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Chapter 8: The 4th Orb

"Our heroes once again continue their search for the nine orbs, but as they search they find something wrong, it's snowing, on the equator with no mountains in sight. What will our heroes do?"

"Why is it snowing?" asked Max.

"I guess I should explain the grand line." Sighed Nami.

"What do you mean?" asked Ash who sneezed.

"Okay, you all need coats." Said Nami with a sweat drop.

Meanwhile with Team Rocket, they were shivering, while Jigglypuff explained to Meowth the reason why it was so cold.

"Well what it is saying?" asked Jessie.

"Jigglypuff is saying that it doesn't know why the weather is so weird." Said Meowth, "But that the weather changes every island…"

Jessie and James exchanged looks, wondering what that meant.

Meanwhile on the Going Merry, Nami was explain the way the islands worked on the Grand Line. About how each island had a season type.

"So in others word we're approaching a winter island?" asked Max.

"That's right." Said Nami.

Max checked the PokeNav.

"And that's where next orb is." Said Max.

"It doesn't matter if it's snowing! We'll find it!" said Ash.

As the ship approached the island Luffy looked at it.

"It looks so existing!" he cheered.

"Luffy, are okay?" asked Brock, "You're not wearing a coat."

There was an awkward silence as he seemed to process the weather.

"It's cold!" he yelled out.

"You just noticed that?" asked Max.

"It's not the first time this happened." Mumbled Usopp.

The ship docked on the island, why was just a snow wonderland of whiteness.

"So I wonder what this island is like." Said Ash.

"You mean despite the snow?" asked Max.

"Okay! This time we need to stick together as much as we can while searching for the orb." Said Nami.

"How come?" asked Luffy.

"Because you want to get lost in snow?" asked Nami she looked at Luffy and Zoro, "That means you two."

Zoro glared at Nami while thing, "I've been though an avalanche with my shirt off, I can survive here."

"All right! Let's go find that orb." Said Luffy.

"Yeah!" cheered Ash.

"Pika!" Pikachu cheered with Ash.

And so they headed to search for the stature, unaware Team Rocket was following them.

"This time, we'll get that orb for sure." Said Jessie.

"Jessie." Said James.

"What?" muttered Jessie.

"I'm cold." Said James.

"So am I! Just don't focus on it." Said Jessie who began to shiver as well.

"Stop it! Let's just hurry and get that orb!" yelled Meowth.

"Right!" they called out.

"Jiggly!" yelled Jigglypuff.

On the island, as the crew decided to go into one group for now they decided to talk.

"So have you ever been to other islands like this." Said May.

"I'm from a winter island." Explained Chopper.

"I guess that would make sense." Said Max.

"So what it like this?" asked May.

"No… they're were giant man eating rabbits!" said Luffy.

"Giant man eating rabbits?" asked Ash.

"I became friends with them." Said Luffy with a big smile, "Because I saved one of them from an avalanche."

"That must have been after I got knocked out." Mumbled Sanji.

"It was." Said Luffy.

"Do you think that something like that will show p here?" asked Max.

"Maybe…" answered Robin, "Wouldn't surprise me."

The four from the other world as did Usopp and Chopper began to get scared.

"Oh come on what are the chances of something like that showing up." Said Nami.

Unfortunately just saying that evoked great doom… giant snow monkeys suddenly jumped down from the trees.

Usopp, Chopper and Max screamed.

"All right! This is going to be fun!" said Luffy, "Gum Gum Pistol!"

Luffy ended up punching the giant monkeys knocking them out.

"Go Pikachu!" called out Ash, "Use Thunder Bolt!"

The lighting hit the giant monkeys also knocking the rest out.

"You could have saved the rest for us." Said Zoro.

Both Luffy and Ash laughed.

"Let's just go." Said Nami.

As they continued on their way, more monkeys showed up.

"Looks like it's our turn." Said Sanji.

Zoro nodded… Zoro unsheathed his sword and shouted, "Oni Giri" knocking out the monkeys (and maybe killing some).

While Sanji mange dot kick a few knocking them out.

"It seems like the monkeys are over this island, we should be careful." Said Robin.

"You think?" mumbled Max.

Elsewhere on the island…

Team Rocket and Jigglypuff were running as fast as they could from the monkeys.

Jigglypuff took out it's microphone and was about to sing a song but they stopped it.

"No if you sing we might never wake up!" yelled James.

Because of this the monkeys managed to grab them and beat them up.

With the Straw Hats and the Pokémon trainers they continued their trek as knocked out monkeys laid passed them.

"Are we almost near the stature?" asked May, "This is getting boring."

"Don't worry, we are." Answered Max.

As they continued they found the Celebi stature.

"All right." Said Ash.

That was when they heard laughter, they turned to see Team Rocket, looking half frozen and beaten up.

"Hey, you okay?" asked chopper.

"They're the bad guys, remember." Said Usopp.

"Prepare for trouble because we're almost frozen." Said Jessie.

"And make it double… I can't think of anything clever because I'm too cold!" cried James.

"To protect the world from deviation…"

"To untie all people's within our nation."

However they just ignored it and Ahs touched the stature summoning the orb.

"HEY! We're doing our motto." Said Jessie.

"Shouldn't you be worried about get warm and treating your wounds?" asked Chopper.

"You're one to talk! You're just wearing shorts." Said Meowth.

"I'm a reindeer." Said Chopper with a sweat drop.

"Is that like a Stantler?" asked Jessie.

"Yes…" said Chopper, "I think…"

"No fair!" cried all of Team Rocket.

"Wobbuffet!" said Wobbuffet coming out of it's Pokémon.

"Let' just go now." said Luffy.

"Good idea." Said Brock.

"So what's for dinner again?" asked Luffy.

"Ask later." Said Nami hitting him.

And so they got back to the Going Merry.

"So that was the fourth one right?" asked Ash.

"Just five more to find." Said Brock.

"Don't worry, we'll find them all get the one from Team Rocket." Said Luffy.

Ahs nodded…

"And so our heroes sail on to find the orbs, but what about Team Rocket?"

Back at the island Team Rocket was surrounded by the giant monkeys covered in bruises.

"What are going to do now!" yelled Team Rocket.

"Well it looks like they're not getting out of this one any time soon."

Next Time: The next island they get to has two orbs, will Team Rocket get another one... or even possibly both? Find out next time!