"I am going to kill you!" Usagi said gripping Seiya's shirt rightly. Seiya pulled at his shirt hoping to loosen Usagi's death grip on his shirt.
"I know honey I'm sorry." Seiya said gasping for air.
As the contraction passed Seiya shot a look at the doctor who looked sympathetic, "Another hour." The doctor mouthed as if reading Seiya's mind.
"Usa honey, I'm going to go get a drink, I'll send one of the girls in here OK. I'll be right back." Seiya said his voice soft. "I talked to your Aunt Lianna also, she will be here soon."
Usagi nodded and leaned back against the pillows, the last time she had seen Lianna had been at her wedding to Seiya 6 years ago.

"Usagi, Seiya I have a gift for you." Lianna said. She had pulled Usagi, Seiya and the scouts into a private room in the middle of the wedding. Lianna pulled out a black leather pouch and untying the strings she pulled out a glowing orange crystal. "This is the sun crystal, it was to be passed onto whom ever you married Usagi-Chan. Now it is Seiya's, you will use this in the future to create Crystal Tokyo."
When Lianna handed the crystal to Seiya it disappeared "Where did it go?" Seiya asked surprised.
"Much like Usagi's crystal you can call upon it when you need to use it." Lianna reassured.
~*~End Flashback~*~

Seiya stepped into the waiting room and dropped into a chair. "How's Usagi-Chan?" Haruka asked only stopping her pacing enough to ask the question.
"Usa-Chan is…" Seiya let his sentence trail, "Dangerous. Will one of you go in there with her while I go get a up of coffee?"
"I'll go." Haruka volunteered readily heading for Usagi's room. "Hello my kitten." Haruka called as she waited in the doorway of Usagi's room.
"Hi Haruka." Usagi called. "Where is my husband?"
"He went to get a cup of coffee he will be back in a few minutes." Haruka responded.
Usagi nodded "Is Lianna here?"
Haruka shook her head no, "But I think she will be here soon."
As another contraction hit Usagi she grabbed Haruka's hand tightly.

"Kitten." Haruka called out.
Usagi turned to face Haruka "Haruka are you leaving?" Usagi asked looking towards Michiru who was putting a coat over her bridesmaid dress.
"Yes," Haruka nodded, "I'm not big on weddings and Michiru is tired. I just wanted to tell you something. Seiya's fine by me." (That ones for you Beth!!!)
Usagi smiled tears filling her eyes "Thank you Haruka."
~*~End Flashback~*~

As Seiya returned the doctor was saying "OK Usagi, your going to have to push."

"How's Usagi-Chan?" Michiru asked when Haruka came back into the waiting room.
"Seiya's right, she is dangerous." Haruka said causing the group to laugh.

"Seiya, I can't do it anymore." Usagi said her voice was tired and weak.
"Come on Usa yes you can. Remember how happy you were when you found out you were pregnant?"
"Were going to have a baby." Usagi said as tears of joy ran down her cheeks.
Seiya pulled his wife close to him and held her, completely speechless.
"Would you like to know the sex?" The doctor asked.
Seiya and Usagi exchanged glances; Usagi shook her head "No. But the baby is OK right? I mean it is healthy right?"
"Yes, they are healthy." The doctor replied, a smile spread across her face.
"Th-they?" Seiya stuttered.
"Were having twin?" Usagi gasped.
"No," the doctor replied "You're having triplets." (AN I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist giving Usagi & Seiya triplets.)
"Were having what?" Were the last words Usagi asked before she dropped in a dead faint.
~*~End Flashback~*~

Usagi smiled, "I was happy. Very surprised, but happy."
"Now come on you have waited for these babies for 7 months now." Seiya encouraged.

