Something to Remember

By Jordan "BluntJoey" Adorno

Author's Note: This story is Alternate Universe, and takes places after the events of GOF. It does incorporate some info from OOTP and HBP, but is very much its own story. It is a Hermione/Draco romance, but it is nonetheless filled with action, drama, and adventure as well, as we follow the fifth year at Hogwarts – only through Hermione and Draco's eyes instead.

Disclaimer: Obviously none of these wonderful people are my creation, they all belong to the omniscient JKR, but just for these few pages, their thoughts and actions are dictated by me. A thousand apologies to JKR for violating Harry in this way!

Chapter 1 Summary: The summer before Hermione Granger's and Draco Malfoy's fifth Hogwarts year is coming to a close. Dealing with the knowledge and trauma of the recent resurrection of Lord Voldemort, the two separately prepare to return with predilection leaving fear in their hearts...

Chapter 1: A Pleasant Surprise

Hermione had just arrived at the Burrow to spend a couple weeks with Ron before returning to Hogwarts for their 5th year. Harry was due to arrive in a few days, but for security reasons Dumbledore insisted he remained at his aunt and uncle's for a few more days, before he could have a few people "escort" him to Ron's. Though Hermione was very much looking forward to seeing Harry, she really did want to spend some time alone with Ron for a bit. Her feelings for him just weren't clear these days, she supposed...

Hermione knew for sure Ron fancied her, and she loved him very much so, though was her love more than platonic? Hermione really wasn't so sure. But that was why she wanted to have some time with him alone. All the same, she was concerned more than ever for Harry. Harry had seen Voldemort come back at the end of the Triwizard Tournament, and had brought back Cedric's body. However, the Ministry of Magic completely discredited him thanks to Cornelius Fudge.

'Idiotic Man, honestly,' thought Hermione as she put her things down in Ginny's room. If he only knew what Harry was going through…

Yes, Hermione had read Harry's letter. He was having constant nightmares every night, and the thought of Voldemort back was torturing him. But Harry was brave. He had known Voldemort would be back eventually. Harry would never face it alone, though. He'd always have Ron and Hermione at his side to help him...

"Hermione!" Ron had just walked into the room and gave Hermione a big hug. "You're early!"

"Great seeing you as well, Ron!" chuckled Hermione, and Ron blushed.

"Have you heard from Harry?"

"Yes, he's having a rough time, isn't he? But who can blame him? I think that I would die..." Hermione considered darkly. Looking at her unbelievably ever-taller friend, she could tell Ron had also been very concerned about their best friend as of late.

"Yeah with You-Know-Who back and all, it's got to be terrible for him." And for a moment Ron and Hermione had a moment of silence, thinking about the irreparable scenario confronting them...

"Lunch!" bellowed Mrs. Weasley's voice. Ron and Hermione had been talking with Ginny for a while upstairs and were actually getting pretty hungry. "And by the way, children, letters from Hogwarts have finally arrived!"

Hermione, Ron and Ginny walked downstairs together and found Fred and George, hungry as can be, waiting in the kitchen. They greeted Hermione cheerfully and everyone sat down to eat porridge, bacon, eggs, and toast.

"Hermione, dear, here," said Mrs. Weasley gently, smiling brightly as she handed Hermione her Hogwarts letter. Hermione could tell though that Mrs. Weasley was inside grave with worry. The Daily Prophet had yet to reveal any type of mysterious deaths or incidents, but Dumbledore had been urgent to already reassemble a top-secret coalition against Voldemort, named the "Order of the Phoenix" respectively. Half the Weasleys were in it, including Bill, Charlie, and Percy. Percy, who was increasingly well- connected inside the Ministry, worked dangerously as a spy. Ron, Hermione and Harry had all been given this general idea of what was going on either directly (in Ron's case), or through inconspicuously coded mail delivered to them by miraculously uninterrupted Owls.

