And She Said Yes

Author's note: AU. Based on the "study hall" scene from the GoF movie. Sorry, as an American, that's the closest description I can give it; you'll recognize the scene pretty easily though. Everything except Snape's own thoughts are from the movie; I'd like to think of Snape's inner mind as mine own. ;)


Snape strode back and forth behind the Trio, using the pretense of reading a book to cover his anxiety. Really, how long would she keep him waiting? He still couldn't believe how rash he had been. What could he possibly have been thinking? Quietly, he observed one of the Weasley twins asking Angelina to the Yule Ball. How he wished the process and the ensuing response could be as simple for him.

"Well Hermione, you're a girl," he heard Ronald whisper. Well spotted, he snorted mentally.

"Well spotted."

"Come with me—"

Really, now, he couldn't let this happen right in front of him. Quickly, he boxed the red-headed boy squarely on the head with his book—and Potter too, for good measure—only to realize immediately afterwards the full implications of what he had just done. Why did he always seem to lose control around her? He masked his panic by the task of flipping open his book once more and strained his sensitive ears to hear the rest of the conversation he knew was no doubt continuing despite his ministrations.

"Come on, it's one thing for a bloke to show up alone. For a girl, it's just sad."

"I won't be going alone because, believe it or not, someone's asked me."

His heart stopped beating. Could she possibly mean… She got up from the table and approached him then with book in hand. Paralyzed, he could only stare as she held it out to him. Only years of self-discipline allowed him to take it from her quickly, before anyone else could realize what this mere slip of a girl was doing to him.

As she walked away, he opened the book to find a small piece of parchment that bore only a single word.

"And I said, 'yes'!"