Yo! This is max acorn writing my first fanfic so be nice. This is a mix of action, comedy, drama, and lot of similarities to dragon ball z. the story takes place after world tour and despite episode 50 this is a TAIORA. So to all you sora/matt lovers out there, if you don't like the fic, SUCK ON IT!!! SUCK IT LONG AND SUCK IT HARD!!!! Well on with the fic. Oh, yeah! I DON'T OWN DIGIMON OR DBZ!

Ch. 1: Survival

My father... a leader among men and my hero. Some say I take after him; not just in looks but also in personality. I envied him. But the most noticeable similarity between us is that we were thrown into leadership at an early age. But let me start at the beginning; as you know my father was the leader of the original digidestined, the "elite eight" as we called them. But my father or the others could predict the future their children would have to live in.

In the city of odiba, Japan what was a thriving home for families could live out their dreams with worry, but is now barren wasteland of despair and fear. Out of the darkness of the ruin, two children leap and run to escape an unseen foe. Both are dressed in jackets with the letters "D3" on the shoulder. Their ages are 10 and are twins. Finally the girl speaks;

" You just had to do that, didn't you?"

" Hey, I was bored. What was I suppose to do?"

" It's bad enough we snuck out without permission, you had to get in to it with the warlord's goons. Genni is going to have a fit."

"Well it can't get any worst, can it?"

Just then, the unseen foe that pressured them appeared before them. His attire was that of a hunter; a long brown coat concealing an arsenal of weapons. His face was mangled with cyborg attachments. He was known as the warlord's personal hunter and watchdog. He was feared for his ruthless tactics and brutal fighting style.

"Trackermon!" said the girl in shocked

"By the order of highness the digimon warlord, you will surrender to me immediately or face termination." Said the dark enforcer.

" Well there's only one thing I have to said about that." Replied the boy with a smile on his as he glanced at the girl. Realizing what he was going to do, the girl slowly backed away mouthing the words " your going to get it." The boy raised his fists in fighting position and braced himself.
" What is your response?"

" This!"

With that, the boy leaped at the larger digimon and, with one punch to the head, left the hunter on the ground out cold and sparks of electricity out of his cyborg implants. Dusting off his hand, the boy smiled at his work while the girl approached.
" Well, I guess we can't surrender now can we?"
" You know this is going get us even more trouble, right?"
" Hey, how worse can it get?"
" It just did!" said a dark voice from behind them. Both of them slowly turned to see a large platoon of ultimate digimon led by a mega, but not just any mega, piedmon. He was well known as the leader of the dark masters and now a loyal general to the warlord.

" Well, well. I didn't expect to run into the twin angels of hope and light. This is a treat indeed. Well now, how would you like to die?"

" We prefer not to die today, piedmon." Spat the boy in defiance.

"Pity. Now, I'll just have to let my men destroy you when I could've given you a nice painless death but now my soldiers will make you suffer. Sorry. Troops kill them!"

" Bring it on! Come on, sis."

" I'm right behind you bro!"

The children battled the squad of ultimates in ferocious tumble. At first, it seemed the kids had no chance against the team of digimon, but these were no ordinary twins. The kids matched strength for strength, move for move, and blow for blow with the squad. The most usual sight to piedmon wasn't the fact that children were beating them but fact that the they were both smiling thought the whole battle were beating his team. The truth was this was the reason the two were looking for this; an all-out rumble with some of the warlord's troops. The two loved to fight and wouldn't waste a moment if there were an opportunity to fight. In no time flat, the two had lad waste to the nightmare soldiers, and turned their attention to piedmon.

"Well, that was impressive! Bravo children. But unfortunately fighting ultimates is one thing, fighting a mega is very different act altogether. TRUMP SWORDS!"

With that, the mega leaped into the air, and threw down his swords at the twins, in which the children barely dodge the attack. The boy leaped at piedmon with a punch but found it blocked and felt a punch himself. The girl tried an overhand smash, but received an elbow to the gut for her trouble. He was right; fighting a mega is whole different story. Every attack they tried, piedmon either blocked or reversed. In time, the two were drained while piedmon was ready more.

" Well, children are you ready for the curtain call?"

" Just....bring....it!"

" If you ins---aghhhh!"

