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Chapter 19

"AhaaaAhaaaAhaa!" Ben howled as he swung on a cable toward the window to Rad's hospital room.


Inside the room Rad, Koji, the twins, Carlos, and Alexis stared at the window.

"Did he forget that all hospitals have been required to have bullet proof glass windows since 2008?" Carlos asked as Ben slid down the window.

"Probably" the Onishi family said as one.

Hot Shot sat watching the sunset, one of the few things he liked about Earth. He could always lose himself in the sight.

Almost always.

Today he had a lot of things on his mind. What Sunstreaker had said made a creepy kind of sense. Autobots--- though they were working for Rollbar at the time--- had been the ones to hurt Sideswipe. Sunstreaker had no reason to think that Sideswipe had been safe or relatively happy in the four years they'd been separated. So to make sure his brother was safe he joined the Deceptacons to rescue his brother. And in Sunstreaker's place Hot Shot would probably done the same thing as the other vain yellow warrior (AN: My words not his hehehe).

The sound of metal scrapping rock startled him out of his reverie. Wheeljack stood sheepishly near the bend in the path leading to the base entrance. "Uhh… hi" Wheeljack said, clearly expecting to get attacked again.

"Hi" Hot Shot not really knowing what else to say. His anger at Wheeljack had vanished when Ratchet had gone into detail about mind bending. It explained why Wheeljack had attacked him all those years ago anyway.

Hot Shot just hoped Wheeljack would forgive him for not knowing earlier.

"Stop that!" Ratchet snapped.

"Huh?" Sideswipe gave the wounded puppy look that he often used when he was younger and in trouble.

Ratchet sighed, "Fine" he said as he stopped trying to push his son away from him.

"Yay!" Sideswipe squealed wrapping his arms around his father in a big bear hug. Ratchet sighed again.

"Are you ever going to grow up?" Sunstreaker asked.

"No" Sideswipe said looking up at his brother. Then his voice got serious "So?"

"So what?" Sunstreaker asked.

Sideswipe glared at him "You do realize what we have to do now right?"

"Go home?" Sunstreaker shrugged.

"No" Ratchet said.

"Why?" Sunstreaker asked.

"We just seriously pissed off Deceptacon High Command. What do you think they're going to do if we go back to the Neutral camps?" Sideswipe asked.

"Come after us and kill a ton of Neutrals while they're at it" Sunstreaker said, understanding dawning.

"Exactly" Ratchet said.

"So?" Sunstreaker echoed his brother's earlier question.

Sideswipe smiled his 'smirk of fake innocence'.

Hot Shot and Wheeljack came back in laughing like they never parted. After Hot Shot had blurted out that he was sorry Wheeljack had apologized too. Actually the whole thing reminded them of a crappy chick flick.

"Huh?" they both came up short at the sight of a smiling Sideswipe, who shouldn't have been up yet.

"Hi guys" Sideswipe practically chirped.

"Damnit, what did you do this time?" Hot Shot asked, wondering what the younger Mech could have possibly done in the last half an hour that he'd been gone.

"Nothing bad" Sideswipe said with a little kid smile/pout.

"Then why do you look like the cat that just ate the Lazerbeak?" Hot Shot asked.

"I don't think an organic creature digest a bird-like robot" Sideswipe stated.

"You know what I mean!"

Sideswipe took his hand off his chest, where it had been since they arrived to reveal a red insignia.

"You--- you ---you got an insignia" Hot Shot sputtered in shock.

"Yeah, we all did" Sideswipe said with a big grin.

"But you said you wouldn't wear an insignia because the Spinner incident" Hot Shot said. When Sideswipe started working for the Autobots after he recovered from Spinner's first assault he'd flat out refused to wear any insignia because when it came down to it an insignia was just a piece of metal, not something to judge the wearer by. Then he stopped being so philosophical and ran off with Rad to plan the next major prank on Jetfire.

"Yeah but it's kind of required" Sideswipe said.

"It only required for…. You officially joined the Autobots!" Hot Shot exclaimed. Even though he'd worked for the Autobots for four years, Sideswipe was technically still a Neutral.

"I thought you'd be headed back to the Neutral camps now that you have your family back" Hot Shot said thinking about how Sideswipe used to talk about how much he missed his home.

"Not when the Deceptacons are after us. The Neutral camps wouldn't still be standing after they got through with it" Sideswipe said sadly. "So we're all straying here. Even Sunny" Sideswipe said the last part with a knowing grin.


"What was that?" Blurr asked entering the base.

"Sideswipe probably just told Hot Shot that his brother will be staying with us" Optimus sighed.


"That went better than I expected" Sideswipe sighed. Hot Shot hadn't thrown a hissy fit like they expected him to. He'd just fell on the ground… twitching… a lot. Not too bad of a reaction.

"You're back" Blurr commented after he turned the corner to where Sideswipe was leaning up against the wall.


"And you already talked your way out of the infirmary?" Blurr asked, remembering that Sideswipe had been stuck in the infirmary for two weeks after his second run in with Spinner and the 'Bot hadn't been happy about it.

"It helps when your dad is a medic" Sideswipe gave a shy smile.

"That would make things a lot easier" Blurr commented. Keeping conversation between them going had always been difficult for some reason. They usually just sat in a comfortable silence, but the occasion seemed to call for them actually talk.

"I got to get back to Ratchet and Sunny" Sideswipe said, looking away when the tension got to be too much.

"Yeah" Blurr nodded as Sideswipe turned to leave. "Just don't go away like that again" he said. Sideswipe stopped and turned around to face Blurr again with a questioning look. "Autobot City has never had a duller week" Blurr explained.

Sideswipe smiled and nodded before continuing on his way.

Blurr watched him go. 'He's gonna be the death of me yet' Blurr thought not unkindly. Then he smiled under his faceplate and turn to go back to the command room to speak with Prime.

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