MA: well this is the last time I will work on this fic. I've been working on this for close to a year and it was worth every letter, punctuation and chapter. It's an epilogue; we've seen the future with the warlord, and now we'll see it without him.


" Ahh! Finished!" TK takahshi relaxed as he looked over his work on the laptop. His eyes looked around the room while leaned back in his chair. A grin passed his lips as looked over his awards over the wall: three NBA champion trophies, and three MVP trophies. He touches his leg, remembering the injury that ended his career in NBA but started his even more prosperous career as a writer with five best sellers under his belt.

" You done, TK?" said patamon as he jumped on his shoulder.

" Yep. What do you think?"

" TK, you know I can't read, but I smell another best seller."

" Thanks bud." He said as he saved his work and got up, just in time for the door of the studio apartment opened.


TK hugged the two children as ran to them, while a long haired woman with a book bag came followed.

" Hey! How are my little angels?"

" Angels!? Who told you that?" said tike.

" Don't let that get out. We have an image to maintain." Said kara.

" You two are eight. You don't have an image." Said the lady.

" MOM!" exclaimed the twins at her.

" I've seen you two on the playground. You have to get a picture to get an image." Said gatomon as she appeared from behind her. Suddenly, two digimon came out of the back room: one looked like a small pig on all four while the other resembled a black cat on two legs.

" I thought I heard some voices." Said the cat digimon.

" Yeah." Said the pig digimon.

" Felamon!"

" Pogomon!"

The twin met their perspective digimon as TK met his wife.

" Hi Kari. How was your day?" he asked as he gave her a kiss.

" Fine, save the kids."

" Sorry. How were the twins?"

" They were wonderful. But all they talk about is wrestling."

" Do you have the mail?"

Kari reached in her bag and produced a stack of mail. TK took the mail as she rested on the couch. A piece of mail caught his eye as he thumbed through them.

" Hey, kar. You got a letter from your brother."


He opened the letter and as he read it, he burst in a fit of laughs.

" What's so funny?"

TK pasted the paper to his wife while still laughing. She took one look at it and, with a smile on her face, summed up what she thought in two words in two words;

" Stupid tai."

" Alright. Try it now." Said sam as he emerged from underneath the computer. His friend, kyo, started the computer and sighed as the monitor acted normally.

" Thanks, sam. It's true what they say; you are a poor man's bill gates."

" Hey, who else can fix your computer and look this good?"

" Nobody. See you tomorrow."

" You too." He said as he grabbed his book bag and left the computer room. The school was a bustle of activates as school let out. A large football player approached sam as he headed to his locker.

" Hey sam."

" Hey, jojo."

" Listen, I want to thank you for the cable hook last week, especially for the spice channel."

" Hey, great minds think alike."

" HAHAHAHAHAHA! You know, you're alright." Jojo said as he slapped him on his back, getting a suppressed groan from sam. Sam got his books from his locker and proceeds down the hall. As he did, several girls gave him amorous looks, which gave sam to flash his famous smile that sent the girls flushed with red. Sam pushed pass the crowds of teens to the outside and made his way home. As he stepped into his house, small purple haired girls zoomed passed him.

" Hey! Watch it, yuffie!"

" Sorry big bro. Come on, robinmon."

" Right." Said her red bird type digimon. Sam continued on to his room where he was met by his digimon; he looked like a bee but with arms and legs and a stinger in his abdomen.

" I take it you had a good day?"

" Right as always, beemon. I got five phone numbers, three request for illegal cable hook up, and at least one very disturbing request."

" Your classmates sound very weird."

" That was the teachers!"

" Ouch!"

Sam left his dumb founded digimon as he made his way to his father's room. Ken was working on his computer with wormmon on his shoulder, pointing periodically at subjects of importance.

" Hey pop. Hey, wormmon."

" Hey." Both replied.

" Tough case, huh?"

" Been working on since last week and still I can't crack it."

" I see."

" Sam, you haven't been hooking up cable illegally again, are you?" asked wormmon.

" see..."

" Don't confuse him, buddy."

As he said this, a purple haired woman entered the room followed by a bird-like digimon.

" Hey mom."