Piedmon was interrupted by a thundering kick to the side of the face. As he flew into a ruined building, in his stood a teenager with purple hair. He wore clothes similar to the twins but larger. He grabbed the kids and jumped and seemed to disappear. Piedmon pushed off the rubble, rubbing his cheek. At first he was mad but, after thinking about his mission, he smiled.

" And so it begins."


The two winched as their leader scolded them with a streak of anger unlike any they've ever seen. They were back at headquarters in large room with a huge table. The only people in the room were the purple haired teen, a teenage girl with goldish pink hair and blue hair, an old man, and the one yelling at them, a teenage boy with wild brown with signs of red and red eyes. They seen him upset but now, he was just plain PISSED.

" Would you just go easy on them, max." spoke the girl.


" I think they could've handled piedmon by themselves." Added the purple hair boy.

" Yeah! You should have seen us! I mean we kicked ass-"

He was silenced by the look max gave him.

" Well I hoped you enjoyed your little run, because you two are grounded! And if try something like this again, I WILL ...."

" Alright, let's all calm down now. Tike, kira, you get ready for bed and we'll talk in the mourning. Keke, Sam, you get some sleep, it's going to be a big day tomorrow." order the old man.
The four did as they were told. Before leaving, Keke shot max a look of worry and he replied a nod and a smile, causing her blush red and with that she left with others. Max turned to the window, while the old man came behind him.

" She cares about you deeply."

" I know."

" Are you ready for your mission?"

" As ready as I'm gonna be. Do the others know?"

" No. I decide tell them in the mourning. You think you can handle it, I mean, seeing them?"

" No, but I've got to. For our sakes."

" That just what your father would've said. Your so much like him."

" Thanks, Genni."

" Now, get some sleep. Big day tomorrow."

With that, max left to his room to rest for the mission.

In a dark room with dozens of monitors on different areas of the digi world and the real world, he waits. Then a door open, and in walks in piedmon and a meek looking digimon.

"Sir, piedmon is here to see you." Said the digimon.

" Good. Leave us."

With that, he leaves.

" Was your mission successful?"

" Yes, sire. They didn't suspect a thing."

With that, the dark figure pressed a few buttons on his chair. A grid popped on to a screen with a blinking red at the bottom.
" At last, after years of searching, I can crush the rebels in one swoop. Piedmon, assemble the dark masters; we strike at dawn!"

" Yes sir! The masters will crush ...."

" NO! I will go with you. I want to enjoy this myself."

" As you wish master."

Piedmon immediately left to inform of the coming battle while the figure watched the grid with a smile.

" The end is near, son of courage. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The next day, max woke to laughter and loud eating. Warily, he rises for his bed and made his way to the eating area where every stops eating, still riding last night events. Realizing why they were doing what they were doing, max goes over to tike and kara.

" Listen, I'm sorry guys. It's just that it's my responsibility to take care of us in this time. But understand that I love both of you so can you forgive me?"

" It's we who should be sorry. We broke the rules. So we're sorry." Said kara

"Yeah, but if you act like that every time we break the rules, we defecting to the warlord's side."

" Alright, alright. You're both sorry, now eat! I didn't slave over a hot pilot light for nothing." Replied a mock angry Keke.

" You slaved over this!? I think it still moving, what it was." Shot Sam poking his food with his fork.

" Are saying I'm a bad cook!???"

" Well if the shoe fits."

" Well I never !!!!" said Keke on the verge of tear and was about to run out of the room but as she turned she heard a crash and loud groan. To her surprise, on the floor was a dazed and confused Sam with a calmly max standing over him.

" Now, do you have something to say to the lady?"

(Slurred) " Yes, Keke I'm sorry. You're a great cook and your food is great."

Seeing this act brought a smile to her face and blew a kiss to her defender. Max caught it put it in his pocket with a smirk. That smirk; one of the many reasons why she loved so much. Her face went red and she was soon staring at him as he ate his breakfast. Just then Genni made his way to the area and addressed the group.

" Good mourning, children. I hope you all got... care explain what happened here?" pointing the floored Sam.

" Let's just say he won't be a food critic in the near future." Said max.
" Well, finish eating and met up in the lab is time for your mission."

