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A month passed by with hard times and good times. Sango and Draca had converted to the good side and were now plotting against Voldemort himself.

Draco and Hermione were in one of the corridors, alone, or so they thought.

"Draco, I will not accept this. You cant send our only baby back there with a man like that!" Hermione protested against her husband, more begging than anything to have her child stay here.

Draca sat on the ground in a dark corner of that corridor, hearing every word of what her parents were saying.

"Hermione, please try to understand," Draco whispered coldly at Hermione, "She got herself in this and she's going to get herself out. I will not let her get the easy way out… you remember what we went through, you remember how hard it was, but we pulled through together! If Sango and Draca really love each other then they will get out of it the same way!" And with that Draco left Hermione there, crying still.

Draca got up and walked over to her mother, Hermione was shocked to see her daughter standing there before her. Hermione, her eyes blood shot now from her tears, grabbed her daughter and pulled her in an embrace. Draca held to her closely as well, soft tears coming down as well.

"Mum, I'll be fine. As dad said, I got myself into this and I have to get myself out, and I know with Sango next to me I can do anything." Draca told her mother, which then only made her mom cry more, but they weren't just sad tears anymore. Maybe tears of hope and faith, something she can hold onto.

A day passed by and as soon as peace had settled in the grand castle is when hell came knocking on their door, with no choice to welcome it like any other guest.

Everyone sat down in McGonagall's office, Harry, Ron, Moody, Hermione, Draco, Draca, and Sango were all there. Including some other Aurors and ministry people.

"Voldemort left me a message in my room, which he flew by owl. It reads:

Dear Sango and Draca,

Your mission has now begun. I need you to meet me in the Dark Forest, that way it will be easier for you both to bring Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Hermione Malfoy. As soon as I and my followers appear still act like you did before, and went the time comes and I give a signal you both turn your backs and stand by me… Meet my tonight at eight in the evening.

And he doesn't sign it." Sango finished the letter.

You could feel the tension within the room, minds racing of what to do and what not to do. Soon Hermione looked up with a certain glow in her eyes, Draco noticed and smiled.

"What Hermione?" He asked her, knowing that she always thought up of good plans.

"Well, you two go and meet him with us of course, but then…" Hermione spilled all of her thoughts and many people agreed. So soon the plan was set and when seven thirty came around Sango and Draca led Hermione, Draco, and Harry out of the castle. Followed them by many other Aurors to make sure the plan went along smoothly.

When they entered the woods they could feel the tension and taste the mere nerves of five of them. Draca nervously glanced at Sango and he just replied with a warming look and slyly slipped his hand into hers. She felt a sense of peace come over her and she settled down a bit.

As soon as they reached the same spot where Voldemort had rose again they all stopped.

"This is where it happened." Draca said, acting her best skills to sound convincing to Voldemort.

"Oh, well, we'll find him Draca and the last thing he'll see his my eyes looking into his." Draco stated, playing furious. Part of him actually was furious, knowing that he was so close to Voldemort.

The wind picked up and a chill went up Draca's back and she shivered at the feeling. She turned and saw his dark red eyes, his tall muscular body, his charm… it wasn't the Voldemort she remembered. He was merely entrancing; it was like he used to be when he was just a mere spirit.

Draca got lost in his eyes and couldn't even blink; he smiled at her and then slowly stepped back into the shadows. Draco and noticed the stare his daughter was giving a strange man; he knew it was him… his eyes gave him away.

Draco didn't act on it; instead he looked over at Harry and gave him a certain look that said to Harry that they were no longer alone.

Then as everything got quiet he stepped out. There he was, Voldemort, and certainly all eyes were on him.

"Welcome," His silky warm voice made Draca feel at home at that instant and something wild came over her, she was feeling for him… but how?

Everyone had his or her wands out and ready to fight whenever.

Then his followers came from the trees as well, somewhat standing behind him. They removed their hoods revealing Narcissa, Wormtail, and Severus.

Harry's eyes burned with fire as soon as he saw Wormtail. Draco felt speechless at the sight of his mother and Snape. The rest were still getting angrier by the very minute.

"Now, for my spies to join their rightful positions." Voldemort said looking upon Sango and Draca.

