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Green Eyed Monster

Chapter 1:

Darkness was beginning to fall over Blake Holsey High, and several students were on their ways up to their dorms to turn in for the night. Corrine Baxter made her way into her own room, her hair still damp from the shower she'd just taken. She found her roommate, Josie, sitting at a mirror twisting her hair up. She was wearing a nice pair of jeans, a yellow baby-tee and a red hooded jacket over it. She gave an exasperated groan, letting her hair fall from her fingers and looked to Corrine with a pout. She was wearing a bit of lip gloss.

"Uh…what are you up to?" Corrine asked.

"Me and Lucas are having our first date tonight," Josie explained, before turning back to the mirror determinedly. Corrine frowned, her heart strangely skipping a beat at that proclamation. She made her way over to her closet, shuffling through it to pick out clothes for the next day.

Both girls were members of Blake Holsey's infamous science club, as was Lucas. Now, you see, Blake Holsey wasn't a normal preparatory academy. It was conveniently equipped with a black hole that caused scientific anomalies on an almost daily basis, which caused all sorts of excitement for the science club. In fact, it had been nearly a week since Lucas's accident that had left him little more than a brainwave floating about the science lab seen and heard only by Josie as his body lay helplessly unconscious in Pearadyne labs, the place that happened to be somehow behind the black hole and other strange occurrences at Blake Holsey. It had taken a great deal of quick thinking and a strong electric jolt to bring Lucas back.

It had been no secret Lucas's harbored feelings for the strong willed Josie Trent, but it still surprised everyone when a few days after his return to his body, they were found kissing in the hall. The other science club members each had their own different reactions. Marshall, Lucas's roommate and best friend, was, of course, happy for them. Vaughn, who everyone had simply assumed was going to end up with Josie, surprisingly didn't seem too perturbed by it. But then, he seemed to just be ignoring the fact that it had happened and there hadn't, admittedly, been any other interaction between Josie and Lucas after that innocent kiss. He was, however, obviously avoiding Josie and the other science club members. Corrine, on the other hand, was not exactly thrilled for them. She wasn't entirely sure it was a good idea. Josie was, after all, her best friend, and she knew about Josie's feelings for Vaughn. Far be it for her to make accusations, but something seemed a bit off about this new relationship. And now, watching Josie get herself "done up" for her first date with Lucas, Corrine couldn't keep quiet anymore. She had to voice her thoughts.

"It's not going to work, Josie," Corrine finally hissed. Josie let her hair fall once more with a heavy sigh.

"No, it's not," she agreed, and Corrine crossed her arms over her chest.

"So you admit it," she demanded, "I can't let you go through with this, Josie. Lucas is my friend." Josie was taken aback by that, furrowing her brow in confusion, before turning to face Corrine quizzically.

"Lucas is my friend, too," she stated a bit dumbly, before narrowing her eyes at her roommate and asking, "What are you talking about?" Corrine threw her hands up in disgust.

"You. Using Lucas," she spat, before narrowing her own eyes at Josie, "What are you talking about?"

"My hair. I can't get it to do what I want…what do you mean me using Lucas?"

"You like Vaughn," Corrine argued, "You've liked him pretty much since you got here. So why are you going out with Lucas? I'm not stupid, Josie. I can figure it out. You're using Lucas and I can't let you hurt him like that…"

"Did you ever think that maybe there is no hidden motive behind me going out on this date with Lucas," Josie interjected angrily, "That maybe I just like Lucas?" Corrine gaped at her.

"But Vaughn…"

"This has nothing to do with Vaughn," Josie muttered, turning back to the mirror and finally settling on simply smoothing her hair back into a ponytail. She pulled herself to her feet and spun on Corrine, "I can't believe you would think I could do something like that!"

"I…sometimes I don't know what you're capable of," Corrine admitted, turning away. Josie pursed her lips, tightening her hands into fists, "Just…never mind. Forget I said anything…"

"No, Corrine. If you have a problem with me let's just get it out in the open now," Josie sneered.

"It's nothing, Josie," Corrine replied evenly, before bitterly saying, "You'd better finish getting ready. Don't want to keep Lucas waiting."

Josie opened her mouth to say something more, but there came a knock on the door and she bit it back. Flustering, she ran her hand over her hair to smooth it out and straightened her shirt. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Lucas stood there, paused and poised to knock again. He cleared his throat, dropping his arm to his side and taking in Josie's appearance, before lowering his eyes and blushing slightly.

