Danny sat in the Fenton ghost RV, staring listlessly out the window. If he never saw the East Coast again, it would be too soon. He heard Jazz say something and ignored her. He wasn't in the mood to talk. All he wanted to do was forget it had happened.

Ever since it happened…ever since she died…he had experienced odd fainting spells. They never lasted for more than a few minutes, fortunately, but he never actually felt unconscious. Everything turned sepia, and he was still aware of what was going on. His vision was blurred, and sounds came to him as if through a long tunnel, but he could still look around and see and hear everything.

Jazz said he fainted because his mind couldn't cope with what he had, in complete justification, done. He decided not tell her he thought it was astral projection. That had been one of…her powers.

Things had a tendency to move on their own in his vicinity, as well. He fought to control it just as he had when he first acquired his ghost powers and tried not to wonder where the three new abilities might have come from.

He sighed; his parents were discussing Ed Johnson again. Apparently, during the investigation into what had happened, the police had run across Ed's files and discovered that he had illegally sent almost two dozen psychics and ghost hunters to their deaths at Carnate. The Fentons had not realized that their presence on the island was against the law, and so had been let off the hook for it after much deliberation with a hastily hired attorney.

It was also discovered that Ed had imported a number of creatures from the island over the past five years, although the exact number and species was still under debate. Few people believed the monsters had actually existed, so popular rumor held that he had actually imported narcotic chemicals weapons. The Paranormal Society was as quick to counter those rumors as it was to denounce its former head. Danny hoped the society would survive the bad publicity; it wasn't their fault Ed had been a lunatic.

So that left just one final mystery: the fate of Silver's corpse. It seemed disturbingly fitting that no one should be able to find it. Maddie had told the police what happened; she had almost been forced to, when they asked. The matter was dropped almost immediately since the District Attorney decided to take pity on the poor boy. And if the complete lack of an investigation had been a surprise coming from a man who wore the nickname "No Mercy" Mathes, well…

No one could blame Danny for mind control. Who would believe it?

He blinked slowly, half asleep, then gasped. For just a split second by the city limits sign, he could see Killjoy standing between Creeper and Copperfield, who was accompanied by his hounds. "Don't worry, my boy," Killjoy said, and Danny knew he was the only one who heard it. "I've taken her body home to Carnate. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost track of her mind. Do tell me if you find her, won't you?"

A/N: Well, what do you think? I know it wasn't the non stop excitement of the first one, but was it still as good? Writing a sequel (a true sequel, that is) is really one of the hardest things you can do, I've just discovered. It was really difficult to keep from just rehashing the events of Cat and Mouse. I think I did pretty well, though. But what do you think? Because I'm finishing this plot line whether you like it or not. :P