Disclaimer: I do not own the Lone Gunmen, the only thing I own in this story are the characters you don't recognize.

Summary: Set in an AU (Jump the Shark never happened) a yong woman finds herself in the midst of a crisis when her twin brother is killed over a computer program Who is there to help the truth unfold? The Lone Gunmen of course!

Chapter 1.

Melvin Frohike was annoyed. No, not annoyed, angry. Byers had let Jimmy play with the computers for "research" and now, somehow, the printers were all broken. However angry Frohike was, it was nothing compared to how furious Langly would be when he found out. "Jimmy!" As Langly's voice resounded through the air, Frohike sighed and poured himself some more coffee. It was going to be a long day.

The aforementioned scene is how Langly found himself inside his favorite computer store looking for more printers. 'Naturally the dimwit breaks them right when business is picking up,' he thought. Langly did have a point, there had been a steady increase in sales of the paper this past month, pleasantly surprising all of the Gunmen.

Langly turned a corner just in time to hear the screeching of brakes outside as a motorcyle came skidding to a halt. The driver of said vehicle was easily identified as a female by her curvaceous form. She wore flat black boots, ripped black jeans, and a leather jacket over a tight Ramone's tank top, Langly gleefully noted as she stormed through the door. She was in such a rush that she had forgotten to take off her helmet. "Where is he?" She demanded of the sales clerk.

"In back," he replied without looking up. Before he even finishes speaking a tall man with a shock of auburn hair came out from the back. He looked irritated, but smiled when he saw the girl. He walked briskly over to the motorcyclist. Langly suddenly realized that he was the only customer in the store, and he was about to witness something interesting; thus he did what any good journalist would do, and hid out of sight of the other three people. The man spoke, "Good to see you again, Miss Knight."

The female took off her helmet, revealing a young woman with dark blonde hair and piercing silver blue eyes. "Cut the crap."

The man looked taken aback. "What do you mean?"

She glared, her eyes flashing furiously. Langly was taken aback by the amount of raw emotion she was displaying, and the fire in her eyes. "You set up Ryan! And when I have enough proof, make no mistake, I will take you down." She turned on her heel and started to leave. The man grabbed her wrist and jerked her to him.

"You won't find anything ... unless you want someone from your past to find out your whereabouts."

"Miss Knight" was positively seething now. "Threats will do you no good. I am not afraid of anything you could possibly throw at me."

The man grinned, "You were always excellent at bluffing."

Langly was now more confused than he cared to be. Who was Ryan? And this guy who came out of the back... who was he and did he set up this Ryan character? What for? What was the purpose? And most importantly... who was the girl?

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