A little black book


A big black bag

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"More members?" Wednesday asked, looking onto the blockish fellows, trying to see them though the smoke. "Well, it looks like you have something to about 70 members."

One of the thugs, with a doughish face, stood up. Most likely to do some bodily harm, when a hand popped though the smoke

"It's okay Brutus, she's my guest." Kitashi's older brother said, as the man over the announcement began the Lunch time music hour. Kitashi smiled up at Wednesday, his glasses seemed to be fogging up more than usual, but that may have been the smoke. Now that I mention it, Wednesday never really liked smoke, or people that smoked very much. Her eyes burned slightly and that was her cue to go.

"It's alright, I was just leaving anyway." She stood up, and trotted off as fast as her short legs would carry her. Wednesday heard Kitashi cry out in dismay, which almost made her stop; I say almost because at the same time two thugs stood up and chased after her.

Wednesday, though her options of the school look like this Xo, was glad that they did not have guards at the lunchroom doors like they did at Colestock. The thuggish men seemed to be having some trouble fitting between the tables which bought the girl sometime to slink down the hall.

Ever notice when you're the only on in an empty hall you seem to make lots of squeaky shoe sounds you'd wish weren't being made? Wednesday slowed down a bit, quieting her shoes. She wished these halls were lined with lockers instead of bulletin boards so she could hide in one…like she did at her only school…Was it homesickness?...And poor Kitashi, how sad she made him…A wave of strong depression hit her so hard that her legs wouldn't obey her head (which was screaming move).

"Do you have a hall pass?" Came a voice from behind. The owner of the voice would only make the situation worse.

Wednesday turned around, "Coma-Coma, Coma, Camellia? " Her stomach growled a hello as well.

"What the heck- Why aren't you in lunch?" He demanded to know, some one that eats like her doesn't miss a meal if they can't help it.

"Why aren't you?" She retorted, forgetting about what was chasing her.

"I asked you first, damn smart ass!" He snapped, pulling out a 42cl…er 29...a really large gun that was really shinny and had "Own it" embroidered into its side.

It looked like he was about to fire when large heavy footsteps echoed down the hall. Wednesday grinned a grin that made her look like a beaver from heck.

"Oh, Yoichi! I'm so glad you came on time to meet me in this hall!" She bellowed it, with such bad acting that the bad had to be intended.

The two thugs, never had heard anyone use Hiruma's given name, continued to come.

Wednesday panicked, she had hoped that would have worked. Of course she forgot that no one ever uses Hiruma's first name, or maybe she just never knew that, but in a last ditch effort to save her own skin, she flung herself to Hiruma, who repelled back in disgust.

The thugs rounded the corner, and as soon as they spotted Hiruma, they sprinted in the opposite direction, bumping into each other. Now this would have been comical if Hiruma wasn't in kill you all mode. Little black bats fluttered around his head.

"Let go of me." He commanded, pushing her away with a long arm.

Wednesday licked her dry red lips and chuckled. "L is the way I look as you. U is for using you anyway I please-"The rest of the song was drowned out by the sudden rally of gun shots.

"Watch it, dang smart mouth!" The blonde devil sneered, narrowing his eyes. "I've got your number." This wasn't met to be an actual thought, just a good thing to say. But Wednesday took it as an actual threat, she back away from him, looking up in a startled fear. The girl's pale face lost what little colour it had.

"Surely, you c-couldn't." She stammered.

"Yes." Hiruma lied; a little lie never hurt anyone. His smile stretched so far it had began to hurt his face.

Wednesday's proud face scowled at him. "Right…I have to go." She muttered, hardly louder than a whispered. She turned around and scuttled back to the lunchroom.

"I wonder what that was all about." Hiruma asked himself, smirking. "Well, I better find that out…but first things first." He pulled a cage of hamsters all connected to wires and things and dumped them into the vent.

Wednesday was fuming, as she pumped her little legs as fast as they would go. Her eyes were locked on the table of smoking gangsters, when she spotted as very downhearted looking Kitashi. She sighed and stomped over to the table, very well aware that every one was watching her as she sat back down.

"Fine, I'm joining the photograph club, and there is nothing you can do about it." She said boorishly, pushing back her dark blonde hair from her eyes.

Kitashi smiled happily. "We won't question you at all, but why did you leave like that?"

"The smoke." Wednesday replied, rather sheepishly. But you would too if you were almost killed by two of the unknown members of the table.

"You heard the lady." And in a hiss, the face of Kitashi's brother was seen as the smoke faded away. He had a very slick look to him. Very godfathery, Wednesday thought. Several more hisses followed, and just as she thought, they were all very big except for three, who were built much like her and Kitashi. And all together there were eleven, not including Wednesday.

"Do, I heard that son of a bitch already has you under his thumb." The God Father started…

Meanwhile Hiruma was sitting on the radiator, unable to contain himself. His laptop open on his lap and a demonic smile on his face. He took his Book of Threats out of his pocket with one of his unusually long fingers, and then a pen. Wetting the tip with his other unusually long body part (his tongue you perves. Wednesday: Ehehehe .S), he began to write.

The bell rang and the kids went back to there schooling. Kitashi and Wednesday where nibbling on raspberry sour dough cookies. He had heard Wednesday's stomach rumble the whole time his brother was talking to her about his plans.

"I'm glad you were willing to share these." Wednesday said, spitting cookie bits at him, as her mouth was stuffed to the max.

"I'm glad you like sour dough cookies." Kitashi replied, wiping off his glasses. "Are they your favorite?"

"If its' edible, it's my favorite." The short blond hair girl replied, smiling in chibi contentness. They two talked down the hall about things they both enjoyed in common.

But we close on this happy moment to focus on a bit of a darker one. In the club house, Hiruma picked up Wednesday's heavy black bag and unbuckled it. He was very careful about this, wearing gloves and all, like it was a big deal or something. A small ziplock bag was balanced on top. Hiruma's face gave a disgusting twitch as he tossed the shrunken head bag away. His long fingers pulled out a shabby red note book. He flipped though it, his green eyes scanning the pages. Nothing much, he tossed the book aside. The second book in the bag was what he was after. It was a beautiful black book. Simple. He opened it up, and flipped though the many pages. This is what he wanted, it was perfect.

The end of school bell rang, Mamori walked out of the building, fully expecting Wednesday or at least Kurita to be there…waiting for her. But no one was. This made her sad, but wasn't it usually Sena that waited for her. Shrugging this off, she walked by herself to the club house. She knocked, polite as always before entering. Kurita opened the door for her with a smile.

"Have you seen Hiruma-san?" Kurita asked, closing the door behind her.

Mamori shook her head. "No, not that that's reassuring or anything. I hope he isn't doing anything too bad."

Kurita nodded, worriedly. "I found this on the floor." He held up a ziplock bag that contained a shrunken head with a message pinned to it. BRB –Hiruma

"Oh no…" Mamori groaned.

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