"Uh…you look nice," he commented.

"I look the same as always," Josie pointed out.

"Well…you always look nice," he quickly told her. She smiled somewhat, "Uh…you ready to go…?"

"Yeah," she murmured, shooting a dark glance over her shoulder Corrine's way, "Later." Lucas waved slightly at the other girl, and they closed the door behind them. Corrine scowled, folding her arms over her chest.

Josie followed Lucas as they made a path towards the stairs. They were silent, flustered, not quite sure how to address the other. Lucas had combed his hair somewhat, it was spiked a bit with gel. He was dressed in a more casual shirt, nicer pants, his usual sneakers.

"Where are we going?" Josie asked finally, breaking the silence of the hallway.

"You'll see," Lucas answered slyly. They were quiet when a couple girls passed them by, sneaking glances at them and whispering amongst themselves.

"…are Josie and Lucas…?" one of the girl's started in a whisper that wasn't quite quiet enough.

"…no way, they're both just in that science club. Besides Vaughn supposedly has a thing going with Josie, and honestly, which one would you choose…?" the other girl replied, and they broke into giggles, disappearing into their dorm. Josie glanced at Lucas, whose eyes were studying the ground. She cleared her throat, and he looked uncertainly at her.

"Uh…just down here…" he mumbled, starting down the stairs. Josie took a deep breath before reaching forward and grabbing his hand with her own. He looked to her wide-eyed and she turned her attention casually forward. They stopped in front of an all-too familiar door and Josie smirked up at Lucas.

"The Science Lab?" she questioned.

Lucas grinned at her, swinging the door open and ushering her in, shutting it quietly behind them as Josie took in the scene. The desks had all been pushed to the sides of the room with lit candles atop them and a blanket was casually laid out on the floor. A television and VCR was wheeled in from the AV room and set up, an assortment of videos on top of it. Lucas motioned for Josie to take a seat and he joined her as they settled on the floor, sitting awkwardly next to one another.

"I…uh…" Lucas started, he cleared his throat and took a look around, before glancing at Josie and blurting out, "I'm sorry." She looked at him blankly, blinking a few times.

"What for…?"

"That we couldn't have a more normal date…" he shrugged.

"Dating at a prep school isn't easy," Josie assured him, fiddling nervously with his hand, "But this is nice…I like what you did with the place."

"Well…I got some help from Professor Z…in fact, most of this was his and Marshall's idea," Lucas admitted, "I got to put it all back though…"

"Oh…I can help," Josie volunteered.

"You don't have to," Lucas started to tell her.

"Well, if you insist," she grinned at him. He shook his head, rolling his eyes.

They fell silent again.

"So," Josie spoke up, "How have you been handling things since your…incident?"

"I'm starting to long for being a radio wave," Lucas confessed, leaning back and turning his gaze to her, "I had a fun little run-in with Kubiak. You know, he wanted to welcome me back from my suspension for accidentally blowing up the science lab…what did Professor Z tell Principle Durst?"

"I don't know," Josie shrugged, suppressing her laughter, "He wouldn't tell us, he just said that 'now she knows that we know that she knows that he knows that she knows that we know that he knows that she knows that…something's being covered up'."

Lucas stared blankly at her.

"I don't know what that means either," she reassured him. They both chuckled slightly, "At least now you have a record...soon you'll have caught up with mine."

"Josie, I don't think if I got caught everyday breaking five rules for the remainder of my time here at Blake Holsey that I could catch up with your record," Lucas told her honestly. She slapped him lightly on the shoulder, narrowing her eyes to dangerous slits. She pursed her lips, shaking her head.

"Yeah…well…it was a good thing we had Vaughn," she commented and Lucas froze.

"Yeah, good thing…Vaughn," he muttered, all hints of joviality gone, a slight scowl crossing his features. Josie frowned at him.

"I can't believe you're going to act like that," she cried, "If Vaughn wasn't there…"

"I never would have gotten my body back, I know," he interjected, "That doesn't mean I have to suddenly change my entire opinion of him!"

"Yeah, well it would be nice if you eased up on him," Josie hissed, "He risked a lot going into Pearadyne."

"You're right, if Victor caught him," Lucas mocked, "He might have gotten a lecture, or worse, maybe he'd of been grounded."