" Well, uncle g, what's the mission?" questioned tike.

" Let's just say, the future, your future is in involved." And Genni heads back to his lab.

All the others looked at each other with questioning eyes. Keke's eyes turned to max, whose eyes were narrow and serious.
" Max, what is it?"

" Just get ready." And with that, max left to prepare for his mission. This scared Keke a little. He was so focused, unlike anytime before this, and then she came to the realization that not only did he know what the mission was but that it was huge in scale.

" Oh, shit! This is serious!"

The dark laughed with evil as today was the day for death; placing a tracer on the twins and now know the exact location of the base. All the masters were there; metalseadramon, the lord of the ocean and the most short tempered of the bunch, puppetmon, he may look like a toy but he'll be the one playing with, machinedra, a cold, calculating machine with enough fire power to wipe out a city block, and the leader, piedmon, the only being that the masters fear more than the warlord himself. And speaking of which, the man of the hour made appearance.

" Hey, boss! Is it true? Are we gonna finish 'em?" asked puppetmon with delight.

" Yes, my energetic friend. Today, we finish what we began all those years ago; we crush the digidestined once and for all!"

" COME ON, THEN! LET'S GO GET THEM! Does my hair look o.k.?" ask the metal serpent.

" What are you asking me for? At least you got hair! Look at me; I'm all metal with two cannon strapped to my back!"

" I'm tired of you and your hair! My hair's all dry!"


"QQQQUUUIENTTT!!!!!!!" the room fell silence.

" Now, this is a very important day and all you three can talk about is your hair! Now are you ready?"

" Yes, sire!" they said in unison.
" Now, let's move!"
Piedmon leaped on metalseadramon's back as he took off into the sky, while puppetmon caught a ride on machinedramon's head. The warlord took to the sky in a float chair laughing as he took of in the direction of the base.

" Ready or not, here I come!"

" Really...yes, I understand. Thank you." replied Genni as the screen went blank.
The day he feared had arrived. For most of his years, he's never thought of death but the news he received made him think of it more than usual. He has watched the digidestined in every major problem that has arisen, from the dark masters to the world tour. But now, even he knows the end is coming and nothing can stop it. The group arrived in his lab in their mission gear; the twins were outfitted with long brown coats that stop at the ankle, blue shirts, brown pants, and they both wore goggles. The older kids wore the same but with differences; the coats stopped at the waist, they didn't wear goggles, and only max had an extra item, a sword. The group stood in the middle of the room while Genni activated several machines.

" So, uncle g, what's the big mission?" asked tike.

With a deep sigh, Genni began;

" Children, the time has come for your most important mission to date. For this day, I and the rebellion dies."
The group began to speak, but Genni silenced them and continued.

" As we speak, the digimon warlord and the dark masters are on their way here and there is nothing we can do but wait. But we have one hope." With that, Genni pressed a sequence of buttons on the control panel and in walked in a small yellow dinosaur type digimon. Max knew who just walked and ran over and hug him

" Agumon!"

" It's good to see you, max but I wish it were under better circumstances. Genni, I'm ready!"

" Good."
Genni pressed a button and a door to the surface.

" Good luck, old friend."

" Thanks, and good luck to all of you!" agumon said before leaving through the door. Max knew what was going to happen and turned back the others with sad look on his face. The others wonder what he meant.

" Where is he going?"

" To buy us time."

" For what?" asks Sam.

" For this!"
In a flash, a circle in the middle of the room lights up into another circle in the ceiling. The group looks in awe.

" What is it?"

" It is time portal, plain and simple. You see, this world lost to us and there is nothing we can do. But there is something you can do. This portal goes back approximately 25 years into the past. Your mission is to try and prevent this future from happening. You five have the power to change the future and save two worlds from darkness."

" Why can't we go now?" asked tike.

" It takes time to charge up, so we have to wait. And agumon must buy us that time."

Agumon made it to the surface and prepared for his final battle against evil. As he waits he thinks about all the good times and bad times he and Max's father shared before this nightmare. But his flashbacks cut short by the approach of the dark masters and the last to arrive was the cause of this whole nightmare, the digimon warlord. The warlord was surprised at who was standing before him.

" This is one's for you, Tai!"

