The Realization That You´re Inlove.

Summary: Alec realizes that he loves someone, but she has a boyfriend. Max is in it. After HG, before LATR.

Disclamer: The characters of Dark Angel do not belong to me. They belong to a guy named James and I think the other´s one name is something like Eglee or something like that.

Author´s Note: I'm reposting this story, which I posted once a couple of years ago with a different Pen-name… I fixed the grammatical, spelling and what not mistakes and decided to post it again. It's a cheesy story, something I wrote when I was REALLY! Cheesy, so I'll be trying to change that. The story has already been written so the post will be rather quickly, just in case someone likes the story… and review would be great! Enjoy

Chapter 1

The realization of being in love with someone you never thought you would even like is overwhelming.

Two hours ago, when he saw her getting back with her ex, he felt something he had not felt for a long time. Pain, not exactly physical. Pain in his heart, like if someone had ripped it out. Yeah, I know, it sounds too cheesy for him, but that was how he felt.

And, what does a man do to forget pain? Of course, he gets drunk. But this particular man can not get drunk, he only can get a little dizzy, that is all. Crap.

He was sitting in Crash, trying to get just a little drunk, when she entered through the door. So beautiful as always. He never realized how beautiful she was until today. Behind her, her boyfriend entered. God! I hate him! Why does he have to be so close to her? Why does he have to touch her shoulder! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SO FUCKING WRONG FOR EACH OTHER AND NOT REALIZE IT!

'Hi, Alec,' she said.

'Hi,' he just said, without looking at her. She looked at him and then back to her boyfriend and walked to their friends´ table.

He did no t want to turn around and see her, happy with his arms around her.

'Hey, Boo. What´s wrong?' Cindy. Always Cindy. She was the only person who could read him like an open book. Maybe she´s Manticore, he thought, obviously knowing how ridiculous was that.

'What do you mean?'

'Come on, OC ain´t stupid. Something´s going on inside that little head of yours. So tell me what it is.'

He turned around from the bar to confront the entire place and her, watching him once in a while. 'Women problem, isn´t it?' asked Cindy.


'Oh, what? You can´t find a nice bimboo to get busy with or you can´t take THAT nice bimboo out of your head?'

He looked to where Cindy was pointing. She.

'I don´t know what you´re talking about,' he lied.

'Well, when you fell like talking you know where to find me,' said OC and went back to her table.

Alec sighed and tried to relax. He drank his alcohol and listened to the music.

"... she´s gotta be somebody´s baby

yes, she must be somebody´s baby..."

She´s somebody´s angel... Alec thought. This sucks, I´m gonna go.

Suddenly... 'Alec, can I talk to you?'

The world stopped. She touched his shoulder. He could not move, could not speak, could not breath.

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