Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Slash and het pairing
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Pairings: AqualadxRavenxBeast boy
Summary: Beast Boy and Aqualad show Raven that they do care...

"I'm sorry, Raven."

"I know." And it was true. She knew of his regret, and understood. She also understood why he was doing this, why he was hurting her. It wasn't fair (how many things are?) but it was understandable. 'And...' A part of her mind whispered 'That might be the worst part.' She wan't angry at him. Couldn't be. After all, she understood, just like usual.

"I love you, he just..."

She put one hand over his mouth, quieting him. She didn't need his reasoning, she had her own, and for now that was enough. She knew that as soon as he was gone it wouldn't be, but she could contain the hurt until then, "I love you too. Just go."

The boy winced and grasped her hands in both of his, "Raven, please."

She shook her head, and pulled her hand from his, "I know why. Just go now, and tell him I'm not mad."

"He won't believe me."

"You'd be surprised." she said bitterly, reflecting on the relationship between the two boys. She should have seen it fact had, on some level. 'But things like this always manage to surprise you, no matter how prepared you think you are' the treachorous part of her mind muttered, the part that wanted her to latch onto the boy, not let him go despite the fact that he would be happier without her.

"Trust me, he won't." He held out his hand, eyes gentle, "Rae, I don't want to hurt you."

She looked away, unable to believe the emotions she saw on his face, "Then why are you leaving?" She whispered, not meaning too but unable to help it.

"Because, we couldn't both have you." A voice came from the doorway as another boy stepped into the room.

"So you settled for each other?" She said disbelievingly, not sure how they had made this connection.

"It's not settling, Raven. We care about you and each other."

"Since we couldn't both have you, we decided not to hurt each other."

"So you decided to hurt me instead?" she said bitterly, pulling up her hood, wanting more then anything to escape, run from the two that had presented her with something she had no capacity to comprehend.

"We didn't say that." The dark haired boy took a step towards her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to his chest.

The green skinned boy smiled slightly, "Do you mind being shared?" he almost purred as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed first her, then the other boy.

She stood frozen, blushing, then glanced between the Atlantean and the shapeshifter. Well, she had been right about their connection. But who said a connection couldn't form between three people? 'Exactly.' the treachorous part of her mind whispered, satisfied, as she melted into the embraces. Sure, she was still confused and unsure. But those thoughts could wait for morning...