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"Hey Harry, you sure an early riser." said Draco.

Harry looked up from his book at the end of the Slytherin table with Salazar is at his usually place, Harry's neck, and black Pheonix egg safely tucked away in his sleeve. He sees Draco, Blaise and other two walking towards the Slytherin table in the Great Hall.

"Morning." Harry replied courteously as Draco took a seat next to him, Blaise across from him, and Crabbe and Goyle on the other side of Draco. As the boys fills their plates with breakfast, Professor Snape walks to the table to handout students' schedules like other head of houses do.

"What classes do you have?" Draco leans over Harry's shoulder to see Harry's schedule. "Great! You got the same classes as I do."

"As do I" Blaise said.

"We got double potions with Gryffindors" Draco moaned.

"Unfortunately" Blaise replied.

Harry puts away his schedule and went back to reading his book while he eats his breakfast as Draco and Blasie complaints on Gryffindors. Once again, his reading time was disturbed by a high pitch girly voice calling out Draco's name. Harry sees a pug faced girl trying to glomp on poor Draco.

"Ugh Pansy! Get off will you." Draco grunted as he try to pry Pansy off of him.

"Oh Draky poo, I missed you!" Pansy said as she tries to holds on to Draco.

"Awwww, Draky poo. I missed you too." Blasie snickers.

"Blasie! You are not helping." Draco continues to pry Pansy off. "Pansy, I will not say it again. Get off stop with that horrid name. "

"But Drake, I am your wife! You can't talk to me like that." Pansy said as Draco finally got her off him.

"That was arranged by our parents. If I had any say what so ever, I would not be marring a pug faced girl like you!" Draco exclaimed.

"But Drakeā€¦" Pansy either was to smittened by Draco or just plain stupid to digest Draco's insults to her.

"Don't Drake me. Stay the hell away from me. I want to enjoy my life while I can, free from you!" Draco turns his back ignoring Pansy as he continues to finish his breakfast. Pansy huffed and walks off to her little groups of girlfriends.

'Finally, that high pitch noise was painful to hear.' Salazar shifts his body.

'That was.' Harry agrees as his hand moves over to Salazar's body and gently stroke his fingers over the scales.

After breakfast was over, students went about their way to their respected classes. Harry went a quick stop to the dorm room to switch out his reading book before heading to potions. Draco followed him and of course the rest three followed Draco.

Once arriving to the potion classroom, Harry picked his seat at the back of the room with Draco and Blaise sitting by his side. The other two sat behind them.

Bell ringed and Professor Snape started his lectures and question. Harry knows that Professor Snape doesn't like him from looks he was receiving from Professor Snape before. It was confirmed when Professor Snape questions him with hard questions when there others' hands raised to answer like that bushy haired Gryffindor girl. Off course Harry answered the questions without any problems. Professor Snape seemed to be displeased with the correct answers but never the less, he gave 30 points to Slytherins. One thing that bugged Harry was why is Professor Snape dislikes him. He never even meet the man before until he arrived at Hogwarts. Harry decided he would speak to Professor Snap about this issue after class.

Once the class was over, Harry stayed behind as Draco and others waited for him outside.

"Mr. Potter, Do you need something?" Professor Snape Inquired.

"Professor, I was hoping you would tell me why do you dislike me? I can't think of a valid reason for you to dislike me since I have not meet you before now." Harry questioned.

"I have nothing to say to you Mr. Potter. Please don't waste my time over your insecurity. If you have nothing else to day then leave." Professor Snape said.

"But I do, Professor. I am not insecure. I just don't like one of my Professors that I would spend next 7 years with to dislike me for no reason what so ever. Unless you are treating me like this because of my 'parents' are you? That would be unfair of you for I am nothing like them."

"For once, you said something intelligent. However, that doesn't mean anything. Even though you are a Slytherin, I will treat you as I see fit. The talk is over, dismissed." Professor Snape responded.

"I do hope you will change your mind, Professor. Thank you for the chat, I shall take my leave." Harry walked out of the classroom.

"What took you so long?" Draco asked. "We are so going to be late. Come on." The group walks off quickly to their next class.