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Neurion did not speak to the distraught elven prince on the short trip back to the rooms that were shortly to be vacant. Throwing the doors open, he jerked Legolas in front of him as he shut them behind him again, latching them from the inside. Legolas did not even pretend at bravery, instead weeping as silently as he could so as not to attract more attention. It did him no good, however.

Neurion still did not speak to the elfling as he looked around the room, searching for something, though Legolas knew not what. Finding it, Neurion dragged Legolas to the window, ignoring the cry of pain Legolas let loose. The advisor undid the cord holding the curtains back from the window, pulling them loose and yanking Legolas towards the large bed. Remembering the previous 'lesson' he had received at that very bed, Legolas began pulling to get away, but it only gained him a sore shoulder, as the older elf was far more strong.

Now Neurion began to speak as he pulled the prince in front of him. "You will regret your disobedience, young one." He said through his teeth, his face taut with rage as he shoved Legolas to his knees at the foot of the bed. "I will beat the obstinacy out of you if it is the last thing I do." He promised, pulling forth the cord and beginning to tie Legolas' left wrist to one of the posts of the bed. The prince began to struggle in earnest at that dark promise, but his efforts merely earned him a strike across the back of his head, temporarily making him dizzy as Neurion finished with his wrist and moved on to the other one, stretching his arm as far as it would go before tying a loop around it and around the other post, the distance being too far for the elfling's arms to stretch, but it suited the same purpose, holding him immobile between the two.

Legolas did not think he had anymore tears to cry, but his fear was rapidly proving him wrong. Sobs shook his chest and made breathing difficult, and Neurion hadn't even struck him yet. The prince tried not to think of the coming punishment, of his mother, or of his brother, who hadn't even received his letter yet. He could hear movement behind him, but couldn't process what the rustle of clothing meant until a slight whistle of air proceeded a violent stinging sensation that struck across his clothed back. He wouldn't know until later that Neurion had removed his belt to beat Legolas with. All he could think of was pain, and he shrieked and tried to wiggle away from the direction of the punishing blows, but could barely move. He began to really understand why Neurion had tied him up, and the realization made him sob all the more.

His tears had no affect on Lord Neurion, who continued the beating without comment or pause. As the screams grew in shrillness, the blows came quicker until the prince's shirt was ruined, and his voice hoarse. It was shortly after the 10th blow that Legolas truly broke.

Struggling violently until the skin of his wrists burned, a dull ache compared to his back, Legolas began to plead with his tormentor. "Please, Lord Neurion…" He begged, his breath short and another scream breaking loose when the blows didn't stop. "Please, stop!" Another blow in response, another scream. "Please! I am sorry, please stop!" The prince cried, but it did him no good as the belt came down again. Legolas' head felt heavy and muddled, and his thoughts were no longer coherent beyond stopping the pain. "Please, please, please…" Legolas begged through cries and, hiccupping, sobbing breaths.

There was a short pause, and though Legolas could not see it, Neurion sneered at the Mirkwood prince. "Pathetic. You cannot even take your punishments without begging. You truly are a disgrace, Legolas. I am willing to bet your brother would accept a punishment without complaint." He said, and though Legolas could barely understand the words, what he could make out made his cheeks burn with shame, but didn't stop his tears.

When the blows resumed, Legolas despaired of receiving any mercy from his tormentor, instead collapsing into incoherency, giving in to muffled sobs and cries. Legolas lost count of the blows, weeping to himself. "Nana…nana, help me." The prince begged pitifully, his breathing strained with sorrow and pain. "Nana…ada…" He screamed as a blow struck particularly hard.

"SILENCE!" Neurion bellowed, his arm flying with the command. "You will not continue this shameful begging to those who would see your behavior punished!" The lord commanded, and this order finally silenced the pleading from the prince, who merely continued to sob and cry out until the beating stopped.

Neurion said nothing as he walked into the bathing room to clean his belt off, and Legolas could barely hear his retreating footsteps, but the pain had stopped. That alone was enough to make him collapse in relief against his bonds. His sobbing did not cease, but his breathing was a little easier without the ever-persistent need to scream at the pain.

When Neurion returned, Legolas still could barely understand his words. "I am leaving you as you are as the last part of your punishment, Legolas, until tomorrow morning, at which time I will return to escort you to the servants quarters and see you properly settled before I release you to them." Legolas didn't even have the strength to respond as he heard the door open and shut behind the Lord. He leaned his head against the bed as best as he could and silently sent a prayer to the Valar that Kadorin wouldn't be too angry or disgusted with him when he received the letter, and would return to Mirkwood soon. Legolas would have given anything for his brother's comfort at that moment.


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