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and also my on going series Pokemon Angels will also be mentioned a few times.

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Dreams to be the Best

Chapter 1: The Portal to Another World

"When we last left our heroes they were on the way to Mossdeep City in order for Ash to get his 7th Hoenn League Gym Badge. While on the way they diced to do a little island happing on the way but little did they except that they would face a whole new kind of island hopping"

"Ash… the voice is back" cried May.

"May, we told, don't be freaked out by the voice." said Ash.

"But it is a little creepy that a voice fallows you around wherever go sine you started your Pokemon Journey" said Max.

"Pikachu…" said Pikachu (Translation: He's right you know)

"I know…" said Ash.

Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May and Max were ridding a small boat while talking about it, when suddenly a large splash happened and a giant Magikarp sub appeared. The top opened and who should appear…

"Prepare for a surprise trouble!"

"And you should make it double!"

"To protect the world form deviation"

"To unite all peoples within our nation"

"You denounce the evils of Truth and Love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket! Blasting off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"


"Chime chime!"

"Team Rocket!" yelled Ash.

"That's out name!" said Jessie.

"But don't wear it out!" said Meowth.

"What do you want!" said May.

"Pikachu of course" said James.

"Can't you just leave us alone for just one day?" asked Max.

The two humans and three Pokemon looked at each other and said "No"

Meowth took out a metal hand and grabbed Pikachu.

"Pikachu use Thunder Bolt!" said Ash.

Pikachu tried but nothing happened to the hand, "It's electricity proof!" said James.

"Bulbasaur! Come on out!" said May. She let out her Bulbasaur, "Use Razor Leaf on that hand!" said May.

Leaves came out of the bulb and cut the hand. Pikachu was set free.

Little did they notice that a small orb was just above them in the sky, it wasn't solid, or liquid or even gas… it was as if it was rip in the space time continuum, which is what it was, however unless it was hit with a powerful electric attack would become a portal. Bad coincidence huh? Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunder Bolt again, shocking Team Rocket and hitting the rip. It opened into a portal sucking in Ash, May, Brock, Max, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Team Rocket!

Meanwhile in another world… the World known as the World of the Devil Fruits. The Merry Go or Going Merry… what ever the ships name is was close to an island. Luffy was looking at the nearby island on the sheep's head, Zoro was lifting weights, Nami was looking over some maps, Sanji was smoking, Robin was reading and Usopp was telling Chopper one of his lies. Luffy noticed something in the sky above the island.

"What's that!" yelled Luffy.

Everyone heard him and looked at the sky above the island, it was a huge portal and something fell out of it and there were a couple of huge crash sounds. Then the portal disappeared.

"That was strange" said Robin.

"You know what else is strange…" said Nami.

Everyone looked at the red haired navigator, "The next island is Liji Island." She said.

Everyone knew that name well… except for Luffy "What's Liji Island again?" he asked, this caused everyone else to anime fall.

"How can you forget Liji island?" asked Zoro.

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.

"That's where we fought Hikari." said Nami.

"Oh now I remember" said Luffy.

Recently the Straw Hats had some, well rather unusual guests, but that's literary another story. However one thing that was for certain, what ever it was they had to check it out.

Later after the ship landed they explored the island, when they came upon a large crater.

"There's people inside!" yelled Luffy.

"We can see that!" said Nami.

They went into it and found a young man with brown hair wearing a brown shirt underneath was an orange shirt and brown pants, a boy that looked about 8 with very dark blue green hair wearing glasses, a green shirt and brown shorts, a 10 year girl with brown hair cut in a very strange fashion, wearing a red shirt, white miniskirt, bike shorts and a red bandana tied to her head with a strange ball symbol on it and finally a boy in his early teens wearing a blue hoddie sweat shirt jeans and red base ball cap with a similar symbol found on the girl's banana. Also there was a blue dinosaur like thing with a bulb on it's back and marks on it's head that looked likes heart on its head and a large yellow mouse with a tail that looked like a bolt of lighting, it was Brock, Max, May, Ash, Bulbasaur and Pikachu…

"I wonder what happened." said Usopp.

"Somebody call a doctor!" yelled Chopper.

"Chopper, you the doctor." said Sanji.

