.

Little did he know, the price would be hefty and burdensome, indeed.

He approached Estrellamon's bed with caution, seeing the angel in a sleep so deep and dark, she would not awaken. There was his son enveloped in her loving embrace… and soon Lucemon would make him his own.

The fallen angel took the sleeping child ever so cautiously in one arm… then unsheathed a dagger with another, one unlike any other. It was pure black with a blood-red handle, cursed with the power to infect its victim with Evil. This was the weapon of a demon, which was what Lucemon had become…

"Ah, my son…" whispered Lucemon. "Your life as an angel has been so short-lived… and now you will say good-bye to your wings…" He chuckled maliciously as he removed the robes from the newborn Ultimate, exposing the wings on his back.


A scream erupted from Lucemon's arms as the angel's wings fell off his back, spurting blood and feathers as they hit the ground and shattered.

The lights went on from out of nowhere, and MoonAngemon appeared in a battle stance.

"Lucemon!" shouted MoonAngemon, holding out his staff. "Get your hands away from MY SON!"

"Your son?" scoffed Lucemon. "HA! He is no one's son but my own now!" Without another word, he plunged the dagger into his son's back, and the baby screamed and writhed in agony before he dissolved into thin air… and then a Digiegg appeared where the former angel had been… and then that egg shot down like a meteor across the digital world to Primary Village.

"What… did… you… DO TO HIM!" MoonAngemon advanced on Lucemon like a predator out for the kill.

"I merely turned him into a Virus type… and you will never be able to find him again! He has been reverted to his Poyomon stage, and soon he will be running around Primary Village like every other miserable Digimon there. You will never be able to tell him apart from the others… and who knows what he will become? A simple Centauromon… a peevish Bakemon… or the most powerful Demon Virus Lord ever, even more of a potentate than myself?" He paused, relishing the look of consternation on MoonAngemon's face. "You can destroy me, but you can't ever destroy him. He is an immortal, like all angels… unless he wills himself to die. And I doubt he would do that. So go ahead… reconfigure me. I might not ever come back… but he will."

MoonAngemon was then so grief-stricken, he let his staff fall.

"You all have made a very powerful enemy," was the last thing they ever heard Lucemon say before he flew into the sky. He flew away like a comet before MoonAngemon could attack him, to remain hidden for centuries to come.

The next day, Estrellamon died.

Some had said it was from the childbirth, others claimed it was the grief of losing her child and postpartum depression that caused her to will herself away. Still, others believed that Lucemon had infected her with a virus. Not one Digimon knew what it had been.

After all of the Angel Digimon had gathered to mourn her at the traditional funeral rites, the Council met in the hall.

"Angel blood is wearing even thinner than ever," declared Seraphimon. "What happened to Estrellamon, rest her soul, could happen to any of us. We must procreate as well as fight, arrange marriages for our most virile male and female Digimon, and ensure that the Chosen One returns to his rightful home—among the angels."

Angemon raised his hand. "Angewomon and I have decided that we will be the ones to assume our Infant forms and travel to the surface of the digital world. We have been told by Gennai that we have been given Chosen Children, and our power will lie directly within them."

"We understand that we may never be able to reach these forms again," said Angewomon. "And I know that our memories of angelhood shall be erased until we digivolve to Champion and Ultimate again."

"But if we want to save the… the Chosen One, am I right?" wondered Angemon. Receiving a nod from Seraphimon, he continued. "My sister and I will sacrifice our power and memories… as long as you promise to keep watch over us." He took Angewomon's hand, and the two approached Seraphimon's throne. "Will you allow us to do so?"

"Yes," replied Seraphimon. "When seven hundred years pass. Your Chosen Children have yet to arrive, and that will take hundreds of years before we send them. On Earth, many moons equal barely a week to them, and the children have yet to comprehend what the digital world has to offer. With Goddramon's permission, we gave them a taste, but sadly they disliked it. One hundred years prior to their arrival, you shall be converted into Digiegg forms, and your memories of Civitas Dei, the Council, and Goddramon shall be erased. But for now, the heavens need you desperately. Please understand that you will not yet be transformed until the time is close."

"We understand," said Angemon. "For now, we must search for our Chosen One."

"But… it's impossible," said MoonAngemon. "Lucemon plunged our dear son Azraelmon into pure darkness and cut off his wings! We will never be able to find him… and I doubt his name is Azraelmon anymore! What if he answers to something else now?"

"Sssh," reassured Auroramon. "We will bring him back home, I promise."

"This is for the digital world and Civitas Dei," Seraphimon told them. "Angemon and Angewomon will pay only a small price in order to bring our angel back where he belongs. And whether he is aware of it or not, the entire balance of light and darkness in the digital world as we know it rests in the hands of the Chosen One."

As the sun set over Civitas Dei, it cast its golden light over a scattering of Digieggs in Primary Village, inside of which many Poyomons awaited their hatching into the world. All except for one were pure white with obsidian eyes. The last, nestled in an egg in a faraway corner, was blacker than night itself, and behind his eyelids were beautiful ice-blue eyes…

To be continued…