By: General Stingrad

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Part I: Gathering the Armies

Chapter I: Revelations



It is said that patience is the key to success, that those who wait and persevere are those who triumph. If that is the case my victory is at hand, ever since my release from Despondos and defeat at the hands of King Grayskull's descendents, He-Man and She-Ra, I have fought to conquer the planet Etheria and have failed but soon the tide will turn!

While I was pondering on my victory, I received an important message from my father on Horde World, Horde Prime. The Tritheon was about reemerge on Eternia and with it enough power to break the barrier that imprisons my father on Horde World.

His instructions were to withdraw my forces from their posts so they could be ready to leave for Eternia when we receive word the Tritheon has reemerged, at long last the destiny that was denied to me as Ralabad will be mine as Hordak- The conquest of Etheria and the universe itself!

I left immediately to recall the troops and prepare for the conquest of Eternia!



Today is my birthday, but I cannot spend it with my family. I have a sworn duty to save Etheria from Hordak and bring him to justice, a duty that I must uphold, even though my heart longs to be with my family on this day.

I decided I needed something to take my mind off my sadness so I decided to go for a walk, if nothing else it will give me a chance to see what Hordak's goons are up to and give She-Ra some exercise.

I placed the Sword of Protection in its scabbard and left for the briefing room, so as to see if there were reports of Horde activity before I started my walk.

When I got there, I found Bow and Glimmer sitting on the respective seats. All members of the Rebellion have an assigned in which the sit at during meetings; for Bow his seat was to the right of Angella's throne and for Glimmer hers is to Angella's left.

I could tell that it was a slow day, Bow was busy sharpening his arrows, every once in a while he would stare up at the screen as if he hoped that something would happen.

Glimmer was sitting in her chair, playing a card game, normally the room is a buzz with activity soldiers running in and out of the room with reports of Horde activity but for some reason everything strangely quiet and it was tying my stomach in knots.

"I'm going out for a walk, alert me if anything comes up," I told them as I got a jacket out from a supply closet and opened the door.

"Okay but don't get your hopes up, there hasn't been any sign of Horde activity all day," Glimmer informed me as she twirled a lock of her violet hair in her fingers and continued to play her card game.

I could tell that she wasn't exaggerating when she said that, but usually Hordak attacks when you least expect him to strike, so I knew I had to be prepared just in case.

"Okay, I'll be back shortly," I said as I zipped up and walked out the doors, something told this day would be far from dull.



I did as my father said and recalled all the troops from their posts and assembled them outside the Fright Zone. There were thousands of troops waiting outside of the gates, chanting my name, they knew that something was happening and it was something big.

I walked up to the balcony and addressed the troops, "My loyal followers, today begins a new era for the Horde," I began to say as the crowed roared with eagerness. "Today we prepare for the return of our supreme commander, Horde Prime, from his prison on Horde World and usher in the Horde's new rule of the cosmos," I said to the mass of soldiers standing below.

I went on to tell them about Horde Prime's plan to crush the Rebels and how we would reclaim Etheria and from there the universe would be ours. "Soon the Bloodbat will fly above the cosmos once more!" I shouted to which the crowd roared in support of my plan, with that I left the balcony and went to prepare for Horde Prime's return to this world.

I headed for the Doom Tower, Horde Prime's throne room in the Fright Zone and read over the ancient rites needed to free my father from Horde World. Soon Etheria will feel Horde Prime's wrath!



I walked along the streets of Brightmoon for several hours, the one thing that seemed to be noticeable: there were no Horde Troopers whatsoever it was if Hordak had packed up and left, but something in my gut told me that was not the case.

Everyone seemed to be enjoy this lull in Hordak's activity, but I wasn't, I kept thinking about the last time Hordak seemed to have vanished, he returned in the middle of the night and nearly destroyed Castle Brightmoon, I was not going to let that happen again.

While my eyes were looking for Horde activity, my heart was with my family. Ever since my brother rescued me, I have always wanted to have birthday celebration to make up for the ones I missed, but I know that will have wait on that birthday part until Hordak is no more.

I had walked for about three hours, and arrived at the village of Ibrium about 3 miles outside of Brightmoon, when I received a message from the Sorceress, she needed me to come Grayskull immediately, it looks like I'll get to spend my birthday with my family after all.



Things have been hectic here at the Royal Palace; three days ago Skeletor attacked the palace leaving my father seriously wounded. The strange thing is that it seemed that Skeletor didn't want Grayskull, he wanted my father. There is something father or mother is not telling me, but I don't have time for that now.