"Oh right" said Chopper.

He began to examine Brock when Brock yelled out "No!", the straw hats looked at him "I will never let you steal her love from me!", apparently he was yelling in sleep.

"I think he's just sleeping…" said Chopper causing everyone to anime fall, "Ether way I think I should treat them on the ship."

And so the Straw Hats brought them to the Merry Go, forgetting to check the rest of the island to see if there were any else was on the island unconscious.

Meanwhile in The Pokemon World, a young woman was training her Kadabra, her name is Sabrina, she was the Gym Leader of the Saffron Gym in the Kanto region. Her mother came into the room.

"Sabrina, the phone is for you, it's Hina." said her mother.

"Hina?" asked Sabrina.

"Yes, you know the old family friend Hina Macels, she wants to speak to you." said her mother.

"Okay" replied Sabrina.

She went to the phone and saw on the monitor a woman with long bright green hair.

"Hello Sabrina, I need you to me a favor… well actually then again, I think it would something you have been meaning to do for a long time." said Hina.

"What is it?" asked Sabrina, she looked into Hina's eyes and knew what it was "It's Ash Ketchum, isn't it?"

"Yes, you see he was accidentally sent to another world, normally I or Maggie would handle it but I'm extremely pregnant right now and Maggie is traveling Johto with her friends and I don't want them to get involved..." said Hina.

"Wait aren't her friends…" said Sabrina before she could her sentence Hina cut her off, "Yes they are, after what happened recently with them and Ash I don't' want them to get involved. And besides, you still need to truly repay him for what he did for you." said Hina.

About three years earlier, Ash was seeking a Marsh Badge, however Sabrina was very strong, not only that but because she trained her psychic powers so hard she rejected her humanity, she showed no emotion except thought a creepy talking doll. Ash came and lost, as per agreement she shrunk Ash, Pikachu, Brock and his then companion Misty and sent into her toy box, however her father saved them and told him to get a ghost Pokemon. Ash went to Lavender Town and "caught" a Haunter. When Ash came back the second time Haunter didn't show up and his other Pokemon refused to fight so she turned Brock and Misty into dolls. When Ash came back a third time once again claming he had a Haunter, however it show up again, however in the middle of the fight Haunter showed up… but not to fight, Haunter did some funny things that made Sabrina laugh. Because Sabrina was psychically linked with Kadabra who was rolling on the ground laughing. Ash won by default and he got his badge. However Sabrina never thought that was a true "Thank you" and always wanted to repay him much bigger.

"How am I supposed to help him?" asked Sabrina.

"That world is one of many that was given orbs just incase something this should happen. In order for Ash and his friends to return to this world he must gather the 9 orbs. I have the names of the islands where they are located and fortunately for Ash, his companions and new friends they are on the way to their goal." said Hina.

"I don't understand" said Sabrina.

"Mediate to it, then you will know what to do… oh and if one of the people helping him gives you a hard time, you'll know what to do." said Hina.

Hina hung up the phone with Sabrina wanting more questions, a paper teleported her hand.

"I hope I can do this" thought Sabrina.

Back on the Merry Go, in the Guy's quarter's Ash and the others were lying down Chopper was examining them. On deck the others were discussing about them.

"You know I have the feeling like their like Ranma and the others" said Nami.

"Really we should spla…" said Luffy but was cut by Sanji yelled "Not like that!"

"Miss Navigator means that she thinks they might be from another dimension." said Robin.

"Oh yeah… that" said Luffy.

"How can we be sure of that?" said Zoro.

"Well we have to find if they have heard of One Piece or not" replied Luffy.

Nami was about to say something but then realized that Luffy was probably right about that, they have never encountered someone who haven't heard of One Piece.

Back in the Guy's quarter's May, Ash and Bulbasaur began to wake up.

"It feels I went though a Berry Blender" said May not noticing where they were.

"And we came out like your Poke blocks" said Ash jokingly.

"Ha, ha, very funny" said May sacristy.

"Bubla!" said Bulbasaur (Translation: May!)

"Bulbasaur, you're all right. You should have a good rest." said May.

