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Warning: Stream of consciousness technique used. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

BOLD: Ron's thoughts

UNDERLINE: Hermione's thoughts

ITALICS: Draco's thoughts

All the rest are Harry's thoughts. Told from Harry's P.O.V. Enjoy!

Ow, my head. Where am I? Oh no, I see white, that is never a good sign. What is that red thing? Oh, wait, I think it's Ron.

Yup, that's Ron. Why's he hovering like that? Is that Hermione? What is going on and where are my glasses? There they are. Why can't I move my arms? Something is definitely wrong here.

Oh good, there's Madam Pomfrey. I don't think they know I'm awake. I suppose I should tell them.

"Uh, guys?" Woah, Hermione looks really relieved.

"Oh, Harry! Thank God you're awake!" Why? What happened, someone explain it to me! Here comes Madam Pomfrey with some kind of medicine, wonderful. I hope it's not like skelegrow.

"Here, take this, you'll feel better." Ew, it tastes like feet. Why do I know what feet tastes like?

"Why do I need this?" I don't understand.

"Harry, don't you remember?" Hermione sounds worried. I look at her then Ron. Ron looks even worse. He's a pale shade of green. That can't be good.

"Remember what?" Remember what? Someone tell me what the hell happened!

'Oh god, oh god, oh god, I can't believe I did this.'

Who just said that? Ok, I'm very confused. What's going on?

"Harry, what do you remember from today?" What kind of question is that? I suppose she wants an answer. Everyone's looking at me funny. Did I do something?

'Oh, he's going to kill us. I hope nothing is too terribly wrong.' Who is talking?

"Um, I remember going to class and then we had break." What? That's all I remember, stop staring at me!

"You don't remember what happened during break?" Wow she sounds apprehensive. It must have been important.

"Uh, no?" I don't know what they want here.

'Oh my god, it's all my fault. He's going to kill me' Who the hell is talking? This is getting annoying. Someone please tell me what the hell is going on!

Why does everyone look as though someone died? Oh my god, did someone die?

"Did someone die?" Well, I guess that's a no since they look kind of relieved now.

"No, Harry." She sounds amused. Do I amuse her by caring about what Voldemort's doing?

"Well then what happened!" This is so frustrating. Just tell me what happened already.

'Uh-oh, he's starting to get mad. Better bite the bullet and tell him quick before he explodes.' Explode? I don't explode! Besides, you shouldn't keep secrets from me. But who in the hell is talking?

"Harry, it's my fault." Oh yah, Ron's here. Why is he so green? What did he do? And why am I in the hospital wing anyway? You know, these beds aren't very comfortable. Maybe I should tell Dumbledore to buy new beds. I'm in here enough it would be a good investment. What was I thinking about again? Oh yah, why is Ron green?

'He's going to kill me.' I would kill you if I could ever figure out who's talking.

"Your fault?" This isn't making any sense. Someone PLEASE just explain it to me.

"At break, Malfoy came up and he insulted my family," what else is new? "so I was going to curse him, and I kind of messed up the spell." What do you mean messed up the spell!

"What do you mean, 'messed up the spell'?" This ought to be good. Whoever was talking was right. I'm going to kill them. Ron is still green. I wonder if Madam Pomfrey has anything that could help that. But let's wait until we hear his explanation before we decide if he needs help.

"I didn't word it right and there was a huge explosion." Explosion? Is that why I can't move my arm?

"So what happened?" I want to know! I still don't understand why I'm here and you two aren't. Why is it always me here?

"Well, when the smoke cleared, you had a broken arm and Malfoy had left," stupid git, "so we took you up here." So that's why I'm here, in the hospital wing, again.

"Am I okay?" What did you do Ron? You better not have messed me up.

'He seems to be taking this well.' Taking it well? I don't know if anything's changed. Although, these voices are starting to get to me. I have enough trouble with my own thoughts, I don't need someone else's thank you very much. Wait, am I hearing their thoughts? Oh no!

Oh, god. Why? Why do I have to have an incompetent best friend with a short temper? Because he has a good heart. Yah, whatever. This is all his fault. What's Madam Pomfrey doing? Where is she sticking that thi-- Oh, okay, that does not feel nice.

Ow, ooh, cold! Stop it! Whew, it's gone. What does that look mean? Someone tell me what it means! Why is she t'sking? That's never a good sign.

"Well, Mr. Potter," yes? "Your health seems to be fine." Good. "But there is definitely something different." No duh, I can hear my friends thoughts. Why can't I hear yours too?

'Something's wrong? I knew it! Why, oh, why can't I do something right? Hermione told me not to, but did I listen? No.' Oh, Ron, don't beat yourself up, although this is your fault. So never mind, go on beating yourself up, you kind of deserve it.