"How is Usagi?" Lianna asked rushing into the waiting room.
"She's all right. Tired, we have been here since about 7 last night." Rei said yawning.
"And it is 2:40, PM now." Lianna said surprised "None of you left?"
"No way." Makoto shook her head "We have all been here to cover for Seiya before Usagi-Chan could kill him."
Lianna sat down and waited with the rest of the group until Seiya rushed out about 15 minutes later a wide smile on his face "I'm a Daddy!"
"What are they?"
"How's Usagi-Chan?"
"What are you going to name them?"
"What do they look like?" How much do they weigh?"
"Are they healthy?"
"2 girls and a boy. Usagi-Chan's very happy, but very tired. Lianna, Donavon, Amaris. Lianna has blonde hair and light blue eyes looks just like Usa. Donavon has blonde hair like Usa and dark blue eyes like me. And Amaris has black hair and dark blue eyes she looks like me. Lianna weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces, Donavon weighs 4 pounds exactly and Amaris weighs 1 pound 3 ounces. Lianna and Donavon are OK, they are worried about how small Amaris is but they all seem to be OK." Seiya answered all the questions without taking a breath.
"Will we get to see Usagi and the babies?" Kenji asked.
"Yes, later." Seiya shot over his shoulders as he hurried out of the waiting room back to Usagi.
When Seiya returned back to Usagi's room he found Usagi with tears running down her cheeks, and only 2 babies. "Usa what's wrong?" Seiya asked hurrying to Usagi's side.
"They-They took Amaris away. And they wont tell me where she is, or what's wrong." Usagi cried.
"It's OK baby. I'll find out what's going on." Seiya said moving towards the doctor who was talking to a nurse. "Where is she? Where is Amaris? What's wrong with her?'
The doctor turned towards Seiya she wore a kind smile "Amaris is fine. But because she is so small we took her to the NICU. The ICU for babies, we are just monitoring her. SO far we have found nothing wrong with her. But we can never be to careful."
"What about Lianna and Donavon?" Seiya asked.
"They are extremely healthy." The doctor reassured Seiya.
Seiya walked back over to an anxious looking Usagi "Amaris is fine. Because she is so small, they took her to make sure everything is OK." Seiya brushed away Usagi's bangs and kissed her softly on the forehead.
Usagi sighed in relief "Seiya look at Donavon and Lianna's birthmarks." Usagi said softly and 2 nurses came over each holding a baby, on Donavon's right shoulder there was a birthmark that looked like a star, and on Lianna's right shoulder there was a mark that looked like a sun. "Amaris has one also, hers," Usagi smiled "looks like a moon."
"Would you like to hold them?" The nurses asked.
"What if I drop one of them?" Seiya asked nervously.
"You wont." Usagi reassured with a smile.
Seiya nodded nervously and Lianna was placed into his arms and Donavon was placed in Usagi's. "She is so tiny." Seiya said softly looking down at his daughter, Lianna looked up at her father her blue eyes curious. "She's beautiful."
There was a soft knock on the door and Seiya turned to see Ami's mother come into the room holding a tiny bundle of pink. "Mizuno-Sama." Usagi exclaimed, "Come in, please."
"I was in the NICU when the brought the baby in. They said she was fine so I told them I would bring her over myself. She is truly beautiful. Congratulations."
"Thank you Mizuno-Sama." Usagi said softly as Ms. Mizuno lay a sleeping Amaris in Usagi's open arm.
"The waiting room is rather loud." Ms. Mizuno smiled "I believe that is a result of Makoto and Haruka trying to get in here and the rest of them trying to stop them."
"When we get Usagi into her own room, she may have visitors." The doctor said. "But not for long she needs her rest."

"Usagi-Chan?" Rei called softly from the open door to Usagi's private room.
"Rei-Chan come in." Usagi's voice was barely above a whisper.
Seconds later Usagi's room was filled with the senshi, Taiki, Yaten, her parents, and Shingo. Usagi held Amaris, ever since she had been brought back Usagi had been reluctant to let the tiny baby girl go, Seiya held both Lianna and Donavon, he had gotten the hang of holding the babies quickly.
"Which one is my name sake?" Lianna was the first to speak.
"Over here." Seiya called softly. And suddenly everyone seemed to be talking in soft whispers all at the same time.
Suddenly Donavon began crying loudly. Rei shook her head "You know Usagi-Chan you may have passed all your looks onto Lianna but Donavon got the trait you are well known for."
Usagi stuck her tongue out at Rei "Amaris got one of her mother's traits too." Ami said with a smile "Sleeping."

"I'm glad Lianna and Donavon finally got to come home." Usagi's face held a smile yet there was a touch of sadness to it. "I just wish that Amaris could too."
Seiya wrapped his arms around Usagi's waist they both were looking into the baby bassinets that stood next to each other. Donavon was asleep and Lianna was watching her parents intently. "I know baby, I wish she could be here too."
Usagi leaned against Seiya "I just wish she was healthy like Donavon and Lianna."
Amaris was now in the NICU (I think that's what it's called). She was having a lot of problems, she wasn't gaining any weight, while both Lianna and Donavon had gained a lot of weight Amaris now weighed 1 pound 1 ounce, having lost 2 critical ounces (AN babies actually can be this small. I have a cousin who works with preemie babies and she says she has seen some babies whom only weigh like 12 ounces.) Amaris was also having problems breathing, along with many other things.
"I want to go back to the hospital." Usagi said finally.
"Usa-Chan we just got back from the hospital. Believe me I would love to spend every moment there…"
Usagi cut off Seiya "Other mothers do."
"Usa-Chan other mothers don't have 2 other newborns at home to take care of. And they don't have your friends."
It was true the senshi took turns at the hospital so Amaris was never alone. Makoto was making dinners for Usagi and Seiya and taking food to whoever was at the hospital. Ami was having her mother pull strings so that there could always be someone in with Amaris despite the fact that they weren't always family.
"I know the girls are there with her it's just that…"
"Is anything happens you know they will either call us or use your communicator to get to us. You need to get some sleep."
"I can't sleep."
"Then go take a bath and I will make a surprise for you." Seiya said nudging Usagi in the direction of the bathroom.

