Chapter XIX: Pax Etherternia



Today, sadness has crept into my life again and I feel that I shall never be happy.

A year ago, I gave birth to my first born son, Elijah; he was a healthy boy with blonde hair and gray eyes. He also had a small pair of wings, a trait he got from his father, Enoch.

I was happy for the first time in my life since the death of Adam; it was like the punishment I deserved for letting Adam die was lifted and a sense of peace filled my inner being.

However that changed this morning, I went to go give Elijah his breakfast.

I entered the room with his bottle, everything seemed normal but I felt this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as I neared his crib, but I shook it off as indigestion.

"Eli, wake up sweetie it's time for breakfast," I whispered to him as I gently tapped his shoulder to arouse him. No response came, I began to get worried, "Come on Elijah this is not funny, wake up!" I told him, I was getting worried it was not like Eli to sleep this late.

I walked into his room and saw that he was unconscious, "Eli! Eli! Eli! Can you here me?" I asked as I gently slapped his face in hopes of waking him up.

I started to panic and tried using mouth to mouth to revive him, but nothing was working, my little Eli was dead.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I ran back to my room, I now know how Teela felt when the doctor told her son was dead. My heart felt as if it had it ripped out of body and stepped on. It was a pain worse than any torture the Horde could ever inflict.

I kept hoping that this was a nightmare and would I wake up soon and find myself in Enoch's embrace, but my common sense told me that was not that case.

When I reached the room, I opened the door and yelled, "ENOCH! ENOCH! WAKE UP WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" gently tapping him on the shoulder to wake him.

"What's wrong Adora?" he asked as he sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out his eyes.

"It's Elijah, he's dead?" I managed to get out in between tears; I buried my head in Enoch's shoulder hoping to hide from death and the awful truth that I discovered.

"I'll go take a look Adora, you stay here," he said as we broke our embrace and he left to see if what I said was true.



This morning, Adora woke me up with some bad news that our darling child Elijah had died.

I was afraid of this, children born of human and Angellian parents usually don't live very long, they usually live for about two weeks and then die. The only way they do survive is if the mother is the Angellian and the father is human. There is something about the male chromosome in Angellians that is incompatible with a human female chromosome that causes this phenomenon. I was hoping that Eli would have been one of the few cases where the phenomenon is not present, but that was not the case.

I know that should have told Adora about that, but she has had enough sadness in her life and I did not want to make it worse.

When I reached the room, I walked in and headed for Elijah's bed.

I checked his pulse and all of his vital signs, there was none, it was certain now that Eli was dead.

My heart was broken, I wished in vain that he would wake up and prove me wrong but that wasn't happening.

"My little Eli, my poor Eli," I managed to say in between my tears.

After a few moments I regained myself and went back to my room to get Adora, I told her about the phenomenon, even though she was upset at me for not telling her, she understood why I did not tell her.

I consoled her for awhile and after a few minutes, I told that we needed to anoint the body and bury him.

I got out the sacred water, oil, and my copy of the Book of Alpha and Omega then left the room for Eli's room.

When we got there, I sprinkled the water on his head and anointed his brow with the oil, "In the name of the Unknowable may all your crimes be forgiven and your soul reach the celestial heights. I, Enoch, Angellian of the Principalitarian class release your soul so it may go to the Unknowable one's palace," I said as knelt in front of the body and prayed.

After me and Adora had said our prayers and paid our last respects we wrapped the body up in a shroud, gently picked him up and walked downstairs and out the door.

After about three miles we reached the cemetery. I took a shovel that was lying on the ground nearby and dug a hole, then I carefully laid Elijah in the hold and covered the grave. A simple stone marks his grave the inscription on which reads:


May the Unknowable One watch over his soul.

I said a few prayers at the grave and then got up to leave so Adora could have some time alone to mourn; I hope that one of these days she will find happiness.



My precious baby is dead; he was only a year old that is not fair.

I had hoped that he would have had a full life and I would be there to witness his big moments like his first time walking, his first tooth, etc but he will never get a chance to experience those moments.

"Oh Kalion why did you do this to me?" I yelled at the top of my lungs, why does all this misery follow me, all I want is to have one moment in my life where I can be happy where sadness would not follow me and hover around me like a moth to a light.

