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Chapter 1

Optimus looked out over his command center. For once everything was running smoothly. No random catastrophes, no pipe bombings, no glue in the seats, no-

"Come back here you little brat-"


Optimus sighed. So much for a nice, quiet day. He turned to see a young human boy running from his second-in-command, Jetfire. Hopefully he wouldn't be dragged into their latest… issue.

"Grandpa!" the boy yelled, jumping of the upper deck he'd been running on and landing on Optimus' back. Then he scurried up Optimus' back onto the Bot's shoulder.

Optimus sighed. He'd gone through this almost daily since the boy had learned to walk. "What did he do this time?" Optimus asked ignoring the boy's indignant 'humph'.

"He magnetized Sector C!" The vice-commander wheezed.

"All of it?" Optimus was surprised. Sector C was was huge, roughly the size of two human sports stadiums.

"Yes," Jetfire glared at the boy.

"How?" he looked inquiringly at the boy.

"I just had to find the right frequency and a power source-

"Ahem," Jetfire interrupted.

"Oh –um—I'll be talking to your father about this Rad," Optimus tried to sound stern. He failed miserably.

"Ok," Rad said, sliding down Optimus' arm and jumping to the ground.

After Rad had run from the room Jetfire turned to Optimus. "A little discipline wouldn't hurt him, you know."

"Would it stick?" Optimus asked. They both knew that they didn't have the heart to enforce a punishment for more than five seconds. Plus there were three Autobots that would help him find away to get around it.

"Besides it's not like we've never done anything like that," Optimus chuckled. In their younger years Optimus and Jetfire had been the bane of their commander's existence. Jetfire still had been until Rad had taken on the job of causing chaos.

"You could at least stop encouraging him. I'm starting to believe you really do have him working around here somewhere," Jetfire said seriously.

"Not until he's eighteen," Optimus laughed.

"So you got away with it?" Sideswipe asked sitting on his bunk in the room he shared with Smokescreen and Blurr.

"Yeah. Optimus says he's going to tell my Dad but there's not much he can do about it from Earth," Rad answered.

"How'd Jetfire react to everyone in his sector being stuck to the walls?" Smokescreen asked.

"He chased me all the way to the command center," Rad smiled.

"I bet Optimus was real happy about that," Smokescreen laughed.

"What are you laughing about?" Blurr asked sounding irritable. He had several pieces of scrap metal sticking to him. Obviously he worked in Sector C

"Nothing Blurr," Sideswipe said with an 'I'm so young and innocent' smile. Blurr grunted and walked to his bunk. They all knew that when Blurr had first started sharing a room with Sideswipe he'd wanted to ring Sideswipe's neck every five seconds. But as time went on even Blurr had to admit that the little guy grew on him. 'Like rust' according to Blurr.

"I've got to go. The library closes in an hour," Rad said jumping to the floor.

"Why do you spend so much time at the library? I was always under the impression that during summer break human children took a break from studying," Blurr said. Sideswipe, if he could, would have rolled his eyes. 'And he says I'm dense' the young Bot thought.

Rad shrugged and hurried out. Sideswipe watched him go with a somber look.

"You're not going to find anything," Sideswipe told the boy.

Rad didn't even look up from the computer screen.

Sideswipe sighed. "He's been in hiding since Sparter filed criminal charges against him. Humans and Autobots have been looking for thirteen years and haven't found some much as a trace. The odds of you finding him in the next two months are slim to none," Sideswipe said hoping for some reaction.

"I can't just sit back and let the statute of limitations run up. I have to try," Rad said softly. Sideswipe understood how Rad felt. It was hard to just let someone get away with hurting someone you love. He remembered what he'd gone through to get back at the guy who killed his brother. He'd been damn lucky that Hot Shot had followed him that night or else Blurr and Smokescreen would have a different roommate.

"What makes you think you'll find him on the Internet?" He asked.

"Teachers are required to give a head shot for staff IDs. They're kept in the school databases for security purposes. I've been running a scanning program I created with a picture from Dad's yearbook. It matches facial structure, allowing for increases and decreases in weight, and isn't thrown off eye and hair color changes," Rad explained.

Sideswipe saw flaw in that logic. "There isn't a school in Japan that would hire someone with charges of child abuse against him."

"Sideswipe, the guy was fluent in Spanish and English. Two of the most used languages on Earth. Do you no how many countries he could fit into in with those language skills. Hundreds. Why would he stay in Japan, where he couldn't get a job and had charges against?"

"So instead of trying to find a microchip in a scarp pile you're trying to find a microchip in a landfill," Sideswipe commented dryly.

"This program checks thousands of schools per minute. The smaller countries were mostly ruled out in a few hours. The only two countries that haven't been ruled out are the US and Britain," Rad said.

"And how many schools are located in those two countries alone? Hundreds? Millions? Rad you--"


"What was that?" Sideswipe asked

"It's found a match."

AN: The Armada bots are gonna be a little OOC because they have lived different lives than they did in Armada. Like Sideswipe and his brother (if you can't guess his brother's name you know nothing about G1).