Hermione opened up her letter, finding three pieces of parchment enclosed. The first was the book list, which only included a few new books. The second was the generalized letter everyone received each year reminding them to catch the Hogwarts Express on September first. However, the third…

"OH MY GOD!" yelled a very excited Ron. "I'VE BEEN MADE A PREFECT!" Ron went very pink, though he was so pleased with himself.

"MYSELF AS WELL!" screamed Hermione, who was absolutely beaming. She had totally forgotten that prefects would be elected in their fifth Hogwarts year, though she had always looked forward to it. She was very pleased in Ron, too.

"I'm so proud of you, Ron! Another in the family!" Mrs. Weasley congratulated. She was ecstatic. She went over and kissed Ron twice on each cheek. Fred and George smirked at Ron. Ron knew they would take it to their liking to make fun of him.

"It seems like I've rubbed off on you, Ron!" joked Hermione, and they all laughed.

Draco Malfoy sat in his bedroom at the Malfoy Manor quite lonely. It had been just the same all throughout his summer break, isolated at his precious father's direct intention. Though he'd received very good marks at the end of the school year, he'd nevertheless fallen second in his year to the Mudblood Granger - as usual. His father acted as though Draco had failed, simply appalled a Muggle-Born had somehow performed better than his pure-blood son. It was a complete disgrace in Lucius's mind. Draco, impassioned, was determined to finally beat Granger in their 5th year.

Deep down, Draco didn't really hate Granger, nor did he hate all Muggle-Borns, either. And he didn't hate all Muggles just the same, or even honestly believe that he was better just because he was incidentally a pure-blood. Nevertheless, he was a Malfoy, and his family, especially his father, had raised him to believe pure-bloods were the only decent wizards out there, and therefore was constantly expected to uphold a certain honor, whether he agreed with it or not. It was who he was, a Malfoy…Like it or not.

So he had spent his years at Hogwarts only associating with Slytherins, hating Muggle-Borns, "Blood Traitors", and specifically of all, Harry Potter (who just happened to be Granger's best friend, too). Potter was, of course, the Dark Lord's greatest enemy ….. And therefore, with his father being a loyal Death Eater and all, especially now, Draco was destined to hate him. It was just the way it was. Was it fair? Not really. Was it fair Draco was destined to be a servant of the Dark Lord, truly the cruelest person Draco had ever even known of? Not at all. But it was his destiny no less with the Dark Lord back now. His "concerned" father was working very closely with him, like many other Death Eaters, obviously. Almost every night for dinner some of them were over for something or another, planning some kind of sinister collusion - or so Draco vetted each time this occasioned, anyway; yes indeed, Avery, Snape, Nott, Macnair - all had been frequent visitors this summer, a new norm obviously NOT coincidental of the Dark Lord's return. And his dear father even told him he was to become a Death Eater as well when he came of age, soon. Secretly, though, Draco honestly DESPISED the idea of that in every way possible…

"Draco, boy!" screeched his father, who all the sudden pounded on his bedroom door. "Hogwarts letters."

Draco had been wondering when they'd be coming. "Good," he responded dully from the other side of the bedroom's door.

"You've been made prefect, my boy! This is to be proud of. Your mother is delighted. Here," Lucius said fondly, actually smiling as he passed Draco the letters. He was for once utterly pleased with Draco. Excited by this change in atmosphere, Draco opened the sealed envelope and took out three pieces of parchment: one, the default letter reminding him (and everyone) to board the Hogwarts Express on September the first; two, the Year 5 book list; and lastly, a personally addressed letter to him from Dumbledore himself concerning Draco's prefect appointment. Draco grinned madly, uplifted beyond belief by the totally unexpected good news. He, true to himself, felt quite pleased with himself (to say the least, anyway), and was in moments guilty of fantasizing about all the gloating he'd proudly be doing his first day back at Hogwarts!

Dear Hermione,

Congratulations on becoming prefect! You are a model student, and Hogwarts is so proud to have you as a student. I have full confidence that you'll perform your prefect duties to the best of your abilities. I haven't the slightest concern at all about your coming performance. It is doubtless that your actions as a Prefect will be no less exemplary than your impeccable academic record.