Agumon, warp-digivovle to--------WARGREYMON!!
The power of azulongmon gave him to warp digivovle without a partner, but it still wasn't the same.

" Well, if it isn't wargreymon, the digimon of courage. This is a treat. I would've expected a pathetic group of weak digimon but this is impressive none the less."

"We'll take care of the fool maste..."

" No, machinedramon. Special prey requires a special hunter." Said the warlord, getting up from his chair. The warlord's armor gleamed in the sunlight and his helmet/mask hid his identity. (Think the shredder from tmnt; the movie) despite best efforts, the identity of the digimon warlord was yet to be discovered. As he approached, a thousand thoughts ran through his head; he knows how strong he is and now he faces him. He knows he can't win but if he can draw this battle out long enough, the kids can make it through the portal.

" Come, wargreymon. Let see how courageous you are!"
The two warriors flew at each other and passed the other and stopped on the ground on the other without exchanging a single blow. Or so it would seem.

Wargreymon looked at his armor with shock as he saw a slash in his chromo-digiazoid armor. He looked back at to his foe in time to see the cause of the cut. A large blade shot out of his wrist that was at least six feet long. Wargreymon rushed him with his claws but was on the receiving end of the other blade across the face. He flew up to use his main attack:


But to his amazement and shock, the warlord merely swatted the ball of energy away as if it were a fly.

" If that's the best you've got, then you're in more trouble than you think! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

The warlord leaped at wargreymon and he braced himself for the coming onslaught.

The group heard the screams of wargreymon and the sick laughter of the warlord. They stood waiting for the power to reach full. Tike angrily jumped up

" I've got to help him! He can't do this alone!" but max grabbed him before he left.

" No, tike."

" But.."

" I know you wanna help him, I do too. But he knew what he was getting into when he sign on to fight him. He has to do this alone."
Even though he was still mad, tike return to his seat. Then it happened.

" Its ready!"
The portal glowed a bright pink. The group was ready to go but then Genni spoke.

" Before you go, I have something for you."
Taking out a case, Genni opened it to revealed a five wrist devices. He gave one to each one of the group.
" These are your d-vices. You may need them. I can't tell you how they work but now you must go."
One by one, they talked to Genni and entered the portal.

" I'm gonna miss you, uncle g."

" Me too, tike, me too."

" Thanks for everything, uncle g."

" Just watch out for your brother, kara."
"Watch yourself, Genni."

" Say hi to your folks for me, Sam."

" I hate long goodbyes!!"

" I do too, Keke."

" You've been like a second father to me."

" I guess its time for you to get to know you first father, son. Watch them and watch yourself."

" You too, Genni."

After entering the portal, Genni pressed a few buttons and it shut down. Walking over the his chair, Genni began:

" Computer, begin operation: last resort, pass code: destiny"
And he waited.

Wargreymon found him impelled on the warlord's right-arm blade, with the other blade ready to decapitate him.
"Well, any last words?"

" You may kill me but you'll never kill courage!"

" Well, in that case..."

With that, he brought it down and all but his head disintegrated into nothing.

" I'll just kill courage later. Metalseadramon! Machinedramon!"

The two megas unlashed the attacks.


Their attacks ripped opened the ground to reveal the underground base to Genni's lab. The masters herded in the lab. The warlord return to his chair and floated into the lab to come face to face with the thorn in his side.
"So Genni, we meet at last."

" I've waited for you"

"Oh, really?"

" Yes."

" So, while this small talk is interesting, let's get to more important matters; where are the children?"

" In place beyond your reach."

" I don't see how that is possible; my dark masters own the digital world, and I just about own this world so to restate the question earlier, WHERE ARE THE CHILDERN?!!!

" In the past to save their future from you."


" Oh, and one more little surprise."
Genni typed a few keystrokes to show clock counting down from 20 seconds.


"Yes! This base will blow with enough explosive power to destroy even you. You see, I never expected to live past this day; so I decide if I go down I'm taking you with me. Revenge is a bitch, isn't?
" May the vice protect and keep them."

I know Genni did what he did for us and I am eternally grateful him, but now time has come. The fate of two worlds and lives beyond measure rests in our hands. But I know that both my father's courage and my mother's love can and will guide me and use to victory.

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