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Chapter One

The wind blew across the open field, the sweet perfume of cherry and lotus blossoms hung heavily in the air.

"Mmm... I love the first days of Spring, the air is so fresh. How I wish days like this would never end." I fell back into my lily patterned blanket.

I always loved these kind of days; they just feel like they could go on forever. Releasing a heavy sigh, I knew that I was going to have to leave soon. It was never a good idea to stay in place for long and I had already stayed in the valley for three days. My enemies will probably find me soon or they already know where I am. Slowly sitting up, I looked down at my katanas and red armor.

"You better get dressed Lian or some bandit or ninja will get you in the back," I picked myself up and began to pack what little things I had.

Carefully, I began the ritual of putting on the red armor of my clan. It was one of the few earthly things from my clan; it held my memories, my feeling and my heritage. I traced my fingers along the lotus flower that on the front of the armor breast plate.

I promise by my name, blood and honor that I will find who destroyed you; I could only pray that my ancestors and friends would hear my silent prayer.

I quickly finished clothing myself and pack the rest of my earthly possessions. Finally I sheathed my katanas under my silk sash and was ready to continue my journey to nowhere.

The road out of the valley was more or less a beaten dirt path, but it served its purpose. Trees lined both sides of the road and it was a bad situation for me. My past enemies had appeared from the trees and from the shadows themselves, but it was the only way I could get out of the valley without killing myself. I just had to keep my wits about me and not let down my guard. I didn't know why hired swordsmen and bounty hunters were after me, but ninjas were always out for samurai so they didn't count. It seemed lately that there were more ninjas after me than anything. I wasn't like a typical samurai though, I didn't mind ninjas.

Keep your mind on the surroundings and not on your thoughts, I had to remember myself. It was quite along the road, no animals or birds could be heard, strange.

I had reached the top of the valley and the road opened to a flat plain with small trees, "good... no cover for people to surprise me."

At least hired swordsmen and bandits can't sneak up on me.

With a deep exhale, I began to start down the path. The breeze gently blew through the cracks of my armor and mouth guard and kept me cool. It was a good day to be walking, but I was still disturbed by the fact that no animals, birds or insects could be heard. I stopped and looked around, through the sparsely placed trees, glancing from side to side, but nothing could be seen.

Beyond the horizon, I could see three or four figures moving in my direction, I hope their just some travelers or merchants.

All I could do was keep walking and be prepared for anything. The figures in the distance became cleared and clearer as, I could tell that it was an adult and three kids and one of them looked like they were wearing neon orange clothing.

Crack... whoosh, someone was in the large tree that stood next to the road. I could see shadows moving across the branches, but didn't see anyone. Moving my hand to my sword's hilt, I prepared myself for a fight. Suddenly a chain wrapped around my arm and began to pull me into the tall tree. I quickly unsheathed my smaller katana and slashed at the chain. It broke easily and I landed on the ground with a thud. I quickly looked around for my attackers, but they remained unseen.

The road was silent, where are they?

Whoosh... two chains wrapped around both my arms. Each one pulling my arms in different directions; I couldn't move an inch; whoever was after me knew what they were doing. Two figures emerged from the ground, faces covered so that only their eyes could be seen; their clothing was black as night and they wore bands with the same symbol on their foreheads.

"Got you samurai," a voice came from above me.

A man that looked like the other ninjas that currently had me chained.

I tried pulling my arms free, but it only made the chains tighter around my wrist, good thing I wearing my arm braces.

Jumping from his high perch, the ninja landed right in front of me, though his face was covered, I could tell that his lips were curled in a crooked smile.

"So this is the samurai know as the Phoenix. Hmph, not much of a challenge." He looked me up and down, then stopped when he noticed my katanas. "You won't be needing these," he said in a sly tone as he took my blades.

"You'll regret that," I said through my teeth.

"I'm sure, wrap him up and shut him up." The leader turned his back to me as the other two started in on me.

How you going to get yourself out of this one silly girl? I was going to have to be fast and sure if I wanted to get out of this.

Slowly the two ninjas circled around me, watching and waiting for an excuse to probably kill me.

"Release me or I shall have to sever your senseless heads from their bodies," I was hoping that they would loosen their grip on the chains enough to allow me to escape.

But they just continued to circle me like sharks circling their prey. If I was going to get out of this, I was going have to do something drastic.

"Hey, why don't you face me like a man or are you a little women hiding behind some men," I hated saying that, but if it made the leader bring my swords into range then maybe I could escape.

"Ya, he does kind of look like a girl, doesn't he," a new voice came from the path.

A white haired man in navy blue and a pale green vest was standing in the middle of the dirt path. His entire face, expect for one eye, was cover. An expressionless glare made the ninjas stop in their tracks.

