Hamtaro couldn't believe it, it was actually true. It was too late.

"Fear not, yet" said Dark Hamtaro "For it is only moments away before it regains its strength, can you beat me before then"

"It's worth a shot" said Hamtaro jumping into action

"Hamtaro wait" said Boss, but it was too late, Hamtaro already struck Dark Hamtaro off the beast.

There was a battle going on between the two of them, swords clanged and swung as they tried to hit each other, and every passing moment, the beast moved more and more.

"Time is running out, Hamtaro" said Dark Hamtaro.

"Not if I can help it" said Hamtaro. He swung his sword and missed. But Dark Hamtaro swung his sword and hit Hamtaro directly.

"You see, power ham" said Dark Hamtaro "You have much to learn"

The beast let out a big roar and came to life

"Your too late, Hamtaro" said Dark Hamtaro "You lose"

"No" said Hamtaro. He pounded the ground knowing that he failed. Dark Hamtaro disappeared.

"Hamtaro" said Boss rushing to Hamtaro "Are you okay?"

"No I'm not" said Hamtaro crying "I…I failed"

"Don't say that" said Boss "you never gave up, Hamtaro. It's too late to quit, there's still a chance"

"How?" asked Hamtaro "How are we going to defeat this beast"

"The same way your father did, Hamtaro"

Hamtaro looked up.

"There is a way" said Boss "and I'm going to help you"

"Us too" said Oxnard with the others. They formed a circle around Hamtaro and took out their ham gems. Then the gems glowed and shown a light at Hamtaro. He felt so much power surging through his body. The lights stopped and Hamtaro was not orange anymore, he was gold!

"This is the super form, Hamtaro" said Boss "and with it you can defeat the beast of darkness. But hurry for it doesn't last, so get going!"

Hamtaro flew up in the air and lunged at the beast dodging its attacks. Then Hamtaro increased speed, faster, faster, faster, then he ran strait into the beast. The beast of Darkness disappeared and the sun shone out of the sky. The beast of Darkness was defeated, Hamtaro did it!

"Hamtaro, you did it" said Boss

"I did?" asked Hamtaro.

"Oh, Hamtaro, you were so brave" said Bijou

"That was so cool, dude" said Sandy

"Right on" said Stan

"You were spectacular" said Green Leaf

"That was amazing" said Maxwell

"Way to go, Hamtaro" said Cappy

The power from Hamtaro's body faded and he was orange again.

"No, guys" said Hamtaro "We did it. We are power hams from now till the end"

And so, peace was restored to the ham-ham island and life lives on. The power hams returned their gems to the temples and live their lives normally and the lived happily. But this is just the beginning of a greater story.