"That's real nice, Lucas," Josie growled, "You know, he was real upset when we thought you were possibly dead and he did just as much as the rest of us if not more to get you back in your body and that's the appreciation you show him? Why can't you just get over your deal with him?" She was on her feet suddenly, arms crossed over her chest, taking a few steps towards the door. Lucas sighed after a moment, pulling himself up as well.

"Josie…I didn't ask you out to argue over this," he told her carefully, "I don't want to ruin any chance I have with you before I even get to take it because of Vaughn. Can we just…can we start over?" Josie peeked at him, loosening slightly, but saying nothing. "Come on, Josie. I know you don't want to turn in so early…"

"I…guess," she relented, her arms falling to her side, and turning to face Lucas once more, "We can try this again."

"But…first off…let's just agree not to talk about wormhole stuff and…Vaughn and all of that," Lucas suggested. Josie smiled slightly.

"Okay, but what will we talk about?" she questioned. He shrugged.

"Did you…try out that new game Marshall got?" Lucas asked.

"Oh yeah, I did," Josie grinned, and they were quickly enthralled in a conversation about graphic cards and simulated violence.

They had taken to sitting on the floor again, facing one another and slowly easing into excited chatter, teasing one another, and laughing as Lucas regaled Josie of Marshall's first few attempts at the game. There came a soft knock at the door and they startled.

"I'll…uh…be right back," Lucas excused himself, making his way to the door and opening it. Marshall stood in the frame, a pizza box and six pack of soda in his hands and a bright grin on his face. "You're late," Lucas informed his friend in a low voice.

"How's the date going?" Marshall whispered, ignoring the comment.

"Fine," Lucas hissed, taking the pizza, "I'll talk to you about it later."

"Hey, Marshall," Josie called.

"Hi, Josie."

"Good-bye, Marshall," Lucas seethed, moving to close the door. Marshall put a hand forward halting it.

"Don't forget to tip the delivery man," Marshall grinned. Lucas scowled at him.

"I'll take care of it, later," Lucas growled at him, shoving the door closed, taking a deep breath and turning back to Josie. She smiled up at him, amused. "I…hope you're hungry."

"Pizza and cola," she smirked, as he sat the box and cans down in front of her, "How are you paying Z back for this?"

"I've got money," Lucas shrugged, making his way to the VCR and shuffling through the videos, reluctantly continuing, "And…I'm cleaning beakers for a month."

"All for this?" Josie raised a brow, "All…for me?"

"Well…yeah. You're…uh…kind of…worth it," he mumbled, turning to face her. She lowered her eyes, blushing noticeably. There was a silence between them. Lucas cleared his throat, pushing his glasses back, "Uh…I've got a couple movies here…Professor Z recommended Journey to the Center of A Subatomic Particle."

"Oh…as interesting as the subatomic particle movie sounds," Josie replied, stressing the sarcasm on 'interesting', "I think we should pass." She slowly walked over to join him by the VCR, moving the videos around and skimming the titles, "Which one did you want to…" she started, but trailed off as she noticed their close proximity. He met her eyes and they both flushed.

Since that day nearly a week ago, they hadn't really had a moment alone together. And they'd really avoided any intimate interactions. Suddenly, Josie leaned up, touching her lips to his and curling her fingers in his shirt for support. He returned the kiss gently and they hesitantly parted.

"I'm liking this kissing thing," Josie admitted quietly.

"You don't hear me complaining," Lucas breathed reply.


Corrine practically jumped in bed, ripping the covers up over her head and falling back to her pillow, squeezing her eyes shut, just as the door opened a crack.

"I had fun tonight, Lucas."

"Yeah. Me too."

"I'll see you, tomorrow."

"Yeah. Good night."


There was a moment of silence and Corrine peeked. The door was still open partially and she could see Josie and Lucas's shadows falling into the room. Lucas was bent forward and they were obviously exchanging a brief kiss. And then Corrine could hear Lucas shuffling down the hall and for a long time, Josie just stood with the door open. And then she slipped in the room, fell against the door, and took a deep breath.

"Corrine," Josie whispered, and Corrine lay perfectly still, "I know you're awake." Corrine groaned, rolling her eyes and sitting up.

"How was your date?" Corrine asked quietly, watching as Josie crossed the room to fall back-first onto her bed.

"Oh. My. God. Corrine," she breathed softly in reply. Corrine bit the inside of her cheek, slowly laying back down as Josie excitedly began telling her about the date.

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