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Chapter Fifteen

CLASH... CLANK... my two swords met with his one and it shook my entire body.

"Is that all you got? It's amazing that you even defeated my double," he grinned evilly.

I kept calm though, if I allowed him to get in my head then... I looked back to Kakashi and his young team.

"Don't worry about them, they'll be dead before you hit the floor," Kasuro hissed.

I clinched my teeth as I began to push, but he wasn't moving.

"Is this what you wanted to do," he began to push.

My sandals began to scrape across the stones as he pushed me back. With one good shove, he pushed me to the ground.

"Lain!" Kakashi called out.

"I'm ok, he's just playing with me," I pushed myself up.

"Your right," Kasuro put the blunt edge of his sword on his armored shoulder, "but play time is over now little girl."

He leaped up into the air and brought his sword down with such force and speed that I barely had time to dodge it. I went sailing through the air as the serrated sword sent stone and dirt rocketing through the air. Luckily I was able to right myself before I hit the ground. I looked over to where I had just been; a cloud of dust surrounded the crouched figure of Kasuro.

"Your fast," he taunted.

You haven't seen my speed yet.

Lian tighten her grip on the hilts of her swords, she lower her head as she prepared for another rush. She was a mere blur as she ran head long towards Kasuro.

"I'm so scared," he whispered just before he disappeared.

Lian slowed herself down and ducked left before the heavy blow of Kasuro hit the ground.

"Me too," Lian taunted.

They're just teasing one another. They're just playing around to see how one another moves and fights, they're not even really trying, at least I don't so, Kakashi thought as he looked down on the scene of dodges and blows being exchange.

He and his young team were able to escape the fight below by jumping on a nearby roof.

"Kakashi Sensei what can we do? This Kasuro guy seems far stronger then that one that attacked our village," Sakura asked shakily.

"There's nothing we can do. They are warriors that are stuck in the eternal struggle. In this battle..." Sasuke stopped mid-sentence.

"In this battle no one will come out alive," Kakashi finished.

"No, your wrong, Lian will beat this guy. She has a duty to finish to her people... to herself," Naruto said through his teeth.

"AAAGGG," a loud scream pierced the air.

Kakashi looked down, two figures can rushing at one another. This is it; this is where the real fighting begins...

Sparks flew as the three swords met. We drew back our blades and brought them together again, with even more sparks. I withdrew the uchigatana and brought it down across his left shoulder, the armor cracked and my sword met with his flesh. A dark, almost black blood began to trickle down the blade.

"You made me bleed. Well this will be an interesting match," he said as he jumped back.

Taking one of his fingers, he ran it along the wound until it was dripping with blood then he stuck it in his mouth.

"Mmm... it tastes like victory to me," he smiled; his teeth were red with his blood.

I sneered, "I'm sure you taste more like a chicken."

He snorted and cracked his neck, with one bound he was up in the air.

I don't think so, I leapt up, but just under him.

I was about to bring my blades across his legs, but he managed to lift them out of the way before I struck.

"I don't think so," he yelled.

I didn't know what happen next, I just knew that I was lying on the ground and my back was killing me. A severe pain ran parallel to my spine.

"LIAN!" I thought I heard Kakashi and the others scream.

From my position, I saw a pair of feet in wooden sandals approaching me. I tried to move but my body wouldn't listen. It was like I was paralyzed...

Oh no...

"I have what I want, so I'll just go get what I want. When I get back, I'll finish off you and your little ninja friends," Kasuro bent down so I could see his disgusting face.

I tried to talk, but my voice wouldn't come.

"I guess I cut deeper than I thought. Oh well, if I don't kill you, you'll die from massive blood lose," he laughed.

His feet disappeared as he jumped out of view.

I've failed... I couldn't carry out my duties... I can't bring peace to the souls of the lost innocent... I can't protect Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke...

"Kakashi," I cried out softly.

"I'm here," I felt a hand petting me on my head.

"Don't move her, just apply pressure to the wound and bandage it up as best as you can," I heard him tell his students.

"Kakashi... don't..." I tried to talk.

"Shh... just relax. Everything will be alright." I saw him jump off into the direction where Kasuro disappeared.

"Kakashi," I whispered.

"Where did that son of a bitch go," Kakashi asked out loud as he scanned the area. To the right were building, but to the left were eight ledges with strange symbols above what appeared to be entrances. Looking at each symbol, Kakashi tried to determine their meaning.

That one at the top; is that a lotus flower... of course! Each one represents the eight original Samurai clans.

Kakashi jumped from ledge to ledge till he got to the very top one that was marked with a lotus, a trail of dark blood lead into the entrance; a single streak of lighter blood was marked across the entrance. Without hesitation, Kakashi ran blindly into the dark cave entrance. The cave seemed endless, no light shown, but Kakashi didn't need light to know he was getting close; he could smell the foul blood of Kasuro.

Just hold Lian... he thought as he emerged in a large cavern.

The only light came from a hole in the ceiling and shown down on a shrine that incased two sheathed swords.

Are those the Blades of Green and Blue Jade?

"Impressive, aren't they? You don't even have to see the swords themselves to stand in awe of them," Kasuro's voice echoed through the cavern.

"Tell me," Kakashi's voice echo, "why you destroyed Lian's clan? I know it's just not for the Blades."

"Oh you're a smart one; of course it's not just for the Blades. Her clan is responsible for my Clan's destruction so many centuries ago." Kasuro emerged from the darkness.

"Centuries! You've been holding a vendetta for something you were even around for?"

Kasuro just grinned, "your people fight over old wars, why can't I?"

Kakashi drew back, "we don't destroy other villages and murder innocent people."