I knelt by the grave for hours crying and mourning the loss of my only child, while I was crying I was reminded of a passage from Eldor's Book of Living Spells:

Fear not over the loss of the young, though their lives ended tragically they shall return to their grave and their spirits shall tend to their flowers, the youth that remained unspent shall give the flowers eternal life just as the tears of their parents shall water them. Then on the day of Renewal, the Unknowable One shall waken those who sleep in the underworld and bring them to a life that shall never end.

I hope that passage will come to pass and I will be able to see Elijah again, but until then sadness will be haunt me for the rest of my days.

Three hours later, Enoch came back for me, "Adora, it's time to go home," he said as gently placed his hand on my shoulder and helped me to my feet.

"Farewell, Elijah," I whispered as I blew Elijah a kiss and left the grave, may you rest in peace my darling Eli and maybe one day we will meet again.



After ten years of searching the Cosmos, I am finally ready to begin my master plan to conquer the universe.

I have found the space pods containing my Mutants and have freed them, and soon I shall be master of the Horde.

"Slushhead! Have you found an army that will work for us?" I asked him as looked over a map of all the known Horde territories.

Using my men and a mercenary army we shall march to Horde World and assassinate Selenius Delconium, a pathetic Systemal Commander who once ruled over Clenineum 6, a backwater industrial world with a population half the size of Primus. Then I will ascend to the throne and finally have the power that has eluded me all my life.

"Yes my lord, the army is ready and the Space-Time distorters are in place making sure that we reach in Horde in record speed," Slushhead informed me.

"Excellent, then set our course for Horde World at once," I ordered as went to my seat and fastened the safety harness.

Thanks to the Space-Time distorters we were able to reach Horde World in record time.

I ordered my men out of their crafts and to storm the surface of the planet and prepare to siege the palace of Horde Prime where Delconium is staying.

"Optikk! Place the bombs by the window and wait for my signal!" I told him as I unstrapped myself and left the craft.

"Yes, My lord," he replied as went to do my bidding.

When I reached the palace, Staghorn came to greet me, "My lord, our forces are in place and await your orders," he said as we walked to where my Mutants were hiding.

"Good, on my signal detonate the bombs, and enter the palace!" I ordered as I waved my hand, the signal, and watched as the windows explode and shards of glass rain down like hailstones.

Once the dust cleared we entered the palace and made our way to the throne room, where the little peon was hiding.

"Slushhead, open the doors!" I ordered.

"Yes my lord!" he answered as he tore the door of its hinges allowing me to enter the room.

I ordered my men to surround the throne, "Selenius Delconium you have been charged with treason, your verdict is guilty and your sentence is death!" I declared as I got out my whip and quicker than he could react wrapped it around his neck and snapped it.

I retracted my whip and using his corpse as a stepping stone made my way to the throne, "I, Lord Brakk of Denebria; Lord of the Mutants; Ruler of Nordor; and former planetary commander of the Evil Horde, hereby crown myself the new Horde Prime of the Evil Horde!" I declared as I sat down on the throne,

"ALL HAIL LORD BRAKK!" my men shouted as they saluted me, at last I now posses the power that has eluded me all my life and I shall crush my enemies once and for all!



I rushed home as fast I could to warn Enoch about the Horde.

About half way there I was already exhausted and needed to rest for a moment, but my rest would have to wait.

When I mad it to the house, I was horrified, my house was burned and Enoch; lying dead outside.

"ENOCH!" I yelled as I ran over to his body, from what I could tell he was tortured by the Horde. As I held my dead husband in my arms I realized what I needed to do, I needed to stop the Horde.

I spotted some villagers whose homes had been destroyed by the Horde, "People of Equillia, this evil must not be endured, I know thousands of years ago your ancestors fought to preserve your freedom, now must fight again or else this Horde will destroy all you have worked for," I told them.

The people looked at me like I was crazy, one person argued saying that if they did nothing maybe the Horde will leave them alone.

"That is not how the Horde works, the more you give in the more they'll step on you, this what they want you to do, but if you stand up to them and fight we can drive them off Equillia, I've done it before and I'll do it again with or without your help!" I declared to them.

Once my men were fully armed, we began to march to the Horde's base, which I found was an old military fort in Equinia, Equillia's capital.

While we were fighting the Horde, I heard a voice say, "We meet again Adora," I turned around and saw tall, gaunt man with gray hair and hazelnut eyes with a monocle in his left eye. He wore a traditional Horde uniform but it was faded and looked gray instead of black.