Usagi came out of the bathroom 45 minutes later in a pair of pink pajama pants and a pink spaghetti strap shirt. Her long blonde hair hanging in curls down her back. "So where's my surprise?" Usagi looked much better her face wasn't as pale and the tears stains were gone from her face.
Seiya opened the refrigerator to pull out a bowl of chocolate pudding in whipped cream. Usagi smiled and kissed Seiya while reaching for the bowl. Seiya lifted it over her head "My pudding please." Usagi said holding out her hand.
"How much do you want it?" Seiya asked.
"A lot." Usagi responded still holding out her hand.
Seiya picked up a spoon and brought it to his mouth "Looks really good."
Usagi jumped at Seiya trying to grab the pudding but only succeeding in causing the spoonful of pudding to hit Seiya in the nose. "You're going to pay for that!" Seiya cried.
Usagi screeched as Seiya took both of her wrists into one hand and with the other used the spoon the fling chocolate pudding on Usagi's face.
"Seiya!" Usagi cried. She pulled one hand out of Seiya grasp and taking two fingers full of pudding smeared is from one of Seiya's cheeks across his nose and to his other cheek. Then she grabbed at the bowl and walked out of the room and sat at the kitchen counter to eat her pudding. Until she heard cries coming from the other room, then she grabbed a towel, wiped off her fingers and face as best she could and hurried into the room Seiya right behind her. The found both Donavon and Lianna crying. Usagi reached for Lianna and Seiya for Donavon, both settled the babies down and decided to go to bed themselves.

The next morning
Seiya looked towards Usagi, she had handed Donavon and Lianna to Makoto and Rei had her wrapped in a tight embrace. Seiya slipped into the NICU and walked over to the incubator that Amaris lay asleep in. Seiya couldn't hold Amaris, the doctor wanted everything sterile and said that next few days were critical if Amaris would live and they didn't want to take any risks.
Seiya place a hand on the top part of the incubator "Hello Amaris. I don't know if you know this but I'm your Daddy. And you have to get better. All my life I have been able to fight to keep everybody I loved safe, Taiki, Yaten, Princess and your Mommy. But you I can't do anything but pray and talking to you the doctor says. So I am going too." Seiya bowed his head and clasped his hands "God please don't take away my baby girl, she had barely begun to live don't take her away from us." Seiya begged. After several minutes Seiya went back to talking to Amaris. "You know I never thought I would want kids, I never saw myself having any. Then again I never thought I would fall in love either. But I fell in love with your mother the moment I saw her. She was an angel here on Earth and she was talking to me. Your Mommy is an angel and she loves you very much too. We are all pulling for you, me, Mommy, your brother and sister and all your aunts. We all love you very much so don't quit on us. When you get out of here I'll take you and show you were your Mommy and I first met, but you have to get better." Seiya reached into the hand slots and touched Amaris gently and then pulled his arms out and watched Amaris sleep.

~1 Week Later~
A tearful Usagi stopped in front of Seiya and Haruka in the hospital cafeteria causing both to jump quickly to their feet.
"Usa what's wrong?" Seiya exclaimed.
"Kitten what happened?" Haruka asked.
"Amaris." Usagi gasped.
Seiya felt fear grip his heart "What happened to her?"
"Nothing!" Usagi exclaimed tears rolling down her cheeks "They are letting her out of the hospital today."

~*~6 Months Later~*~
Usagi held both Donavon and Lianna in her arms and Seiya held Amaris, they stood at the park where Usagi had first spoken to Seiya so many years ago.
"See," Seiya whispered to Amaris "I promised you we would come."
Seiya and Usagi stood next to each other their children in their arms the sun setting behind them, both knew that there were going to be many obstacles in the future, but they also knew they had already faced many obstacles. But what they knew even more, was they loved each other and their children, and that was the plain and simple facts.

I really like Donavon, Amaris and Lianna for some reason, I got really attached to them. I am thinking about writing a series about them...if you think that is to over done tell me when you R&R. Also thanks again goes out to Lilith, I know I say this every chapter but she is the best ever, and Beth, you got your own part in the story...get it?? If you don't I am going to smack you!!! And nae nae, I'm going to miss you all when I leave!!!