"You think I care, I don't. Besides, I'm a Samurai. Samurai and ninja are completely different in how they deal with... problems," he drew closer to Kakashi with every word.

"What you did to Lian and her people is unforgivable and I won't allow you to live any longer," Kakashi yelled in rage as he threw himself at Kasuro.

The black armor man merely put out his hand and grabbed Kakashi by the throat, "you never let me finish my explanation to why I got rid of the Lotus Blades. You see, they were becoming a lumbering beast, barely breathing, barely moving. Something like that won't last long in the wild and there are things that eliminate that kind of beast. The Lotus Blade Clan was at its peak and it would have collapsed on it's self eventually, but I couldn't wait that long."

Kasuro glared at Kakashi then threw him into the cold stone wall. Kakashi coughed and gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

"As I was saying," Kasuro continued, "they were a dying breed, like all Samurai. I just sped up the death rate a little."

"A... little... you butchered thousands in one night. I don't call tha... ACK!"

Kasuro cut Kakashi's words short with a swift kick in the stomach.

"I don't care for lectures... so I'm going to kill you now." Kasuro turned his back to Kakashi and walked towards the shrine.

"No..." Kakashi meekly called out.

Paying little attention to Kakashi, Kasuro grabbed the glittering gold hilts and roughly pulled the swords from their fixtures. The noise echoed through the cavern, it was like the swords themselves were screaming in pain.

"Oh glorious power... I can feel my strength increase..." Kasuro yelled as he unsheathed the blades.

One was green and one was blue, both smooth and decorated with a delicate pattern of lotuses.

They look like Lian's first sword, Kakashi thought as he pulled himself up.

"What, going so soon... maybe I should test out my new found power on you," Kasuro taunted.

Faster than Kakashi could track, Kasuro was in front of him, both blades aimed at Kakashi's heart.

This is it, I can't move fast enough to avoid a deadly blow. Sorry Lian, I couldn't stop him... Kakashi closed his eye and awaited the strike.

Chink... what? Kakashi opened his eye.

The two ends of the Blades of Jade stopped three inches from hitting him, but they were lower and off to the left and right. A single trickle of blood danced down each blade. Following the blades, Kakashi to soon realize what happen.

"Lian? Why?" Kakashi meekly asked as he stared in horror as the female samurai stood there in front of him.

The large gash on her back was still bleeding badly and her kimono was red from the massive blood flow. The two ends of the swords stuck out of her body, one on the right and the other on the left.

"You bitch," Kasuro whispered as he fell to the stone floor, Lian's swords piercing his heart.

Lian, not saying a word, pulled the Blades of Jade from their place, blood began to flow from the cleanly cut wounds.

"Lian you... you..."

"Did what I needed to do," she weakly whispered.

She raised the blades above her head and brought them down with such force that they shatter into a thousand pieces.

"I've done my duty to my clan, my village and my honor," she said as her legs buckled under her. Kakashi caught her before he hit the ground. "Kakashi..." she whispered.

"Don't say anything, save your strength. We'll get you to a village with a go..."

Lian brought her bloody hand up to his mouth. "Shh... please carry me out to the sunlight."

Kakashi carefully picked up the fallen Samurai, his eyes filling with tears. He carried Lian outside to the mouth of the cave, the sunlight gently warming Kakashi's body. Lying Lian on the stone ledge, he cradled her in his arms.

"Tell me Kakashi, do you think that we could have lived together in your village?" She looked up at him, she eyes were full of tears, yet she seemed happy.

Little whist of silver played about her face; even in her dying state she looked so beautiful.

"Yes... I do," Kakashi sobbed out.

"Kakashi... do me one last favor."

"Anything for you."

"Favor me with one last kiss... my love," tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Of course," Kakashi said as he pulled down his mask. Gently pressing his lips into her, he kissed with the passion of a thousand suns. Even in her weaken state; she gave the same intensity back. Lian's lips went cold as she expelled her final breath. Pulling his mask back into place, Kakashi looked down at Lian; a small smile had formed on her face revealing her still prefect pearl teeth.

"Lian," Kakashi he held her lifeless body close to his chest as he cried in pain and sorrow. "Lian... my love..." he whispered into the wind.

A simple wooden cross marked where the fallen beautiful Samurai was buried, her swords leaned up against it and fresh flowers lay at the ground under it.

"Should we say something," Sakura meekly asked.

Kakashi just stared down at the freshly filled in grave, "no. She wouldn't want us to whine and cry over her death. She would want us to continue on and live life to the fullest..."

Kakashi eyes began to tear up. Sakura placed a bowl of sweet bread as an offering on the ground next to the swords and bowed lowly with folded hands. Naruto and Sasuke bowed, all were shedding tears. They turned to leave,


"I'll be right there, you all go ahead," Kakashi called back.

He looked down at the grave, "Lian... you were one of a kind. I pray that you hear my prayer and know how grateful I am to have met... and love you. I only wish that I had said it more... but I think you knew..." Kakashi bowed low to the grave of the Samurai.

He looked up into the sky as he walked alone the stone street; the moon was high in sky.

Just like when I first saw you... oh Lotus of Perfection... the Lotus of my heart... my love...

The moon hung low in the fading night sky and illuminated the grassy area that surrounded the grave. The wind blew across the freshly laid dirt, blowing loose particles in every direction.

"Why did they bury me so deep," a voice called from under the ground.

A hand emerged and then a second, pulling a heavy body out of the ground. The figure coughed as she pulled the rest of her body from the grave.

She looked over to where she just emerged, "at least they left me my swords." She pushed herself off the ground, slowly grabbing her swords, "sorry Kakashi, but I had to die." She whispered. "I promise that I will find you again... my love..." she gently hummed as she made her way down the stone path. "I will find you..."