She looked for her belt back, which was set with the others, she found Bulbasaur's Pokeball and returned it. Chopper was shocked when he saw the little dinosaur become a red light then vanish.

"What happened?" asked Chopper.

Both the trainer and coordinator noticed Chopper.

"What kind of Pokemon is that?" asked both at the same time.

Both took out their hand Pokedexes and looked him up, however since Chopper is not a Pokemon there was no data. However both May and Ash took this in a different way.

"An undiscovered Pokemon… if I catch it and use it in my next contest…" thought May.

(Dream Sequence)

May is holding a ribbon triumphantly while Chopper has one around his neck.

"May not only showed grace and style but also showed up with an undiscovered Pokemon, it's no wonder why she won" said the announcer.

(End Dream Sequence)

"An undiscovered Pokemon… if I catch it, I can surprise my opponent in my next gym battle"

(Dream Sequence)

Ash is holding gym badge! He happily does V is Victory while and Chopper and Pikachu celebrate behind him

"All right I won" said Ash

(End dream sequence)

Both of them had faces, Chopper was becoming increasingly uncomfortable like when Sanji and Luffy tired to eat him when they first met.

"That's it I'm going to catch it!" said Ash and May at the same time.

Chopper froze like a deer in headlights (Corny pun not intended). Both May and Ash took out Pokeballs. Chopper noticed that what made the dinosaur thing disappear, he ran to the ladder and climbed up screaming "Help!" While May and Ash chased him.

"Help!" cried Chopper as he ran past the other Straw Hats.

"What' going on?" asked Luffy.

Then Ash and May ran past him.

"I'm going to catch it May!" said Ash arguing with May while they were running.

"No I am!" said Ash.

"Uh…" said the other Straw Hats not knowing how to react.

Back in the room, the noise caused by the strange chase woke up the other three.

"Pika?" said a groggy Pikachu (Transition: Huh?)

"What's that noise?" asked Max.

"Not only that but where are we?" asked Brock.

"I don't know… the last thing I remember being sucked up someplace…" said Max.

"Now that I think about it was like that time with Tin Tower only more intense.," said Brock.

"You think we went into a portal of some sort?" asked Max.

"It's possible, normally when that happens there's just an explosion and Team Rocket flies away but…" said Brock.

"No Ash I'm going to catch this Pokemon!" yelled May.

"No I am!" said Ash.

"Help me!" yelled Chopper.

"I think we should see what up!" said Max.

"But how d owe leave?" asked Brock.

"Pika!" said Pikachu pointing the ladder (Translation: Look!)

"I guess that's our out." said Max.

Both climbed the ladder with Pikachu on Max's shoulder. They came to see there on a ship and that both Ash and May were chasseing an unknown Pokemon. While the other Straw Hats just stared not knowing what to do.

"What is that?" asked Max. He got no reply, "Brock?" asked Max. He turned to see Brock once again fell in love… with both Nami and Robin.

With the Straw Hats they were trying to come with anything to help Chopper.

"What are we going to do?" asked Nami.

"What's a Pokemon?" said Luffy.

"What does that have to with anything?" said Zoro.

"It does, those two keep calling Chopper a Pokemon." said Robin.

"That makes sense." said Usopp.

Suddenly Brock showed up and approached Nami and said, "Hello, my name is Brock! I have no idea where I am but I guess fate brought us together."

Nami had no idea what to say. Sanji on the other hand was angry that someone was moving in on his turf, right before he could kick him a hand appeared behind Brock's ear and pulled it away, it was Max of course.

"We may not know where we are but no matter I have to do this." said Max pulling Brock.

"Pika…" said Pikachu (translation: Pervert…)

Just then Pikachu didn't notice but it was in line of the crazy chase. It froze but before it could be run over by a reindeer it let out a Thunder attack, shocking everyone on the ship… well almost everyone.

"What happened? What was that bright light and why is everyone twitching like that?" asked Luffy, being made of rubber was completely unaffected by the electric attack.

"Pika…" said Pikachu embarrassingly (Translation: Ooops….)

Next Time: Everything gets straitened out so what do they do? Introduction time! But Team Rocket shows up... and gets blasted off again. However Sabrina sends both the Straw and Ash and the gang a collective dream and tells them how they can get back home.