Nevertheless, I must notify you of the other prefects. Much to your dismay, I have made Millicent Bullstrode and Draco Malfoy prefects for the Slytherin House. I understand you and Mr. Malfoy loathe each other to a large degree – though you do understand, in this time, nothing is more important than unity. You will learn yourself and others are more alike than you seem. Please do make an effort with him. He most likely needs you more than you think.

Anyhow, I am craving a lemon drop at this very moment, so I must go.

Yours truly as always,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

P.S. Moony will be escorting Harry Friday evening.

Hermione was slightly puzzled, though she did believe she understood the meaning of the message: Malfoy was under terrible influences and Hermione and others could help Draco see what was good. In other news, much more important news too, to Hermione in any case, she would be seeing Harry in two days – with Lupin, who they hadn't seen in over a year! Hermione was quite excited about this.

"Ron! Lupin is bringing Harry!" Hermione told Ron, excited. He had just taken their plates to the sink as Hermione had read her letter.

Ron read his own letter from Dumbledore as well quickly, and also smiled. "I had a feeling we'd be seeing Lupin soon!"

"Yes, he was quite good, wasn't he?" added Ginny, but she was barely paying attention.

"Well we've been through a lot with him!" Hermione explained loftily to Ginny, and then continued speaking to Ron. "How do you think he's holding up these days?"

"Probably shabbier than before – if possible," Ron answered bluntly, sounding grim.

"Ron!" Hermione scolded, praying for patience.

"You know I didn't mean it in that way, 'Mione!" said Ron easily, and shrugged before whispering under his breath, "It's probably true though."

"It's probably impossible for him to find work these days, yes. But for Heaven's sake, sometimes you're just so … tactless, Ron!" emphasized Hermione, though she chuckled a bit beside Ron.

Draco read the letter from Dumbledore unenthusiastically. It basically imploringly promoted school unity and what not, asking him to cooperate with the other prefects to the very best of his ability. It would be very difficult, as after all he'd tormented Gryffindors for years now. Nonetheless, though, he decided that he might as well try at least to be civil privately with them, in meetings for example and as such, but in public — well, he had a reputation to uphold, after all.

And there was no turning back now.

"We'll have a glass of wine in celebration!" decided an unusually cheery, priding Lucius. Lucius and Draco left his room and found Draco's mother, Narcissa, in the dining room. She looked quite pleased, though Draco thought he noticed a slight ghastliness wrinkled her demeanor.

"Nott left an owl for you, darling. Draco, I'm so proud of you!" Narcissa smiled brightly at her son, though she still looked a little apprehensive, which Draco deducted most likely had to do with the contents of Nott's letter. No less, though, his mother quickly appeared to abandon whatever unpleasant thoughts ailed her to give Draco her full, uncompromising attention.

Ten minutes later, Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco sat at their dining table drinking very expensive, elf-made wine in celebration.

"Draco, I need your assistance with something," announced Lucius suddenly, sharp-sounding.

"Yes, Father?" answered Draco obediently, taken off guard.

"I need you to keep an eye on Potter for me when you get back to school. The Dark Lord must seek him out soon for capture. Surely you understand the dynamic…" As Lucius informed away pretentiously, a profound, dark inflection rezoned his tone.

"And it is my job to help with your orders from the Dark Lord, dear Father?" challenged Draco rather haughtily, disrespectfully full of sarcasm.

"No, it is your job to obey me," Lucius firmly retorted, icily.

"Well perhaps I don't want to be a messenger boy, Father. Surely you understand." Draco, glaring, was almost snarly in his sarcasm.

Lucius grabbed his son's chin and held Draco's face to his, nose-to-nose, practically. "Don't you dare speak to me in that tone, boy! You WILL do as I say and fulfill the demands of the Dark Lord, your soon-to-be master..." And with that, the table remained silent, though Draco noticed his mother's eyes full of tears.

What exactly hid in store for young Draco?

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