Hey, all! I am back with a story! I told you I would be tormenting Legolas again, and here I am, but I have decided to aim even younger this time. For those of you who read Lost in Rivendell, Luminal is NOT in this one, but keep an eye out. Kadorin is, and he actually gets to play a rather large part in this one…well, maybe not. More so than last time maybe…anyway. Oh, and before I forget, Thranduil WILL be mean in this story, but it is NOT his fault. Okay? Thranduil is a loving father in my story, he is just not…well, don't want to give it away. On to the story.

Disclaimer: There once was this blonde elf that someone other than me created, ;) but I liked him so much I invited him for playtime. I'll bring him back in time for dinner, I promise!

A mysterious elf has come to Mirkwood, and strange things begin to change in the king's behavior. Only Legolas is privy to these changes, but with everyone gone who could help him, will there be any hope for him? Let's find out…..


Kadorin was walking with the twin sons of Elrond when he first saw the courier. Thranduil, his father, had sent him to Rivendell almost two months ago, simply to discover any news to be had in Rivendell and to likewise offer anything the other elves might not know. Of course, this was simply the reason Thranduil had given, knowing that Elrond would send a message if anything really important had occurred, but he knew how fond Kadorin was of Rivendell, and the oldest prince of Mirkwood had quite obviously been feeling cooped up. Rivendell served as a handy excuse.

However, seeing the courier striding forward to meet the elves, Kadorin could not help feeling nervous. The prince had had a disagreement with his father shortly before leaving involving an elf calling himself Neurion that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few weeks before. Thranduil had quickly taken to him, and it was not long before he was even asking advice from the elf, as ­­Neurion was very wise. There had been something about the elf that had struck Kadorin as distrustful, and had caused more than one argument between the father and son. Thranduil had suggested that Kadorin take leave to Rivendell until they had both let their feelings die down.

Kadorin's thoughts were jerked back to the present as the courier finally reached them. "Prince Kadorin Thranduilion, a letter has arrived for you from your home." He said, holding out the said object respectfully. Kadorin took it with a nod of thanks. After flipping it over, he very easily was able to establish who had sent the letter.

"Who is it from, Kadorin?" Elrohir asked as Elladan thanked the courier and sent him on his way. The younger elf leaned in, trying to see the letter. Elladan was quickly doing the same thing, struggling to read the handwriting from over Kadorin's shoulder, much to the blond elf's annoyance.

"It's from my younger brother, Legolas." Kadorin smiled protectively as he gazed at the careful script. Legolas had been practicing his writing a lot lately, aspiring to the flowing letters of his father and brother, and it showed. However, the handwriting was a little shaky, as if Legolas had been upset or injured. The thought quickly changed Kadorin's expression to a frown.

"Oh yes, you have spoken of him, but he hasn't been here. I think you said your father said he was still too young for the trip?" Elladan asked, but hardly waited for an answer before continuing. "I don't understand that, Arwen is younger than Legolas, and father let's her go to visit the golden woods all the time with us!" Elladan suddenly realized that Kadorin wasn't looking at him. "Kadorin, are you even listening to me? Kadorin!"

Kadorin looked to the twins with a start. "Oh! My apologies. I was simply amazed that my brother has written me, he usually hates to write letters. If you don't mind, I would like to read this immediately. I do miss him very much." Kadorin could vaguely hear Elrond's sons vocalizing their assents, and smiled at them before starting back towards the palace, frowning more heavily. What had prompted Legolas to write?


"Dearest Gwador,

I hope all is well with you in Rivendell. I still wish ada had let me come with you. I would love to see Lord Elrond and his twin sons that you speak so much of, and I have heard that Arwen's beauty already rival's her nana's, and would like to meet her too. Nana says she is not very much younger than me. Maybe ada will let me go with you next time. I hope you can come home soon. It is very lonely without you, gwador.

Everyone is fine here at home, even though nana has not been feeling well, but ada says not to worry. Ada has been very busy lately, and has had to cancel all our rides and lessons. He seems very upset whenever I see him, so I have been trying to not be a burden. Lord Neurion has told me not to bother ada since he has a lot on his mind, so I have been spending a lot of time outside until recently.

Nana took to her rooms about a week ago and she has not come out since. She was very pale and would not eat before she stopped coming out of her room. I am worried about her, despite ada telling me not to. Nana has never been like this before, gwador, and she will not come out. I wish I could see her, but Lord Neurion told father it would not be good for me to pester her. Ada has ordered me to leave nana alone until she feels better. Our home is very quiet without nana's singing. I hope that she will get better soon and come out. I miss her very much.