"Galcentius Necronius, who let you out from under your rock!" I told the man, I had known him years ago when I was a member of the Horde. He came to Etheria as part of apprentice program Horde Prime created to teach younger members, such as myself the ropes.

We were both apprenticed to Catra, who one day suggested that we have duel. The duel lasted for hours until I managed to disarm him.

He was humiliated as vowed revenge against me, but he was shipped off to another planet before he could exact his revenge on me and I never saw him again, until now

"Very funny girl, when I'm done with you, you won't be able to make jokes!" he said ashe drew his sword and attacked me.

"You're messing with the wrong girl!" I retorted as I drew my sword, a common Equillian saber and countered his attack.

We fought for hours, I thought I was winning and was even getting a bit conceited, "Had enough?" I asked him sarcastically as I jumped to get to the higher ground.

As I leapt through air, Necronius took out a snare coil and threw it into the air.

The coil wrapped around my left ankle and like a child snatching a kite from the air he pulled me to the ground. The force of his pull broke my ankle causing me to scream in pain.

I tried to pull myself up, but my ankle screamed with pain if put even the slightest bit of weight on it, things seemed bleak, but I wasn't going without a fight.

"What was that you said abut having enough?" he asked as pulled out his sword and aimed at my heart.

I rolled over on my side to evade his sword, he tried again to stab me but rolled over again ignoring my pain so that I could concentrate.

This went on for hours, I was begining to exhaust myself, as pain racked my left leg; for a moment, he had stopped, and thinking I was safe sat up, but I was wrong.

I was going to examine my leg, when I felt the cold metal of a sword pierce my skin, I looked down at my stomach and saw Necronius's sword in it with blood issuing from the wound.

I stared at him in awe, how could I have been so blind as to let this happen to me, to give my enemy the chance to defeat me I looked down to see how bad the wound was, I could see the crimson liquid seep through my shirt, it was acting like glue making it stick to my skin.

"You've obviously grown soft in your old age, Adora; either that or Catra isn't as a good a teacher as I thought she was," he remarked as he pulled his sword out of my abdomen.

The feeling of the cold metal blade being pulled from my flesh was excruciating, tears rolled from eyes clouding my vision.

The blood, which originally was a trickling creek now became a river, poured from the wound. I placed my hands over the wound thinking that it would stop the blood which now seeped in between my fingers and made them stick to my midriff as the life giving ichor dried.

Necronius looked down at me and sneered, "Farewell Adora!" and left me alone.

I was getting weaker and soon my knees gave way and I fell into the crimson pool. I fought vainly to pull myself up using my elbows from the red liquid but couldn't, I was afraid to pull my hands away from the wound as it might cause me to lose more blood.

I laid there in the ichor for over 10 minutes until I saw a nearby tree, I reached out to it but it was not near enough and I was far too weak to make it over there.

I now knew that I was going to die, I looked back at my life and all the crimes I committed all the people I've hurt, however out of all the evils I've done nothing hurt more than letting my brother die at the hands of Skeletor and knowing I could have stopped it, if I hadn't let my hatred of Hordak take over my mind.

I had only of few moments of life in me so looking up to the heavens I prayed for forgiveness of my crimes and with the last bit of life in me I whispered, "Grayskull, thy honor is restored," and collapsed on the ground as death claimed me.



Years have passed since that fateful battle that changed my life forever and now I lay in wait for death to take me away.

Last week when I went to visit Adora's grave on Equillia.

Years ago, the Horde had invaded Equillia, Adora managed to get some people to fight back and actually managed to free Equillia but the battle cost many people their lives, including Adora's.

Her grave is a simple stone in an old cemetery, the inscription on the stone reads:

Here lies Adora; she restored the Honor of the Grayskull lineage.

May the Patriarch's disgrace be removed by my heroism.

"I hope you have found happiness Adora," I told her as I knelt down and said a prayer for her and left the cemetery.

Later that day, when I left the planet, I began to feel sick and weary, I felt like I was burning and freezing at the same time, waves of paralyzing cramps spread across my abdomen, and I was sweating profusely

I called in the Royal Physician to examine me, "What's the diagnosis?" I asked worriedly as I watched him with strange curiosity.

"You have a severe viral infection, possibly the Necrovirum strain, at any case you don't have much longer to live," he said as he gathered his equipment together and put them away.