Draca then broke down; she was looking deep into Voldemort's eyes, the man who had seen her when no one else could.

"We're staying here, Voldemort." Sango said, talking for both him and Draca.

Something came over her though, a feeling of doing what was easier and what she thought would help. She turned her back on them and walked over to Voldemort, turning and faced her parents, her uncle, and her one true love.

She looked up at Voldemort, "This is where I belong."

Voldemort seemed to enjoy this and a small smirk curled on his lips.

"You see how she obeys?" Voldemort said, complimenting her and her actions, "Sango, join us."

Sango looked at Draca, looking deep in her eyes… trying to connect with her.

Let's do this, Sango… She thought, and he knew what she meant.

He looked over at Voldemort, "Never."

"Alright, then let the fight begin…"

"Wait," Sango said…. "No, please, I'll join you."

"Good," Voldemort said and Sango turned his back on now the three of them.

"Let me put a good charm enhancer on the three of them?" Sango asked and Voldemort was shocked by such generosity

He simply nodded in agreement.

Sango held up his wand and pointed it to Narcissa, Severus, and Wormtail and then shouted "THRICE AVEDA KEDAVRA!"

At that moment came shock, Narcissa, Severus, and Wormtail dropped to the ground lifeless. Sango smirked as he looked over at the others. With out notice Voldemort raised his wand and it was then the rest noticed a flash of green light appear.

Everyone stopped and saw Sango on the ground, not breathing, no longer living. Draca felt hurt and tears come straight to her eyes, this was the second time she had to see him dead. She took out her wand and muttered softly "Aveda Kedavra".

It was then that Voldemort fell... and would never rise again.

She never thought she could conjure such a curse like that, but after seeing her only love die in front of her for a second time made her insane point hit. Draca rushed over to him and held his head up and put it on her lap.

"Sango?" She whispered in tears, "Please wake up," She was pleading for something she knew would never happen.

Hermione was about to walk over to her but Draco pulled her to him instead, "Let her have her moment." He whispered and with that everyone walked over to Moody and Ron who had emerged from the woods.

His color from his body had gone and he felt slightly cold now. She bent over and cried upon his body, holding him like a lost and missed soul. She would never let him go… never.

"Kitten," She heard a whisper, it was his voice, and she sat up feeling excitement run through her but was now only faced again with his lifeless face.

"What?" She was confused as she muttered that one word.

"Kitten, not down there, look up." She looked up and found Sango standing before her in all white, a certain glow was coming from him as well and his most gorgeous white eagle like wings coming from his back… something beautiful and breathtaking.

"Come here, kitten." He told her, his voice beautiful and angelic.

She slowly put his body down and then walked over to him spirit within.

"I have to leave you now, kitten." He told her and tears came to her eyes again.

"N-no!" She cried out and latched on to him, he wasn't transparent and he felt like he did when he was alive. His arms wrapped around her in comfort and his wings came and wrapped around her as well.

"Plea-please don- don't leave me!" She pleaded in between sobs. "I-I love you Sango!"

"And I love you Draca, I will never leave you. My kitten, you were the one who pulled me out of my darkness… I was once just a pathetic wolf that could turn into human, you saved me… you did that! Now, I bid you farewell."

"No," She replied once again, holding onto him tightly.

He then caught eye contact with hers, one last look into his emerald green eyes. She then felt his soft lips upon hers, and that passion and love filled her body. They both pulled back gently and caught eye contact once more.

He leaned down and then whispered in her ear, "I love you, I will miss you, please meet me in Heaven and then we'll watch our son grow old with his love."

She then felt him go through her and soon the light was gone and she noticed that she was standing by herself. She noticed everyone staring wide-eyed at her and she just gave them a small smile.

Remembering back on what he had said something came to her, part of his sentence that didn't make complete sense. 'We'll watch out son grow old with his love.'

She then remembered back on that night they made love about two months ago, feeling the tingles inside her as she thought of truly feeling complete love with them. She walked over to the rest of the group.

"Are you alright, Draca?" Draco asked his daughter, putting an arm around her.

Draca put a hand on her stomach and smiled, "I'll be fine, I'll see him again, and there's a piece of him that he left with me…"

…The End…

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