The other elves in my training classes went on a trip this morning. They will not be back for almost two weeks. I wanted to go, as all my friends were going, but Lord Neurion said it was far too dangerous for me to go into Mirkwood without a host of guards, which ada says we cannot spare. Ada agreed and told me I must stay home, and when I asked him again to let me go he got angry and told me to retire to my rooms until morning. I have missed supper, but I am not very hungry anyway.

I should not complain. Ada says it is unbefitting a prince and selfish, and I don't want to make him any angrier with me. I just wanted to write you to tell you I miss you, gwador, and cannot wait to see you!

With much love,

Legolas Thranduilion"

Kadorin set down his brother's letter with a frown. Something was not right at home. When had Neurion become Lord Neurion, and why did Legolas seem so unquestioning of the other elf's authority? It was unlike the youngest Prince of Mirkwood. Besides that, what could possibly be wrong with their nana? Elves did not get sick, and Kadorin could think of no good explanation for his normally bright and cheerful nana to have disappeared into her rooms like that. Kadorin was likewise worried about his ada. Thranduil was by nature a gruff elf at times, but he was very loving of his family, and for him to brush off his wife's sickness like this, and ignore Legolas besides that, was very uncharacteristic.

There was nothing more that Kadorin wanted at that moment than to ride home as quickly as possible and find the answer to all his questions. Besides that, he worried for his gwador. Legolas was a very happy child, and for him to seem so resigned and sad was not natural. It was understandable, of course, if the youngest prince had neither family or friends, but that only made Kadorin want to ride home more.

Kadorin sighed and pulled out a sheet of paper, resigning himself to reply to his brother's letter. Children could exaggerate, and in the state his ada appeared to be in, Kadorin riding home early to Legolas would only put the younger elf in more trouble. Perhaps he could get Legolas to answer some clearer questions and figure out what was going on in Mirkwood.


Legolas lay out on his balcony in just a pair of leggings, letting the sun warm his prone body. He could hear the trees rustling quietly and the animals talking amongst themselves, and it soothed his troubled heart. The elf was unbelievably lonely and unhappy. He had been confined to his room for a week now and was now fairly bursting out of his skin to get out. Unfortunately, it seemed like every time Legolas finished one punishment, he got in trouble again and was quickly right back where he had started. It didn't help, of course, that Thranduil was getting more and more irritable with his son day by day, but Legolas didn't notice this in his youthful eagerness to please, seeing only his mistakes and wondering what had made him so bad as to make his ada so uncharacteristically angry with him.

The sound of the door opening quickly brought him to his feet and dashing for his chambers. "Ada!" He cried happily, throwing himself in the room, expecting to see his ada's stern countenance asking him if he had learned his lesson. The child hardly cared anymore if he did not know what he had done wrong. If saying yes would make his ada happy with him again, he would do so.

Thranduil's features, so identical to Legolas' own, were not the sight that greeted Legolas' eyes, however. Instead, Legolas almost ran into his father's dark haired advisor. The smaller elfling quickly screeched to a halt before Neurion, trying to collect himself as he bowed sketchily at the waist. What was Neurion doing in Legolas' quarters?

Neurion's face was hard and his eyes were cruel as he gazed down to the beautiful blonde child. "Your brother has written you back." He said without emotion, holding up a slightly crumpled letter. The letter had obviously been opened, but Legolas hardly cared as he started to reach for it. Neurion jerked it out of his reach, however, gazing down at Legolas cruelly. "Must you make a nuisance of yourself to everyone, Legolas?" He asked, and though the elf was of significantly lower birth than Legolas, Legolas did not even consider reprimanding the advisor on forgetting to call him 'Prince Legolas,' as would have been respectful. Neurion went on, oblivious to the obvious insult he had made by omitting Legolas' title. "You did not have your father's permission to contact your brother, much less tell lies and worry him over nothing!" Neurion said, so angry he seemed to smolder, and Legolas wondered idly if the letter would catch fire. The elf child started to protest that he had not lied, but knew it would do him no good. "Let us see what your father has to say about all this." Neurion said, taking Legolas by the arm firmly enough to hurt and escorting him out of his chambers. Legolas struggled against the tears that threatened at the thought that he was going to get in trouble again. It seemed he could do nothing right, and it was times like this that the young elf almost despaired.


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