" Hey yolei."

" Hi boys. Busy?"

" A little."

" Yolei, there's a piece of mail that came for us. I think you'll like."

Yolei went over to his desk and picked up the open letter and read it, causing a grin to cross her face.

" Stupid tai."

" That's a wrap. Great session, kek." The producer said as the light brown hair girl with blue eyes took off her earphones while the music ended. She exited the studio, grabbing a bottle of water and taking a big gulp of it as she did. On the couch of the studio slept a digimon, her digimon; he looked like a hairless wolf and a long tail with what seemed to be a flower bud on the end.

" Great set, keke. I smell another hit."

" Thanks mike."

" Say, if you're not busy, we couldn't grab a bite?"

" She's busy." Said the now awake digimon.

" But I just..."

" She's busy."

" Well you heard her. Sorry." With that, she and her digimon left the studio and went upstairs to their large house.

" Thank you, blatomon."

" I can tell when you need help."

Suddenly the air of the mansion filled with the sound of a harmonica to the awe of keke and blatomon. They followed the sound to the deck where her mother, in a pink bikini and her cowboy hat, and her father, wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt and shorts, sat listening to him play as was their digimon sat next to each other.

" Nice dad. I didn't know you played that."

" I haven't played since I met your mother all those years ago."

" All those years ago?! You make me sound old."

" Sorry hun. You finished your set already, sweetie?"

" Yep, but I wish you would hire them a little older. A least they wont hit on me."

" He hit on you?"

" Just don't take it too lightly, keke."

As Mimi said this, the doorbell rang.

" I got it." keke said as she ran to the door.

" If you'll excuse me."

" Matt where are you going?"

" Oh, I'm just gonna kill the producer." He said calmly.

" Oh, no you don't, matt ishida. You do this every time."

" What?"

" Overreact. Every time some boy even looks at her, you play the over bearing father."

" I do not."

" She's right. You kinda act like a guard dog." Said palmon.

" And I suppose you agree with them?" he asked gabumon.

" I'm afraid so matt."

" I'm sorry. It's just I don't want her ending up with some bum."

" Well you're a father dear. In your eyes, no one is good enough for her."

" Well, maybe one."

As a puzzled look crossed his wife's face, his daughter returned to the deck with a letter.

" Who was it?" asked Mimi.

" It was a messenger with a letter for you and dad."

" Let me see."
Keke did as her father asked and matt opened the letter. After reading it for a minute, a smile grew on his face as he handed it to Mimi.

" Stupid tai."

" Who's tai?"

" He's..."

" Just an old friend, that's all."

" Ok. I'm going to my room." And with that, she and blatomon retreated to her upstairs room.

" Matt, why did you stop me?"

" I didn't know who he was. This is all working to my master plan."

" Last time you had a master plan, you tried to hook up TK and Kari... ah! I see!"

" I know. That's why I married you."

" I thought it was for the sex."

" Well, that too." He said as they moved in for a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, keke sighed as stared at the poster that hung over her bed.

" You're going to stare a hole in It." said blatomon, sitting in the chair next to her computer.

" I can't. He soooo cute!"

" You'll probably never meet him."

" But I love him."

" Keke, your mother is a national known actress, your father is a ex astronaut and is the owner of the label you're under. You could have any boy in the us, so do you want that soccer punk?"

" I don't know. It some about him that I am find attractive; his muscles, his hair, his eyes."

" Do you want me to leave you and the poster alone for a minute?"

" Shut up. Oh max..."

" This is pat summersault with my colleague, john madman. We're here live as the Osaka dome for the finals of the Japan soccer tournament between the odiba tigers and the nerima sharks. The tigers currently trail the sharks 3 to 0."

" Yeah, it has been a super game! BOOM! Then there was super scoring by the sharks. BAM! Ryo tohoto's been the big man in the game. KABLAMO!"

" Thank you john. Let's get back to the action."

The coach of the tigers paced around the sidelines as he made his decision.

" Coach, you need to send him in." said one of the players.

" I was hoping to save him for later but I have no choice. Kamiya, get in there."