The leader glanced over his shoulder, "we already have him, the money is ours so back off."

"Money? What money, I was walking along and saw you guys picking on this samurai."

The leader turned around to look more carefully at the newcomer. His eyes suddenly went wide, as if he were scared of the strange ninja.

"You... you can't be... are you... Kakashi!"

Kakashi? I know I've heard that name before, then again he looked familiar.

The ninja in blue and green had a smug look from what I could tell.

The leader then relaxed a little, "you may be called the Copy Ninja, but you are only one ninja. Haruki, Juro finish with our samurai friend then take this fool apart."

The leader began to walk away but stopped, three kids maybe about twelve or thirteen stood in his path.

"Going somewhere," the boy in the middle with blackish blue hair said.

I hope that they can handle him, I thought to myself.

"Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto do you guys think you can get our samurai friend," the man now known as Kakashi said to the three kids.

Actually you'll helped me already.

"Aww... but he's a samurai, he'll probably kill us once he's free," yelled the blonde haired boy.

I was right, one of them was wearing a neon orange jumpsuit and he wasn't very nice either.

"Naruto! Kakashi Sensei would never tell us to do something that would put us in danger!" The pink haired girl yelled.

"Actually you've already helped," I said as I grabbed hold of the chains that held my wrist.

I pulled the chains and caught the two ninjas off guard. With another tug, they were in front of me; I grabbed the back of their heads and smashed them together. They crumbled to the ground before me.

"Ouch, that had to hurt," remarked Kakashi.

"If I may, I would like to take care of the man that has my swords," I bowed to the ninja; he still had more of an advantage then me.

"Knock yourself out or should I say knock him out."

He bowed low with folded hands, typical samurai, thought Kakashi. "Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto back down and watch how samurai fight. It's not offend that ninjas get to watch the sword techniques of a Lotus Blade Clan member." Kakashi sat down on the ground, he knew the samurai wouldn't attack him or his group, it wouldn't be honorable.

The samurai began to walk towards the now frighten ninja leader. Trembling with fear, the leader unsheathed the long katana; it glistened and sparkled in the sunlight, the delicate pattern of lotus flowers decorated the dull edge of the blade.

"Never hold a samurai's sword unless you are willing to pay the price," the samurai hissed through his mouth guard.

His cool bluish gray eyes seemed to glow with an angry passion, Kakashi knew better than to use a samurai's sword on them. The samurai continued to walk up to the leader ninja and he kept backing up.

"Give me my swords and I promise that I won't kill you, you have my word," he held out his hand expecting the ninja to drop his swords.

"I don't think so," the ninja said as he started to run towards the samurai in red.

He stopped and rooted himself, ready to counter attack the reckless rush of the ninja. In a split second the ninja was on the ground with the long katana at his throat.

"You should have given the swords back. Learn well team, never try to use a samurai's sword against them," Kakashi said with a yawn.

He knew that the ninja had no chance; samurai in single combat will always win.

"Tell me, who sent you after me, what do they want," the samurai said as he held the katana closer to his pinned enemy's throat.

I could help but feel uncomfortable with the four ninjas watching me. Especially the ninja named Kakashi, I felt like I knew him from somewhere, but couldn't think where.

Just find out the information from this guy and pray that the others don't want a fight, I had to tell myself. "Tell what I need to know or I shall sever your head instantly," I threaten him.

I wasn't accustomed to threaten people; it wasn't the way of a samurai, but I don't think asking nicely would have helped.

"I don't know! A letter was sent out to our village offering a bounty on the head of the last samurai of the Lotus Blade Clan," he yelled through his tears.

I could feel my anger swelling, but I needed to remain calm.

"If you are telling me the truth then look me in the eyes and tell me that," I was pressing my katana so close to his throat that blood began to trickle.

His tearful eyes stared at me, he was trying to say that he didn't know anything but he was just to scared.

"You can go, but if I see you again your head shall roll," I said as I stood up.

It was no use, he didn't know anything.

He bowed down, "thank you oh merciful samurai THANK YOU."

He pushed off the ground and stumbled away at full speed.

"You going to regret letting him go," remark Kakashi, he and his, I guess students, were watching me from the road.

"I know, but I now know how he and his partners move." I looked back to were I left the crumbled bodies of my former captors. Nothing was left but some bits and pieces of broken chain, "darn, I guess I should have killed them when I had the chance."

The young girl of the group looked shocked, the blonde haired boy looked like he wanted a fight and the other two looked like they could care less.

"Don't worry guys, he won't hurt us. But this little encounter has stirred my curiosity," Kakashi stood up and started to walk towards me.