"Is there no way to treat it, anything at all?" I pleaded with him as a grabbed hold of his arm, desperately.

"There is no cure, not at the advanced stages you are in your majesty, the only thing you can is conserve your strength in order to prolong your life as long as possible," he said as he pulled himself free and left the room.

Tears rolled down my face as I lay on the cot, my life was over and the only thing I could is lay here and do nothing.

My mind was divided, part of me wanted to fight and told me that I was going to survive, but the more practical side of me knew it was hopeless.

While I was lying there, I called in the Gnostic Priest and ordered him to give me my last rites.

At first he was reluctant saying, "We only perform them at the moment the soul leaves the body," but I protested until he finally acquiesced.

He took out a copy of the Book of Alpha and Omega from his pocket, raised his right hand, and chanted:

Tverinum bholux thernius retri jervonius dei essi maltron expri

Oliph sek fulom Paradisi purfium edictum

Aeterni Invisi parsenium delevum

Through the veil of thought and reason the Divine messenger will take you and may the essence cause your crimes and the punishments they brought upon to expire.

May your soul be purified and achieve the fullness of Paradise as is decreed by our master, who is Invisible to our comprehension until we are with him forever and delving into his love and wisdom for Eternity.

He then took out of some Sacred Water and oil, he drew a circle with the water and a star with oil on my forehead and chanted, "Que Nistrom Malefactorius Mentalis- -- let no evils invade the mind," He then told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue then did the same thing before this time saying, "Que Nistrium Maleus Vox --- let no evils stain this tongue," Lastly he repeated the drawing of the circle and star but on my heart and chanted, "Que Nistri Maleuo passio, spirius, eut Vivi omnibus --- let no evils conquer this heart, soul, and being."

After concluding the prayers he drew a star in the air and kissed me, once on each cheek, then he kissed my right hand and said, "farewell your majesty, may the Unknowable on grant you pardon for you crimes and let you enter Paradise," after that he bowed and left.

So now I lay here alone in my quarters, I wish I could see my son Bow again but that is not possible, I hope you know son that I will love you always.

I decided the best thing to do is to conserve my strength, so I laid back on my cot and closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable to happen, Farwell sweet universe and farewell my son, never forget that I love you always.



I just received that my mother has died while coming home from a visit to her homeworld of Equillia.

As the heir to the throne, I made the preparation for the funeral and made sure everything was ready for when the ship landed.

It was about three hours before sunset when the crafty landed.

The Royal pallbearers were the first to enter the ship after it landed, they brought out the body which was laid in a golden coffin.

I watched as they placed it on a golden platform, then I was given the signal by the pallbearers that I could come and pay my last respects to her.

I approached the platform and knelt down; tears ran down my face as I thought about the fact that my mother was no longer with me.

I know that I'm 13 years old, but still my mother was the only family I had since my uncle Jason and my dad died a few years back.

"Mother!" I cried, I refused to believe that I was all alone now, I couldn't believe that she was dead this had to be a nightmare and I would wake up soon to find my mother alive, but slowly, I came to the realization that this was not a dream and I was alone now.

"Farewell, mother," I whispered as I stood up, once I returned to where I was standing when the ship landed.

Once I was far back enough, the Royal Pallbearers picked up the casket and marched to the palace will it will lie in state so the people may be able to mourn her passing.

For three hours I watched as crowd after crowd marched pass the casket, some people knelt by the casket to pray but the guards had to order them not to, some thought it was rude and others thought it was down right impious but, the guards knew that the crowds can be unruly and a disturbance such as a devout subject kneeling for a minute to pray could make the other impatient and nervous and send this solemn ceremony into a riot and millions could get hurt or killed, so for the sake of the safety of the people they ordered the people to not to stop and pray.

Once the three hours were up, the pallbearers ordered everyone to leave the room save for me and the priest.

The priest then stepped forward and blessed the casket with holy water and oil while chanting, "Corpsum Sancto Resurrectio Finalem Diesum --- Bless this body so it may raise on the last day," sanctified with incense and placed a small bag of incense in her hands and step back ordering the pallbearers to step forward.

The pallbearers then kissed mother's right hand and then shut the bottom half of the casket lid while the priest chanted:

Sec quo animii male diab factrom --- let no evil spirit reanimate this body

Then the pallbearers shut the top part of lid while the priest prayed:

Sae wholisi requiem fin di excludi --- let no force disturb this body's rest ; let no force awaken her except he that is creator of the whole of this person mind; body; and soul

The pallbearers then locked the casket and motioned me for to follow them, it was time for the funeral procession.