'What does she mean? I told Ron not to do this, but does he listen? No. Why is Harry laughing?' It's amazing how much they think alike and yet they, ok, Ron, still hasn't figured out that they're meant for each other.

"What's different?" I guess I should humor her since I doubt she can tell about the reading mind things. Oh, Snape would kill me for calling it mind reading. According to him that's some muggle thing for retarded people. Whatever, Snape. I'll call it anything I damn want to.

"I'm not sure. Perhaps you should talk to the Headmaster." Dumbledore? She must not think it's a medical problem then.

'Dumbledore? Why Dumbledore? What does she think?'

'Dumbledore? Can't she fix it? Oh, what did Ron do?'

"Okay..." I will if she wants me to, I guess. And look, here he is. How is he always in the right place at the right time? It must be some magic thing of the position.

"Hello, Poppy, what seems to be the problem?" Do his eyes ever stop twinkling?

'Oh, Dumbledore. I wonder if there's anyway to work my O.W.L. scores into the conversation.' She's thinking about her grades at a time like this?

'Wow, he's tall. I wonder if we're the same height.' What kind of friends do I have? I swear, maybe I should have been friends with Malfoy in first year.

Madam Pomfrey is whispering. Shut up people! I'm trying to eavesdrop!

"Headmaster, perhaps you should talk to Potter privately. I think there were some, er... i side effects /i of the spell." Side effects? Does she know about the hearing thoughts thing? Dumbledore's nodding. Oh good, maybe he'll send away the two mother hens so I can think clearly.

"Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasely, could you please give Harry and I a moment, if you would?" He's using that tone of voice. You know, the one where he's basically saying get out, this is private and important. Of course they don't understand. Well, maybe Hermione does.

'A moment? What the hell did you do, Ron! But I didn't get to tell him about my O.W.L. scores.' She's actually disappointed! I can't believe this. Besides, O.W.L.'s were last year. I'm sure he knows about your scores. Shouldn't you be worrying about N.E.W.T's? You definitely bug Ron and me enough about them.

Good, they're leaving. Finally, some peace and quiet. Uh-oh, Dumbledore's looking at me. I wonder how much he knows.

"Well, well, Mr. Potter. It's quite a pickle you've gotten yourself into." Me? I didn't do anything! This is all Ron's fault! And where does he get those weird muggle sayings?

"What's going on?" Since no one seems inclined to tell me, will you? "What happened to me?" My god, does he EVER stop twinkling? Apparently not.

"Mr. Potter, is anything different that you notice?" Oh, you mean like hearing my best friends thoughts? Of course not. I guess I can't say that. I'll take the safer approach.

"Er, kind of." Yah, that's right, keep him in the dark, like he always does to me. The only problem with that is he already knows, of course. He's waiting for more. Fine, I give up.

"I can hear Ron and Hermione's thoughts." Why is he nodding? Why does he always understand more than me? What does that mean?

"What?" Someone explain something to me!

"From what Madam Pomfrey has told me, the spell young Mr. Weasley attempted was twisted and the result was that you can hear their thoughts." So that's why. Well, then why can I only hear they're thoughts and not other peoples? I'm going to ask him.

"Why can I only hear them?"

"They were present at the time and it only transfered to those present." Oh. I guess that makes sense. He's going to talk again. He better not tell me it's a blessing in disguise. I don't think I could handle it.

"I think this will turn out alright." It better. "Meanwhile, there is no way to reverse it, so you may just have to get used to listening to their thoughts. Eventually you will be able to tune them out, but it's far too soon for that." That sounds like occlumency. Damn, I wish I'd tried harder at that in 5th year. I wonder if I could convince Snape to try again...Doubtful.

"Can I go then?" I hate being stuck here. Why am I always in the Hospital Wing? They should re-name it after me once I leave. The Harry Potter Wing. Now that doesn't sound conceited, not in the least.

"I think you should stay overnight, let your arm heal. Other than that, though, you should be well enough to leave tomorrow." Wonderful, another night wasted in the Hospital Wing.

"Okay, sure." Just nod your head and back away slowly. Is he leaving? I'm kind of tired. Maybe I should sleep. I need time to think this over.

I can hear Ron and Hermione's thoughts. I hate to think about what I might hear in the future. Oh, god, what happens when one of them starts dating. No! What if they date someone else...That's going to be horrible. I'm not looking forward to that.

Here comes Madam Pomfrey again with another bottle of something or other. I swear I must have had every medicine available in this stupid castle. Ew, this one tastes like liver. Gross.

Ah, soft pillow. I'm so tired, I think I'll..."

What time is it? It's still dark, it can't be that early. Where's the clock? Over there, 1 AM! Aw, no, go back to sleep.

Wait, is someone else here? There is! There's another person here, and it's not Madam Pomfrey. What are they doing?

'Stupid Weasel, could have permanently damaged him. No one harms Potter except me.'

Oh my god, is that Malfoy?

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