"By the time you figure it out, it really could be too late."

The words haunted his every thought. How could he have been so cold and heartless as to shut out the one woman he may have had a chance with? All he wanted was to just hold her in his arms and kiss her and tell her everything was going to be okay and how sorry he was for ever hurting her. But now that chance may never come.

As the bomb went off, Daniel Burnun was reduced to pieces, literally. The force of the blast pushed Sara and Grissom back, and they were forced to let go of each other. Sara looked at Grissom as they flew backwards, staring at his deep calm blue eyes. She could tell everything was going to be alright.

"Pin me down."

After that episode Sara had really thought her chances of a relationship with Grissom were gone. She had blown her chances. All she said were three little words- she was going over evidence and testing her theory...kind of.

The look in his eyes as she stared at him and tried to keep her mind on the case and her theory made her stop in her tracks. The feel of his skin against her arms as he held onto her made her shiver. Never had a man done what Gil Grissom had done to Sara Sidle.

When Sara and Grissom finally landed on the ground, they went limp. Their bodies refused to try and get up; let the EMTs move them. They just lay there on the ground, motionless, unaware of the injuries they might have sustained from the explosion.

Grissom slowly opened his eyes and stared at Sara- she had one eyes cracked open. Somehow, they found the strength to find eachother's hands and hold onto eachother until the EMTs were inside the building. They both closed their eyes and welcomed the sleep that they both desperately needed and that was overcoming both their mind and body every second.

"I'd like to get some flowers...no, not flowers, a plant. A living plant. She likes vegetation."

He stuttered on the line to the man taking his order; he had never ordered flowers let alone a plant for a girl before.

"The sentiment?"

What was he supposed to say? Catherine was in his living room hearing every second of his phone conversation.

"On the card. Of course...have it say...'From Grissom'."

Boy was that original. Sara got the plant, though he didn't know if she kept it or not; whether she was mad at him still or she had forgiven him.

And then there was Hank. Hank Peddigrew, what a character- he had some nerve to go out and use Sara to cheat on his girlfriend. Grissom was one to talk, he had hurt Sara before too, but he didn't use her to cheat on someone else! Hank had really done some damage. Grissom wanted to mend their friendship, as well as their relationship. He was wrong for what he did to Sara; he loved her.

Then the explosion. He saw her sitting alone on the sidewalk and walked over to her.

"Are you alright?"

She looked up at him, a bit disoriented.

"Uh-huh. Clean-up's gonna be a job; we should get started."

After all that happened she was still thinking about work. He then noticed her hand that was sitting gently in her lap and he lifted it up, cupping it in his own hand, his warmth rubbing off onto her smooth skin.

"Honey, this doesn't look good."

She had a bloodied gash on her hand, and he was sure she was going to deny anything was wrong and demand to go straight back to work.

"It's fine."

There was her stubbornness. He loved her for it, it was one of many of her adoring qualities, but he wouldn't give in this time. She needed help.

"Could you take care of her hand please?"

And the EMT escorted Sara to the ambulance.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?"

A simple question, which Sara soon regretted asking her boss. He stared at her as if she were one of his experiments.


He let her off hard. 'No'. Not a 'no thank you' or a 'I have some paperwork I have to catch up on'. Just a plain 'no'. She felt someting break inside of her.

"Come on, let's have dinner- let's see what happens."

He stared at her, half of him wanting to scream yes and the other half holding him back. He wanted to have dinner with her, but he wasn't sure what to do. He was confused.

"Sara...I don't know what to do about this."

Her enthusiastic smile faded and he stared at her standing in his office.

"I do, and by the time you figure it out it really could be too late."

She left him with those words. Was it too late to mend their relationship? Was it too late to admit his love for her and to apologize for being an insensitive jerk?

She had opened up to him, sharing with him some dark secrets of her past. She trusted him with the information. He felt there was more to the story than just the little bit she shared, but he wasn't going to push her for more answers. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it- watching her cry always made him sad. He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he couldn't.

And then finally the cold sharp-tipped edge of that hardened piece of clay held up against her throat. He just watched through the glass, staring into her eyes. He wanted to help her, but he couldn't.

But now he could.

He felt his hand tighten around the smiling brunette's fingers as he felt himself fall into unconsciousness. Somehow, they both knew everything was going to be okay. Somehow, they both knew they would be together. Somehow, they knew they would have another chance.

Sara stroked the back of his hand before she let the long-awaited sleep consume her. She was happy; they were together and that was all she cared about. They had both made mistakes in the past but they forgave eachother. And now, they both had a second chance to make things right.

Catherine and the rest of the team had to stay back as the police officers ran inside the building, or what was left of it, to clear the way. Then, the EMTs made their way into the building searching for both Sara and Grissom. They found them lying next to eachother, both had thier fingers entwined with each other's, and they could've sworn that for a second they saw a smile on both of their faces.

They checked for pulses- they were there. They slowly lifted both of them onto stretchers and took them out of the building. Catherine and Warrick rode with Sara and Greg and Nick rode with Grissom. They both had strong pulses, which was a good sign.

They were going to have their second chance. They knew it.

Both Sara and Grissom were rushed into the hospital. Catherine, Warrick, Nick, and Greg sat in the waiting room. They fell asleep after a little while, but they didn't sleep long; they were eager to find out how their friends were doing.

Eventually, a doctor came out the two double-doors and held up a clipboard.

"Ms. Willows?" he asked stepping into her view. She stood up and shook his hand.

"My name is Dr. Tryke, I treated both Ms. Sidle and Mr. Grissom," he said moving his hand back to the clipboard. "I was told to contact you with information regarding their conditions, but seeing as you all are here, I will share it with you all," he said putting the clipboard down.

"It is my pleasure to inform you that both Ms. Sidle and Mr. Grissom will be making full recoveries," he said with a smile. Catherine sighed in relief and Warrick hugged her. Greg smiled and Nick's mood changed for the better.

"They have sustained minor cuts and bruising as well as some minor burns, and they both have sligh concussions from the impact. They will need to stay a few days to recover, but after that they should be fine."

Catherine was crying tears of joy and dug her face into Warrick's chest. He hugged her and rubbed her back. Greg jumped up and hugged Nick. Normally, Nick would have been taken aback at the gesture, but he returned the hug. They were all too happy to argue.

"Hey, beautiful," his voice made her eyes open and she smiled when she found he was laying in the bed next to hers.

"Hey you big jerk," she said smiling.

He smiled back. "I'm sorry, Sara."

She reached out for his hand which he extended and they soon were both holding eachother's hands.

"It's okay, you're forgiven," she said. "How're you feeling?"

"Good, a little sore and sleepy, but fine. You?"

"Like hell," she laughed a little as did he. She had small cuts on her face as well as a bruise on her forehead, but Grissom was pretty much in the same shape she was.

"Sara, when we get out of here, I'd like to take you to dinner," he said squeezing her hand.

She raised a brow.

"Somewhere nice, and I don't want this to be a fling. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Sara Sidle."

She smiled; she had been waiting to hear him say that for five years.

"Me too, Gil."

She returned the squeeze of his hand and blinked.

"Now I'm teary-eyed," she laughed wiping the tears away.

"Sorry," he said feeling a bit guilty.

"No, it's okay," she said smiling. "Don't be sorry. As long as I'm with you, I have no complaints."

He smiled. "Neither do I," he said and rubbed the back of her hand gently. They both soon fell into another deep sleep, falling asleep just when Catherine and the rest of the team came to visit them.

"Let's let them sleep," Warrick said and Catherine smiled looking at the scene before her and walked out.

They were still holding eachother's hands.

The End