We marched for three hours, at which at no points did the pallbearers seem to tire or weaken, all along the way a hug throng of people began to follow us, until we reached the Mausoleum of Heroism

We entered the sepulcher and took the body to an empty tomb, the pallbearers opened the tomb, gently laid mother's body in it, shut the tomb, and sealed it.

The priest took handed me a hammer and chisel and told me to carve mother's Epitaph.

I did not know what to write, mother did so much in her life, heroine, queen, friend, restorer, liberator, and much more

So I decided to carve the letter KERAMD which stands for Kaylia de Equillia, Regina Aetherternia et Matrom dotum or 'Kaylia of Equillia, queen of Etherternia and doting mother.

Once I was finshed the pallbearers let the people see Kaylia's grave, this continued for an hour until they told the people to leave so I may pay my final respects to her.

I knelt by the tomb and prayed; tears ran down my face as I feared to face the world without her. I thought about how unfair it is for her to leave me, but as I was kneeling there I heard her soft voice whisper in my ear, "Bow, I am with you always and will guide you to the future," he said and instantly I was filled with hope.

I stayed there for an hour until the Grand Vizier came in and informed me, "My liege, it is time to leave for the coronation,"

He helped me to my feet and let me to the castle, where I was crowned King Bow II, Fourth Monarch of the kingdom of Etherternia.

After the crown was placed on my head I stood up and waved to the crowd, while my face showed a smile I was far from being happy, the pain of losing mother still stung my heart and felt I could not do this alone.

Please Hipparion, let me get through this time so that I may lead this world to peace.



Today Kaylia died and passed into immortality, she will be missed by her people as she was a kind and just ruler.

I decided to go and meditate on what has happened and pray for the new king, even though I myself am a deity, I still pray to those gods who are more powerful than me.

While I was meditating, I saw the spectral image of an elderly man with gray eyes and white hair, he wore the robes of a Gnostic priest, it was the ghost of my father, Grayskull the Venerable.

"Father, why have you come here?" I asked him as I stood up and walked over to greet him.

Even though I am a deity and gave up all traces of my humanity, I still felt like a whirlwind of emotions at seeing my father, whom I had not seen since the creation of the Tritheon all those eons ago.

"I have come to tell you that the honor of the family is restored, Adora has fulfilled her destiny" he said happily.

"But how? She left Etheria and Eternia years ago, she gave up on being She-Ra," I explained to him, it was baffling how Adora, a coward could have restored the Grayskull honor.

"She has conquered her fears and stopped the Horde from taking over Equillia by doing so she has restored the honor of Grayskull," he said with a voice filled with happiness and fulfillment, "and with my honor restored and evil destroyed, there is no need for Castle Grayskull to exist," he told me.

"What? But the Horde still exists, Kaylia's son must become the new He-Man," I informed my father, trying to convince him that the Evil Horde still poses a threat to Etherternia. I knew that there were some Horde leaders who would still attack the planet regardless of the Non Aggression Pact that was signed after the last Battle.

"The Horde is scattered, the current leadership is weak, and Horde World is in disrepair. There will be leaders who will try to rebuild Horde World and restore the Horde to the force it was during the days of Horde Prime but they will fail and the Horde will die. The new king of Etherternia will usher in the Great Age of peace that your son, Eldor, foretold about eons ago," he told me with a smile that indicated that he was pleased with what has happened.

"I understand now father," I told him, "But if Grayskull is no more what will happen to me?" I asked him worriedly, Grayskull was my existence and without I feared to think of what will happen to me.

"This," he said as he raised his hand, I instantly felt like my power had left me, I looked at my reflection in a mirror that was on the wall and saw that I had reverted back to my normal self.

My skin had returned to its original peach color and my hair which was golden in color had reverted back to its original black and my eyes also returned to their normal color of hazelnut.

"Come my daughter, it is time for us to go," my father said as he took my hand and opened a portal into the other realm.

I walked through it, leaving these two worlds which are connected by the same holy men who first set foot here all those eons ago. Etheria and Eternia had been through a lot throughout time and now that the final battle had been won, the people Etheria and Eternia will finally be able to live in peace forever.

The End