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Chapter 13 - in which someone's ass is finally kicked

The Gunmen (and their women) and Chris found themselves at the hideout of Timothy Landau the very next day. The plan was for Chris to bring Renee in, as planned, then for everyone else to come in, abduct Timmy and bring him to AD Skinner. Landau had indeed escaped from prison and was wanted by the FBI. This was not exactly how it happened, though. Timmy put up quite a fight and ended up getting his ass kicked by the three original Gunmen; Byers, Frohike and Langly were very irate with him.

At the moment, they had him tied up in their faithful van and were driving back to Washington. "I can't believe you three. I thought you were freakin' wimps," Landau muttered. Timmy was sporting two very attractive black eyes and bruises decorated his torso.

"Yeah, well that's what you get for trying to kidnap Renee, kill Susanne and otherwise torment the rest of us. So shut up, nark!" Langly positively barked from the front of the van.

Byers gave a side glance at Langly at muttered from the corner of his mouth, "Don't snap like that, you may scare Renee off with your temper."

Apparently Byers didn't lower his voice enough because Renee just laughed. "He's adorable when he's mad," she teased, ruffling Langly's hair.

"And they say we're sickening," Frohike said to Sam. Sam just smiled and leaned back in her seat.

"I can't thank you all enough for this. For giving me a chance." Chris was leaving. Langly and Renee were dropping him off at the airport.

"You helped us get Timmy. It's an even score now." replied Renee. Chris smiled and gave both Renee and Langly a hug then went to board his plane. Renee folded her arms as she and Langly watched Chris walk away. "So after all this excitement still want to be with me?"

"Hell yeah," grinned Langly, taking Renee's hand. The two walked out to Renee's car together, both extremely happy.

Meanwhile, Sam and Frohike's son was on his way to LGM HQ, he had just gotten Sam's email two days ago. He knocked on the door; Frohike answered. "What are you doing back in that disguise, man? I thought you were going to the airport!"

"Excuse me?" asked Chris, looking completely befuddled.

"Chris!" exclaimed Sam, running over to hug her son. "Mel, this is our actual son!"

"Actual? Wait, what?"

Frohike laughed and patted Chris on the back. "It's a long story. Come on in and we'll explain."

One week later, our group, along with Chris, were all eating dinner at Renee's house. Things were back to normal, or, as normal as things get with the Gunmen. The boys were working on a new story (cocaine deals going on in seafood restaurants via the oysters). Renee had just gotten her new book on the market which featured a crusading journalist. Jimmy had finally proposed to Yves; the wedding was in two weeks. Everyone was now pressuring Langly to pop the question to Renee, but he refused. Renee had said she wanted to take it slow and that's what he was going to do. This topic came around again once Renee was in the bathroom. "We all know you want to!" Sam exclaimed.

"She wants to take it slow!"

"You've been taking it slow for 8 months now."


"So get a move on! You're not getting any younger, Ringo!"

"Oh shut it, Sam. I've got plenty of time."

"What if you want to have kids with her?"

"I'm not even forty yet!" Langly retorted as a blush spread across his face.

"That's beside the point."

"And what is the point?"

"Get a move on it!" everyone exclaimed.

Langly sighed and rolled his eyes. "Meddlesome, all of you." There was a quiet moment where everyone had paused, and then Renee could be heard in the kitchen, calling for Langly. "Excuse me, please. And no plotting while I'm gone!" he said, getting up.

"I'm offended that you would think that of us," smiled Susanne. Langly merely rolled his eyes and walked inside.

"What's up, Rei?" Langly's eyes glazed over in concern as he saw Renee pacing around the kitchen.

"You, uh, may want to sit for this, Richard," Renee said, fiddling with the necklace she was wearing. This was probably the only time Langly had ever witnessed her being nervous. He complied and sat down at the table, waiting for her to continue. Renee laughed nervously. "I really don't even know how this happened. I mean, I thought we were being careful, but apparently not. I had my suspicions about a week ago, but I wasn't sure." Langly clearly had no idea where she was going with this; his face was blank. "Um, it, well the thing is," Renee stopped and took a deep breath. "I never thought it would be this hard to tell you something."

Langly got up from his chair and strode over to Renee, pulling her into a hug. "You can tell me anything. I don't understand what you're so nervous about." Renee mumbled something incoherent. "Didn't catch that, babe."

Renee took in another deep breath. "We're going to," she paused. "We're going to have a baby, Ric." Seeing Langly's eyes go wide as plates she continued with, "I mean, I understand if you don't want..." Renee trailed off not sure of what to say. Langly was still in a state of shock. "Uh, well, I'll just leave you alone to think about... things." Renee pulled away from Langly, or tried to, he didn't let go.

Langly tried to speak but couldn't. He cleared his throat. "Stay." Renee looked up at him and stopped wriggling around. "I really wasn't expecting that, but I do want to have a child with you." He hugged her close. "We'll raise this kid together."

The cocaine thing is a long running joke in my family. We own a sea food restaurant and someone once said that our oysters are so good that they must have crack in them.

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