I don't own any of this. Just for fun. It's a Dark Angel/Buffy cross

I am playing with the time lines. The pulse didn't happen. This is
one of my first Fics, So please be kind.

Description: Xander meets a demon and makes a wish.

Gillette, Wyoming
June 1999

The bar had a dank musty smell to it.

Kinda like home, Xander thought.

His parents had moved him to the basement after Graduation, told him it was time to start paying his way in the world.

Yeah, they need more booze money.

It was a month since he helped the other Scoobies out with the mayor. And after that, they had pushed him away from them.

Willow had Oz with College life and following his band around, Buffy had school and that new boy, Parker or something.

And let's not to forget the parties on campus, which he was not invited to, because he would not fit in.

Yeah, they just didn't want a townie to show up.

And let's not forget Giles. He didn't want to get involved with what was going on. Just let his kids grow up some; they would work it out among themselves.

He was on his sixth beer of the night and starting to live up to his family name, when he felt someone sitting beside him. Now, if he had not been as drunk as he was right then, he might have had a clue about what was going on. But between the beer and the very bad band in the corner, he didn't pick up on it.

"Hello, Xander, my name is Micky," the stranger said with a smooth voice.

"Right back at you." Xander said with a slur in his voice, "Can you make out what the band is playing? All I hear is noise."
"What's wrong, Xander? It looks like you're feeling very down."

"Just my life sucks."

"My. What's wrong? It can't be all bad. You must have good friends to help you, don't you?"

"Yeah, great friends . . . Xander, you can't help, you might get hurt. Xander, you need to get the snacks, you know how you don't like to read these books. Great friends."

"Well, IF you could do anything, what would you do to them? Make them feel like you do? Or have their new friends, do to them what they are doing to you?"

"Nope, wouldn't want anything to happen to them; they're still my friends, even if they don't act like it most of the time."

"Well, what would wish for if you could?"

"Well, to be a better fighter, to help them out. Yeah, a Super soldier, that's what I'd would wish for, then. I would wish to be a super solider."

Then Xander heard an inhuman voice say 'DONE!"

Looking over at Micky, he saw a deformed face looking back at him with a big grin, and then with a flash, he was gone.

As soon as Micky disappeared, a sharp pain hit Xander in the back of his neck. Then the room got sharper, the colors got richer, and he could see the heat coming off things, and everything was suddenly sharper than it was before. He could taste the room like he was smelling it. It was nasty. The band was causing him pain beyond belief. He had to get out of here!

On the way out, he bumped into a solider from the nearby Army base, knocking his drink out of his hand. Xander reached for it, his hand blurring to get it. The soldier's eyes widened and he struck out at him. Xander moved, hitting him with the back of his hand across the throat, then punching him in the stomach as he tried to draw in breath. Then Xander swept his feet out from under him with a kick of his leg.

Abruptly, he remembered everything. He was an X5 He could remember being raised at Manticore, the training, the tests Everything! And right alongside of those memories, he remembered being Xander, fighting alongside Buffy and the Scoobies. His DNA was crossed with cat, shark, wolf and snake. He got speed and agility from the cat genes, the lack of a need to sleep from the shark, the sense of smell from the wolf and the ability to see heat from the snake.

While he was running this thought through his head, trying to wrap his mind around it, one of the soldier's friends hit him from behind.
Pulling his collar down, the second soldier saw the bar code there on the back of his neck.

"Looks like we got someone who is AWOL." With that, he kicked Xander again.

PSYOPS at Manticore

Xander came to strap to a bed with what looked like Dentist drill hanging above him. He could smell at lest three people in the room with him.

A, voice to one side said, "471, how did you get out?"

"I was never in, lady." With that, a shock ran though his body.

"471 who helped you get out?"

"No one. I was never in."

Another shock hit him, causing him to scream in pain.

Director Renfro looked over at one of the techs, and the tech looked up from the computer screen.

"Nope, he believes what he just told us. I've never seen someone programmed as fast as this. Just wish we could find out how. But with this level, he can't tell us anything."

"Ok, Start reconditioning his mind. I want him back as soon as you can."

The tech typed in a command and a beam of light hit Xander in the eye.

"The process has started. I should warn you, it might take a long while. He has been heavily conditioned."

"Take as long as you need."

Xander saw pictures and word fly across his eyes.

Family Manticore, Friends Manticore.

And a voice whispered into his ear, "Who are you?"

"Xander." With that, a shock ran thought him again.

"Who are you?"
"Xander!" and another shock.

"Who are you?"

"Xander!" And another shock. Xander started to scream.

Renfro looked at Xander screaming and smiled as she walked from the room.

In the hall, Xander's screams echoed off the walls . . .