I had wanted to go to Etheria to see Adora today, it's her, actually our, birthday, the first real birthday she's had in her life and I wanted it to be real special for her, but it looks like the party will have to wait, with dad being injured I was made king of Eternia. I always thought that being king would be fun. I saw my dad sit on the throne and boss people around, but now that I am king I can see that it's not all fun and games and to make matters worse I still have my duties as He-Man to attend to.

Today was a usual day of meetings with the royal cabinet, which is as exciting as it sounds, basically it's just about of old guys sitting around talking about "How to make Eternia better," It was the most boring five hours of my life.

Luckily, halfway through the meeting I received a message from the Sorceress to come to Grayskull at once she said it was something of the utmost important ace.

When I arrived there I was greeted by my sister Adora, I gave her a hug and wished her a happy birthday and gave her a gift. She told me of her adventures on Etheria, and of the strange events of today.

She said that Hordak seemed to be quiet today and his forces seem to have been withdrawn from their posts, this was surprising.

"What do you think it means?" I asked her hoping maybe she had talked to Light Hope about this matter.

Before she could answer, the Sorceress, in the form of Zoar, flew into the room. She perched on her throne and transformed into her human form.

"Adam, Adora the cosmos in grave danger, Horde Prime is about to return," She said in a somber tone of voice.

"Who is Horde Prime?" I asked her, he sounded like another like of Hordak's minions to me, but I was not the expert on that matter.

According to the Sorceress, Horde Prime is the god of all evil in the universe and Hordak's father. Millennia ago, he invaded the once peaceful world of Infintia, millions of innocent people died as a result of the war, it wasn't until Light Hope banished him to the planet of Omega Terminus, at the edge of the universe, and sealed the gateway between the two worlds, that the war ended.

Infintia was renamed Etheria and Light Hope died and became a being of pure energy.

But now Horde Prime was going to break the seal and return to Eternia and Etheria.

"But Sorceress, Horde Prime needs a source of great magic to break the barrier, how is he going to do it?" Adora asked inquisitively, she knew something about this Horde Prime that I didn't.

"He is planning to use the power of the Tritheon to break the barrier between the two worlds," the Sorceress answered her somberly.

It was then I knew that this was a false alarm, everyone on Eternia knows that the Tritheon is a myth, no archaeological evidence as ever been found proving the Tritheon was real.

The Sorceress could sense my disbelief, "The Tritheon is real and if Horde Prime succeeds, the universe is doomed," she told me. As much I knew the Tritheon was a myth, I knew that sorceress was dead serious about Eternia being in danger.

"What can we do to stop him?" I asked the Sorceress, she probably knew of some amulet or spell that could stop Horde Prime from breaking loose and save the universe.

The Sorceress stood up bowed her head and sighed, "There is nothing that can be done, Time has decreed that when the Tritheon emerges Horde Prime will be freed. The only thing we can do is prepare for the war," she said as she walked over to her mystic view screen.

I was shocked, she has never said anything like that before, I thought I mistook what she said so I asked again what she said, but there was no mistake; there was nothing we could do to stop this Horde Prime from being freed.

"Then why did you send for us Sorceress if there was nothing we can do?" I asked her, it's not like her to send for us if nothing can be done. If this was her idea of a joke it was in bad taste.

"I sent for you because I need you to go on an important mission," she said activating her view screen.

"What is the mission you want us to go on Sorceress?" I asked her wanting know more of this important task she wants us to do. It must have to do with 'the war' she said was going to happen.

"You are to leave Eternia for the distant world of Primus, there youwill find the Galactic Guardians, warriors like you, who have sworn to uphold justice and thwart evil. You must recruit them for the war against Horde Prime," she said as she showed an image of Primus.

I didn't know what to do, I can't just leave Eternia, I'm its king that would be desertion. What if Skeletor came back and conquered the planet while I was gone. I had responsibility and now the Sorceress wants me to forgo that for what some ancient threat that is probably just a myth. I had enough, I walked out of Grayskull.



I could sense Adam's pain, he told me that he had been made king since father was injured when Skeletor attacked the palace, but he also responsibilities as He-Man I had to make him understand that.

"Adam! Wait!" I cried out as I ran after him, I finally caught up with him at the drawbridge, he had looked worn out, being king was taking a toll on his body and he was near his breaking point.

"Have you come to force me to go on this mission?" he asked dryly as he turned around to look at me.

"I can't force you to do anything Adam, but please reconsider this, I know you are under a lot of stress and you have responsibilities to the planet, but if you don't go on this mission Eternia could be in a lot of trouble. Please Adam if you won't do it for Eternia, then do it for me," I told him as I took his hand in mine and comforted him the best I could.