" Now coming in for the odiba tiger, number 47, max THE HURRICANE kamiya!" spoke the announcer as the mention of his name sent the crowd into frenzy. Max rose from his bench spot and walked down pass all his teammates who gave their own type of salute to him. He then stepped on the field and to the start position.

" Wholly molly! This is a major turn! The coach has sent in their top player, max kamiya, aka the hurricane."

" That's right, pat. Kamiya has led his team to win the tournament for the past two years and the MVP for the past two years as well."

" The whole game has changed with him, john."

Max stood with a smile, face to face with the sharks' top player, tenchi.

" So you're the hurricane, huh? People you're just as good as the rocket was. Is it true?"

He got his answer as the ball dropped on the field and max kicked it so hard and so fast, that it shot into the goal scoring their first goal of the game.

" No, I better."

The tide of the match shifted dramatically as max, like the player he was reminded of, led his team as a general leading an army. Every time the sharks got the ball, the tigers found a way to take it back. Soon the score was tied with a few seconds left on the clock. One of his teammates passed the ball max's way as he headed for the goal. The ball shot toward his as he jumped and twisted in the air as it came to him and kicked it, shooting past the goalie and into the goal.

" GOAL! GOAL! THE TIGER HAVE WON IT! THE TIGERS HAVE WON IT! THREE IN A ROW! BAM! BOOM! ZAP! KASPALTO!" John said as he chocked his partner half to death in the excitement. The field exploded as the tiger ran on the field and swarmed their team captain. The coach was then drenched with Gatorade by his team while fireworks popped in the air. Later at the awards ceremony, the coach hosted the team's third straight championship trophy as the arena roared with cheering.

" And finally, for the third year in a row, receiving the most valuable player award is team captain, max kamiya, the hurricane." Said the chairman of the soccer commission as max stepped up and received his award. Suddenly, two people came on to the field; one, a brown haired man and the other, a red haired woman.

" Well as most of you know, those two people coming on the field is kamiya's parents; fashion designer sora T. and four time world cup champion, Olympic gold medallist, and ambassador to the digital world, tai kamiya." Said pat as the afore mentioned people hugged their son while the crowd cheer.

" Well that's the end of the game and for john madman, this is pat summersault saying good night and god bless."

" You keep staring at that trophy, you'll wear a hole in it."

Max blinked back to reality as his father tapped his shoulder. His trophy stood by his past two MVP awards and above them, his father's trophies and medals, all of which stood on a mantel above the fireplace.

" Sorry pop. I just can't believe I won three in a row."

" Yeah, I know, son."

" So when are they getting here?"

" Probably in the next half hour getting here?"

" Probably in the next half hour. You should get ready."

" Right." With that, he dashed up stairs to his room using the speed he was famous for. Tai sat back on the couch as he watched the clock tick.

" Where's max?"

Tai looked up to see his wife looking from the doorway.

" He's getting ready." He said as she sat next to him.

" He's a special kid."

" He has a special mother."

" Thanks."

" Damn. Where is it?" max swore as he rifled thru his draws of clothes and junk.

" Looking for what?" said a voice from a pile of clothes. Out from it came a green digimon with a large fin on his head and about the size and build of agumon.

" You know what, gojiramon; my keke cd."

" Have you checked the cd player?"

Max checked his player and slapped his head as he found it right where he left it.

" What would I do without you?"

" I hope we never find out. I don't see why you like her; she's just like every other human girl singer out there. Why do you like her?"

" I don't know. There is something about her that I can't help but loving her."

" You do realize about half a million boys can say the same thing."

" I guess you're right. Besides even if we did meet, she wouldn't be interested in some soccer jock." He said as the doorbell rang. Max dashed down stairs as he folks made it to the door at the same time he did.

" Well, are we ready?" asked sora.

" As we're gonna get." Responded Tai as he straightened his collar. With a deep breath, sora opened the door.

" HEY!" said TK and Kari as they laid eyes on their family.

" Kari, TK! You're early!" said sora.

" We caught an early flight. Well, hello there, Mr. Three-time-MVP!" TK said as he shook his nephews' hand.

" Thanks, unc."

" So where are the twins?" Tai asked his sister.

