This is the sequl to my first fic, New Girl, New Life. I had mentioned I might do a sequal when I had ideas, and some friends and I had some great ones.

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It was about 2 in the morning and neither twin could sleep. Danny was up pacing the floor and Sonya was trying to get him to calm down.

"Why did he..."

"Danny I think you should..."

"So much for we'll always love you...'

"Danny, would you..."

"Now, what, I'm expected to just..."

"Danny!" Sonya shouted maybe a little too loud.

"What?" Danny finally answered.

"Would you calm down. Jazz and I already told you we'd work on fixing this problem."

Danny let out a heavy sigh then said, "Yeah, you did, okay, lets go back to sleep."

They both got back in bed, but Sonya couldn't fall asleep. She tossed and turned, but did nothing more that keep her brother awake. Danny noticed she wasn't asleep, so he woke up and said, "Now what, I thought you were the one trying to get me to get to sleep."

"Yeah, I was trying to get you back to sleep, but...I...I just can't stop thinking."

"About what?"

"Well...I guess I can tell you. See, I'm afraid...I'm worried about the next ghost we'll fight."

"Why? You know we'll work together."

"I know...but...I...I'm afraid for if I'd ever end up fighting alone."

"You're so powerful, why would you be afraid to fight ghosts?" Danny asked, now real interested in what she had to say.

"Because, I maybe powerful, but, it comes at a weakness is more than yours...see...if I was to get hit with one of Fenton's inventions or anything else like that, it hurts me more than you."

"So, it affects you more, but, thats inventions..."

Sonya quickly interupted and said, "Actually any hit, even if I got hit by you, so, I depend on my shield more than others."

"Oh, I see...and I always thought I wanted more powers."

"Trust me, you don't want anywhere near as much as I do, more powers weaken your ability to recover from a hit."

They both sat and thought for a while. They each had a problem to face. It was unclear how they'd deal with their problems. At least Sonya's problem would be easier to solve, she could just not fight a ghost without Danny. Sonya climbed back up into her bunk bed and fell asleep. Danny laid awake for a while longer before he too fell asleep.

In Amity Park

Ever since Danny had be adopted into the Parr family, Jazz had been trying to get her dad to undo his decision to dissown Danny. At least so they could see each other. She had been bugging him for the past month and nothing had changed. Except that every day since Danny had moved to Metroville, Sam kept bugging her to find out where Danny was. Jazz would've just straight out told her, except, she didn't know, Danny had to come back to visit in order for her to know where he now was.

Sam didn't think there was much chance she'd see him again anytime soon, and this made her sad. She knew that in Metroville, superheros were idolized by most citizens and that, they often did more than fight villians, they helped with everyday crime. Because of this, she knew that he'd be even more busy than he already was, and proably wouldn't get much break time to do something, like visit her.

She was hoping that if the whole thing with his parents got sorted out, that he'd be some place where she could see him more often. But knowing her luck, he proably would end up still where he was, in Metroville. They talked on the phone often and instant messaged each other, but, it wasn't the same as seeing him face to face. She often considered going to Metroville and looking him up in the phone book. She knew who his parents were.

She was also up and couldn't fall asleep. She kept thinking about Danny.

Its 2 in the morning, why can't I sleep! Sam thought, He's my best friend, that's all...right?

While she refused to admit it, she really did like him. She sighed and rolled on her side and went back to sleep.

The next morning in Metroville

Danny and Sonya were glad that is wasn't a school day, they were up so late last night. Sonya ignored the alarm clock and rolled over in her bed. Danny glared up at her bunk and started shaking the bunk.

"Uh...go away." Sonya growled.

Danny just let go of the bed and went over to the closet. He sure couldn't wait until they got her room ready and they had their own rooms. Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack had their own rooms, so, it was only fair they got their own too. They had to first expand the house, and that was what the biggest hold up on their own rooms was.

He thought he was fast enough in getting out to the bathroom, but, like usuall, Sonya still beat him, even though the whole time he was in the room, she was still in bed. Even though he'd only lived with the Bob and Helen Parr and their family for a month, and he already enjoyed it. He did miss his real parents, but, for having to live with different parents, this was okay. At least they excepted his superhero side.

Finally she left the bathroom so he could use it. At first he was going to say he was glad there were two bathrooms for the kids to use, but, then, when he thought about it, he had two sisters, that always got to the bathroom before the boys did. He did like that he had two brothers though. He was out in half the time it took Sonya.

During breakfast, Violet was asking if Danny would go back and visit his friends.

"Well, I want to go back, but, there haven't been many chances when I could."

"Danny, if you want, you kids may go back today." Helen said.

"Really, thanks mom!" Danny said.

Helen just smiled. Today they also had the day off, and they thought it might be nice to let him spend it with his friends. Not that the work of a superhero is ever over, but, today they didn't have to help with the every day crime. Amity Park was close enough that Helen didn't worry about them getting back in time incase of a emergency.

Right after breakfast, Sonya flew with Violet, and Danny flew with Dash as they went over to Amity Park. It wasn't too far, only about 15 minutes when you fly there. They got there quickly with Danny leading the way. They were first going to Sam's house. He didn't want to admit he like her, but it was so obvious that he did like her.

He stopped at her window, and with Dash still hanging onto him, he tapped on her window. It took a few moments, but she finally did answer. She was so happy to see him.

"Danny! You came!" Sam said as she let us in, "Hi Sonya."

"Hi Sam, this is Violet and Dash." Danny said.

After everyone said their greetings, with Dash and Violet with Sonya and Sam with Danny, they headed out for the Tucker's, then the movies. They picked up Tucker, who went with Danny, and they went to the movies. The six of them debated for about 10 minutes on which movie they would watch.

They enjoyed being at the movies, but all too soon, it was time to go home. They said their goodbyes and Sonya, Danny, Violet, and Dash left for home. Danny was happy for a chance to see Sam and Tucker, but he wondered how long until he saw them again. But little did he know that his parents and Jazz were working on ways to help Danny be able to see Sam and Tucker more often, and to do something about his situation with Jack.

There is chapter one. Once again this is the sequal to New Girl, New Life, so, if you haven't read that one, or forgot it, you should read it for things to make sense in this story. Please R&R, flames allowed, but please try to help me improve the story rather than just say it sucks.