It was at the moment that it hit him that this might be important and agreed to do this. I helped him back into the castle.

When we got back into the castle, The Sorceress told us that we would need to choose two allies to accompany us on this journey and sent us home to choose our companions, I knew who Adam would pick but I had no idea who I would choose.



My last attack on the palace has injured my brother (a pity it did not take his face like he did to me) and put that wimp Adam on the throne.

It also seemed to silence He-Man, leaving Eternia ripe for the picking. All I need is the right moment to strike and claim Eternia's throne.

While I was plotting Tri-Klops alerted me with some interesting news, apparently that fool Prince Adam is leaving Eternia. Normally, such an event would be the perfect chance to take over, but I had bigger fish to fry. I knew that wherever Adam goes He-Man usually follows and I have made it my mission to follow He-Man to the ends of the universe until I have destroyed him!

I gave orders to Tri-Klops that he is in charge while I am gone, he thought I was mad to leave when the throne will be vacant but this goes beyond Eternia, if He-Man leaves that means Grayskull's powers must be leaving Eternia and I cannot let that happen.

I decided to enter Grayskull through Subternia. After walking through labyrinths for awhile I came across a room with a locked door; I blasted it with my Havok Staff and entered it. Inside was a control room filled monitors, consoles, button, and all sorts of buttons, no doubt this is control center for the ship that will take Adam away.

There was another door in the room, like the room to the control room it too was locked which I quickly took care of and entered this new room.

In this room was large spacecraft it was made of silver which glistened like Eternia's moons, on the side was the same emblem that He-Man wears on his chest armor and the name Grayskull.

The ships ramp was lowered and entered it, it was even more impressive inside. From what I could surmise from the readouts Adam was leaving for some planet called Primus light years away.

I knew that I needed to make myself hidden or else my plan will be ruined, luckily I found a supply closet, I opened the door and hid in there until my plan was ready.



The Sorceress told us that we each needed to bring two allies to accompany us to Primus, I knew that Adam might choose Teela and one other of the masters to accompany him, but I had no idea who I was going to bring with me.

I was thinking of bringing Seahawk and one of his crewmen with me, but that would be unfair to him, he's a sailor and to take him away from the sea would be cruel and I could never be cruel to him.

But who else could I take with me, then it hit me I would take with me the two people who have been with me, who have believed me since I became a member of the Rebellion, Bow and Glimmer.

I quickly got packed and made my way to Queen Angella's throne room, I did not know how she would take this Glimmer is her only daughter but I also know she would do anything to save the universe from the Horde.

After walking for an hour I reached the throne room, it was elaborately decorated with pictures of angels and great battles. Angella sat at the other end of the room flanked by two statues.

I approached the throne and knelt down, "Queen Angella, I have something to ask you," I told her anxiously, this was the moment of truth would she agree or not.

"Rise Adora, what do you wish to ask me?" she said calmly and with sense of peace in her voice.

I told her that Adam and I had been asked to go on a diplomatic mission and we were told to pick two people to accompany us, and that I picked Bow and Glimmer to go with me.

She thought a moment and then gave her permission; she asked when we were leaving, "right away," I replied.

Bow and Glimmer went to pack their things and I went to open a portal to Grayskull so we could leave, but before we left the room Angella gave us the Angellian Blessing, and ancient poem describing the history of the planet's rulers, after she gave it she said "may Light Hope bless you and guard you," and dismissed us.

An hour later the three of us met outside the palace, Bow and Glimmer asked how we were getting to Eternia, I had told them that Casta had opened a portal for (even though it was me who opened it) us use.

I took them to the portal and stepped through it, this way Bow and Glimmer know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Once they saw that I passed through it with no problem they followed me through the portal and to what would surely be a day unlike any other.



Today started like any other and all was going well until about the middle of the day, it was then that it went from normal to extraordinary.

I was in the courtyard doing my afternoon exercises when father came out; he said that I had to accompany him and Adam to Grayskull.

I asked him what was going on, all he would say was that something important was happening and our helped would be needed. I knew whatever was going on was important.

I met up with father and Adam outside the palace and from there we left for Grayskull in the wind raider. I tried to get father to tell me why were going to Grayskull, but all he would tell me was that all Eternia was at stake.

As we zoomed along in the wind raider all I could think about was father's words, 'all Eternia was at stake' what could he mean by that what would be so bad hat my help was required something didn't add up.

After about an hour we reached the castle, Adora and her friends Bow and Glimmer were waiting for us.