" They were right behind me." His question was answered as a mass of brown and blond hair charged the house and tackled max to the floor.

" Hi cuz!" they said as max laughed at their welcome.

" Damn, they're huge! What have you two been feeding them?" asked sora.

" Nothing. They eat like nothing I've ever seen."

" Wait a minute, sis! You smell that?"

" Yeah, bro."

The children got off their cousin and dashed to the kitchen.

" Oh no. I just baked those and agumon and biyomon are out for the night." Said sora.

" Don't worry mom. I got it." max said as he went after them.

" Well just don't stand there. Come in!" Tai said as his sister and brother in law came in, putting their coats on the wall. But as sora began closing the door, a foot stopped it from closing. She opened it to see an old enemy/friend.

" A guy makes one mistake and he's branded for life." Said ken with yolei, holding his daughter's hand, on one side and sam on the other.

" Ken! Just get in here." With that, they entered as sora finally closed the door.

" Whoa! Is that little Sammy?" Tai said as he came in.

" Yep, but there's nothing about me that's little about me."

" He's quite a ladies' man in his school." Said his mother.

" And is this yuffie?" asked sora, looking at the young girl clinging to yolei's leg.

" Yep."

" Well make yourselves comfortable. Dinner will be ready shortly."
The ichijojis made their way to the den where TK and Kari welcomed them. Tai and sora were about to join them when the door rang again. She opened it and when sora saw who was there, went into a fit of girlish squeals.

" MIMI!"

" SORA!"
The two old friends embraced in a hug as their dumbfounded husbands looked on.

" Matt?"

" Yeah?"

" I missed you, man."

" I missed you more."

After the ladies finished, Tai and matt finally shook hands and began to speak in whispers.

" So where is he?"

" He's in the kitchen."

" Good. Now to begin phase two of the master plan."

" What are you tow over there whispering about?" asked Mimi.

" Uh, nothing honey." He said as he and Tai laughed nervously.

" So where is that song bird of a daughter of your?" Tai asked.

" Right here."

All eyes hit the doorway as keke entered uneasily.

" Well, well. She even more beautiful than her pictures." Said Tai.

" Thank you Mr..."

" You didn't tell her who we are?"

" I'd leave that for a surprise."

" Well just call me tai, for now."
The get together was in full swing while max was in the kitchen, fighting a losing battle with the twins. Meanwhile, sam tried to lay on the charm with keke but getting nowhere while Tai and matt watched on. Suddenly, max burst out of the kitchen as the twin growled like animals.

" Damn! I am NOT back in there!"

That's when keke caught sight of max for the first time since she got there. Her eyes went as wide as saucers as she got up and walked toward him. Max, dusting off the crumbles from his shirt, saw the girl approaching him and had the same reaction as her. Their faces came within a few inches of each other as they began to speak.


" I can't believe my father knows the father of my favorite singer." Max said as he and keke sat on the balcony outside. The rest of them were scattered bout the house.

" You can't!? I can't believe my dad didn't tell me that he knew the father of the hurricane."

" I kinda think they had something to do with this."

" I think so."

" You know I have your first cd when it first came out."

" Really? I heard it didn't sell very well."

" Well I like it."

" Thank you. You were great in that game against shinjuku three years ago."

" You saw that game?! It barely got any air time."

" I saw it and I knew you had It." she said as she giggled a little.

" What?"

" You have some..." she pointed to his lips. He rubbed it but didn't get it so keke moved the piece of food while her hand grazed across his face. He moved his hand on her face as they looked into each other's eyes when max sighed.

" What's wrong?"

" Well I got a dilemma; I'm gonna hug you and kiss you and I don't think I'm ever gonna let you go."

Matt and Tai walked into the kitchen laughing.

" Whoa that was wild."

" Yeah tai. It's good to have the gang all together again."

" I heard that. Hey, where's your daughter?"

" With your son, where ever the hell that is."

Tai looked out the window to the balcony and smiled.

" What is it?"

" Just look."

Matt came to the window to see the sight he dreamed of; max and keke in each others arms and making out like there is no tomorrow. Tai and matt slapped hands in triumph at the sight.

" Mission accomplished."


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