I will be arriving tomorrow at approximately 10 o'clock in the morning at No 4 Privet Drive. You will be staying at the Burrow with the Weasleys for the remains of this summer holiday. Please pack all your belongings by tonight so it won't be a bother to you when I arrive. Apart from that, I will be bringing you along with me to King Cross Station to meet someone there. Violet will be staying with the Weasleys too, alongside you and Hermione Granger and she will start the sixth year at Hogwarts this September.

Professor Dumbledore

Harry Potter keeps reading this note ever since the handsome tawny owl sent him it last night. The thing that puzzles him most is not the short period of time he had to endure this summer by staying with the Dursleys but the individual that goes by the name Violet.

Who is she?

He had asked the wise professor that once they were out of the Dursleys and heading towards the station. Hedwig and his trunk had been sent to the Burrow beforehand. Professor Dumbledore merely offers Harry a lemon drop before answering.

"Violet is a new student who's going to be studying for her sixth year in Hogwarts,"

"I know that. You told me in your letter, sir. I want to know about her. Why is she starting this late?"

"Violet has been home schooled this previous five years," he continues before Harry could ask his next question," The reason for her home schooling is her personal matter but it concerns her safety,"

Her safety? Hogwarts is the safest place on Earth! Professor Dumbledore seems to has read Harry's mind,

"The concern of her safety is out of my power. It is not the same matter as your safety, Harry. It is something Violet should deal on her own."

"So, that means she has deal with it already, if she's finally coming to Hogwarts?"

"Yes, Harry. After much persuading, on my behalf, her godmother had finally given permission for Violet to attend Hogwarts,"

"Her godmother?" Harry can't stop himself from asking that question.

The twinkle behind the half moon glasses quickly disappears and a frown emerged in Dumbledore's face. Harry quickly regrets his action in asking this question

"Violet has been living with her godmother ever since she was a baby. Her mother had died during the child birth process and her father, I'm sad to say, died recently. Killed by a Death Eater."

Harry felt a pang to his heart. Her father had died recently, just like Sirius. Harry's heart went out to her for no apparent reason, without knowing her. Few moments of the short journey pass by with Dumbledore whistling softly and Harry being quiet, thinking about his recently deceased godfather with controlled sadness. The last part of

Dumbledore's sentences dawned to Harry after a few moments.

"What! A Death Eater!" he says loudly. Too loudly. Harry quickly realize his mistake," Oops, sorry, sir. But a Death Eater? That must be terrible for her to know that her father was killed by a Death Eater,"

"Indeed. The death of her parents was a great loss for I knew both of them and apart from your parents, there was never a couple so right for each other."

"They went to Hogwarts, sir?"

"Violet's mother is Asian and she went to one of the best wizarding school there. She won a scholarship in her fifth year and came to Hogwarts at the start of the sixth year. Her father had been a Hogwarts student from the start, and a very talented one too."

Without realizing it, the two of them had already arrived at the busy station. Harry debated, whether wanting to ask that final question. Dumbledore, as usual, knew,

"What else would you like to ask me Harry?"

"Well, Professor," Harry hesitated for a while before continuing," I was wondering about her safety. You told me that she has taken care of it but what is the thing that's threatening her safety?"

The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes returns as a train came in the station, he winks as he says,

"That Harry, you'll have to see it for yourself,"

Harry's mind was clouded with confusion. See it for myself? Does that mean she's bringing the danger on to herself? Geez, here I'm thinking she's been hunted by vampires or have a terminal disease but what Dumbledore just said made it sound not so dangerous.

Harry mind was so wrapped up in his thought he didn't notice that the train had fully stopped and the passengers were now busy getting out through the doors.

"Ah, if I'm not mistaken, there's our Ms. Violet Noor," Dumbledore's voice contains pure happiness, as if he's meeting with his own daughter.

Harry's emerald green eyes search the crowd and eventually fell on a figure with a backpack over her shoulder. He tries to catch a glimpse of her face but fail to do so for three reasons. One, she was 10 feet away from them, two, it's really busy and the crowd has just gotten bigger and three, she's wearing a jacket with the hood covering her head.

The figure had reach them and for the first time in Harry's years of knowing the Headmaster, Dumbledore gathers the girl in his arms and gives a quick hug, just like a father would hug a daughter.

"Hello there, Violet. The journey's well, I presumed?"

"Yes. It was quite nice and the scenery is beautiful."

Her voice didn't have the particular heavy British accent nor an American accent. Harry struggles awhile to place the accent.

The girl pulls back the hood and for the first time, Harry manages to look at her face and he was momentarily stunned. Not the kind of stun that he had experienced when he saw the Veelas at the Quiddicth World Cup, but a different kind of stun that stills enables him to act and talk like a normal human being. Never in his life, had Harry ever met anyone who...looks like Violet.

The first thing that caught Harry's eyes was her eyes. Instead of the occasional blue, green, brown and grey, it's violet, just like her name. The next thing that he noticed was how beautiful and radiating she looks. Her black hair was tied into a ponytail, with some strands framing her face. Her complexion was not fair yet dark. A closer look tells Harry that her skin looks a bit like honey. She looks more Asian than Eurasian.

Harry pulls his eyes away from her face and tries to act normal when Dumbledore introduces them.

"This is Harry Potter. He's going to be in your year in Hogwarts and hopefully also your friend,"

Violet smiles sweetly at him and offers her hand and another for the first time in Harry's life, her eyes didn't flicked towards Harry's famous lightning shaped scar instead it settled on to his green eyes.

"Hello. I'm Violet. Nice to meet you. Viktor had told me some stuff about you,"

"Viktor? Do you mean Viktor Krum?"


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