I went up to Adora and wished her a happy birthday after talking for a moment we entered Grayskull and headed to the throne room.

I had been only in Grayskull once, when I went in search of the one called the Sorceress who had saved my life only to find more questions. Now I am going once more with the same questions as before and new ones as well.

When we arrived in the throne room where greeted by a beautiful woman with wings, she reminded me of the ancient Angellians of Etheria that I read about in history class and seen in paintings in the royal museum.

"Greetings all, you have been summoned to be part of an urgent mission," she said in somber tone of voice.

It seemed odd, why would we be picked for this mission and not He-Man and She-Ra who, at least in my opinion, are more capable to than me, Adam, father, Adora, Bow, and Glimmer.

I told the Sorceress my concern, all she said was that "Soon you concerns will be addressed," as she looked to Adam and Adora.

She then explained to us the mission we about to go on. Some evil god named Horde Prime was going to be freed and start a war and we were supposed to go to a distant planet called Primus to find allies for this war.

After explaining the specifics of the mission she turned to Adam and Adora and smiled, "it is time for that what was hidden to be revealed," she told them cryptically.

Adam and Adora took out two swords, they looked identical to He-Man and She-Ra's, and raised them in the air.

"For the Honor of Grayskull!" Adora exclaimed as she was bathed in light and when the light faded Adora was gone and She-Ra stood in her place. I couldn't believe but it got more unbelievable.

Adam did the same thing except he said "By the Power of Grayskull!" lightning struck the sword and He-Man stood in Adam's place.

I turned to father but before he could say anything She-Ra spoke, "yes, Teela its true, me and He-Man are Adora and Adam," I could hardly believe it, but somehow it all made sence why Adam and Adora always seem to run from a battle, It was because it was they were going to change into He-Man and She-Ra!

"There is one other thing you should know Teela," the Sorceress said as she looked at father, who nodded to her.

"What is it you want me to know?" I asked worriedly, what did I need to know that the Sorceress knew and why did father have to approve of it first.

"I am your mother," she told me, in less than a second my entire world was turned upside.

Tears ran down my face, how could this be true, father had always told me that she died during the Great Unrest, and yet here she was standing before me.

"Father, is this true?" I asked my father, was this a lie, a dream, or was it real; I had to know the truth.

"It is Teela," he said in a loving tone.

"Mother!" I cried out as went up to her and hugged her, "why did you leave me?" I asked her, wanting to know why she made the choices she made.

"My duties as guardian of Grayskull prevented me from caring for you, but that does not mean I don't love you," she said lovingly as we embraced.

"I love you mother," I said in a burst of emotion, never in my life have I felt such a torrent of happiness and sadness in my life.

The Sorceress smiled at me and said "it is time," we broke the embrace and led us out of the throne room.

After a long walk we reached a door, it was strangely damaged, the Sorceress seemed worried but quickly dismissed it as she led us into the room.

The room was filled with controls and dials and devices of all sorts, never in all my life had I seen such technology, it was truly amazing.

The Sorceress took us to the far corner of the room where there was another door, also mysteriously damaged, once again a look of worry crossed my mother's face but it soon vanished as she opened the door and led into another that housed a massive space ship.

The ship was large and made of silver which reflected the few lights that were in the room. On the side of the ship was the same symbol that was on He-Man's harness and sword,

"This is the Grayskull, this was the same ship that took the ancient Gnostics from Infintia to Eternia," she told us, she went on to say that it has been modified to be powered by the Swords of Power and Protection and with that power we should reach in a short amount of time.

She lowered the ramp and we entered the craft, before I boarded the craft, I turned and hugged my mother. I didn't want to leave her not after I just found her. I could not bear being apart from her.

"I can't do it mother, I can't leave you," I told her in between tears, I would not loose her again.

"But you must my daughter, your friends need you," she said, I knew she was right but I just can't do it.

Just then She-Ra came out, she put her hand on my shoulder, "I know how you feel, but this is something you have to do," she told me as she smiled warmly at me.

I bowed my head, "I'll do it mother," I told her resolutely and boarded the ship.

She-Ra stayed off the ship for a moment, she asked the Sorceress who was going to protect Eternia and Etheria while they were gone.

"Zodak and I will guard Eternia and Etheria from evil," she assured She-Ra as she watched her board the craft.

Once we were aboard the craft and buckled up, He-Man and She-Ra placed their swords into two slots by their seats.

The consoles lit up on the dashboard and the runway seemed to levitate, seconds later were on the roof of Castle Grayskull and with deafening roar of the engines the ship took off in a blast of energy and we left Eternia!