"Happy Birthday to you!" Happy birthday to me! Yay, I'm officially 21 today! Hey, that means I can legally drink in America! Not that I'm going to, but it's nice to know.

"Harry, blow out the candles!" Okay, Ron, why are you more excited than I am?

What should I wish for? I think I want a new broom. My firebolt is getting a little old, you know.

"Here, Harry, open our present." What, you two are married now, so I only get one present? What's that about?

"Wow..." Whoa, that's different... They got me a mini-puffskein. I hope Hedwig doesn't eat it...

"Isn't it cool?" Sure...

"Yeah." I'll just agree.

"Fred and George have been breeding them more and they added new features." What do you mean, new features?

"New features?"

"Yeah, they can tell you the time now, and the can also transfigure themselves when you need it." Oh, okay.

"Cool." I wonder what they're thinking...

u 'No, he doesn't like it. I told Ron we should have gotten him the book.' /u No, no books!

b 'It's so cool! I wish Hermione would let me get one.' /b You don't need one, trust me.

"Harry, we have something we want to tell you." Hmm, she looks excited. I wonder what it is...

"Okay, what?"

"Wait, where's Draco?" I don't know...where'd he go?

"I dunno, hold on, I'll go find him." Why is he hiding? I know he doesn't like them all that much, but since we got together I made him spend some time with them.

Sometimes he admits that Hermione's not that bad. So where is he then?

"Harry!" What is he doing?

"Draco, what are you doing?"

"Nothing. What are you doing here?" Uh, this is my room, in our apartment, and we live here together, remember?

"What are you hiding?" What is that?

"Harry," no, don't be seductive, "you wouldn't want me to ruin the surprise, would you?" No, I wouldn't...I guess.

No, no, don't kiss me. You know I can't resist when you do that. Oh, but don't stop.

"Okay?" Fine, fine, I give. But Hermione's still waiting for us.

"Fine, but Ron and Hermione have something to tell us." Don't roll your eyes. You like them sometimes.

"Okay, I found him. What did you want to tell us?" Maybe I'll do a little digging. They seem awfully happy.

u 'I can't wait to tell them! Wait a minute, Harry's looking at me...Hey! Get out of my head!' /u Alright, alright already. I was just trying to get a little inside information.

She's lucky I finally learned to control it. It took forever! I made sure to try really hard when she and Ron got together. Draco doesn't seem to mind so much now, but I try not to listen to him very much. He deserves privacy, except when he's hiding things from me, of course.

i 'Get on with it already, Granger. I want to give Harry his present...' /i Alright, that's enough of that. I don't want to ruin the surprise, that wouldn't be fun.

"So?" A little prompting here. Tell me what is such a big deal.

"Harry, Draco, I'm pregnant." Oh. Wow, that's...cool.

"Wow, that's great!" That is great. They'll make good parents, right? Sure, why not. Draco, say something encouraging.

"Huh? Oh, uh, that's great for you." That's better.

u 'Gee, thanks for the support' /u Well, I can't make him do any better. You get what you get.

"No, that's really great, Hermione. Congratulations Ron." I hope they do okay with this. I don't think I could handle a kid. I can barely handle Draco! What would I do with a two-year old?

i 'Are they done yet?' /i Don't worry, they'll leave eventually. Did she just elbow Ron?

"Um, if it's okay, Harry, we're going to leave." Why are you leaving so soon? That's a little suspicious...let's see...

b 'Ow, why are we leaving? I want cake.' /b Well, he's no help.

u 'I know you're listening to me, Harry.' /u How does she know! u 'But we're leaving because it's obvious Draco wants to get you alone.' /u He does?

I guess he looks a little impatient. Maybe you should go.

"Okay, I guess I'll see you later. Congratulations again." That's so cool that they're having a baby. I never thought they would make it this far. Of course, I never thought Draco and I would make it this far.

I was so sure he was going to say no. Thank god he didn't though. He said yes. I was so happy! And Ron was even happy too, but by then he'd finally asked out Hermione, on my prodding.

And then I went to Dumbledore, and guess what he told me! That he knew all along that it was going to happen! Can you believe that! He said he couldn't tell me because of the whole 'mess up the future' thing. Bull, he could have told me.

Well, it's okay though since everything worked out in the end. Draco and I moved in together after school got out. I ended up becoming the seeker for the Chudley Cannons, much to Ron's delight. The team's a lot better now. We have a chance for the world cup this year.

Draco works for the ministry, oddly enough. It's nice, the set up that we have. I'm so glad we worked it all out.

"Harry," Oh, don't do that, whispering in my ear is so hott, "Are you ready for your present?" Oh god, yes.

"Yes..." Please, if it's anything compared to what you're doing right now, I'll take it.

"Come with me." Ooh, where are we going? To the bedroom? That's always a good place.

Ooh! What happened in here? How did you get all those roses in here? I didn't think this room would even fit that many.

"Wow, Draco." This is beautiful. See, he can be romantic. People don't believe me when I say that, but it's true!

"This is a thank you, Harry, for the all the years you've put up with me, and of course, all the years I put up with you." See, he hasn't changed that much.

"I can think of another way to thank you." I love catching him off guard like this. He never expects me to kiss him, but I always do.

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