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Summary: A girl makes her last wish to meet with Syaoran again. Now time allows them to reunite, two thousand years into the future.

As You Wish

Chapter One

In the year 2005.


That was her word of the day.

Sakura laughed. Her teacher had asked her today, "What would happen if you turned immortal?"

Sakura replied with, "Immortality doesn't mean you can run in front of the car and suffer no consequences. It just means you won't die. Immortality doesn't mean you won't get old, you'll just never die. I'll just live life just as I did before, taking care of myself."

The teacher was surprised at these words. Words that was so wise coming from a child so young.

The teacher, still rather dazed, told the class patiently and calmly, "Now class, it is now half a minute to three pm. Please pack up your pencils and so on..." and the bell rang.

The mass of students fled out of the classroom door, leaving Sakura slowly packing up her books for the day. The teacher stared quietly at the girl, who had no emotions revealed upon her face.

"Good afternoon, miss." Sakura said to the teacher quietly. The teacher gave her no reply.

Sakura's way home was always the same. She walked out of the school, she walked across the roads, and she opened the door to her house. Usually she was very careful, but the topic the teacher discussed with her today was very…intriguing.

She paused for a second halfway across the road. Immortality…apart from being a blessing…couldn't it also be a curse?

She was so deeply in thought about this matter, that she did not notice a car coming closer and closer. The sounds of the wheels scratching to a halt could be heard, and Sakura turned around, shocked.

Suddenly, she could feel two hands on her back, pushing her out of the way. And she fell onto the side of the road.

The truck skid past and just missed hitting a light post. The truck came to a halt, and the driver ran out, and Sakura watched where he was running to.

It was a boy, lying on the street, with blood covered all over his head. The truck driver turned deep blue in the face, and began shaking him, "Are you alright!"

The boy groaned, and he put his hand behind his head. He sat up, with his bones slightly cracking, and he looked at the blood on his hands.

With any other normal person, they would have run off, screaming in fear. But this boy looked at his hands, grimaced, and smiled bitterly as if the scene was all too familiar.

Instead of worrying about himself, the boy stood up, with a slight limp, and began his way to Sakura.

"Hey, are you alright?" the boy asked her, "If you don't mind…" and the boy leaned on her shoulder, "Sorry. Give me five more minutes to fully recover…"

Sakura stared at the boy who had just cracked his skull, "You hit your head! You could have concussion…and…and…"

The boy smiled, and said, "Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself."

Sakura looked at the boy, who motioned her to sit down. Sakura slowly positioned herself to sit down on the low brick wall, and the boy sat down heavily, and sighed.

"You really have to be more careful, Sakura."

"Do I know you? Who are you? How did you survive that fatal blow?" Sakura gasped.

The boy smiled grimly, and he looked at her without expression, "That is not for you to know. I known you since you were very little. My name is Li Syaoran. You can refer to me as Syaoran."

"I don't suppose I know you then…" Sakura murmured.

"Listen, Sakura. You must be more careful before any other events happen. Or else you will suffer the consequences."

Sakura looked at him, and she said, "Who are you to control my life?"

"Syaoran. I am Syaoran Li, and I will make sure you will be careful from now on. Take care."

With that, the chest nut haired boy with the amber eyes, and the back of his head simmering with blood that was slowly drying, stood up and began walking away.

Sakura could hear his slight limping and every single footstep.

But she could only stare straight as his back, "Who are you?"

The next day at school, the teacher stood at the front desk, and announced happily, "Today we have an exchange student! Please come in, dear."

Sakura, impatiently tapping her pencil on the desk, gaped at the boy that walked in.

Syaoran, his head no longer simmering with blood (not that it revealed he had an injury there at all), walked straight into the classroom, and bowed. Sakura noticed he was still limping.

"Good morning. My name's Li Syaoran. Pleased to meet you."

Now what was up with that coldness?

A girl at the front, who was ranked 'popular', slyly tapped Syaoran's leg as he walked past to find a seat to sit down upon, "Hey there, Syaoran, want to hang out after?"

Syaoran smiled, and he removed her hand from his leg, "No thank you. Please address me as Li-san, as I would address you as such."

Sakura could only gap. Didn't Syaoran tell Sakura that she could call him Syaoran yesterday? But why was he denying any form of relationship between the popular girl and himself?

Was Sakura really that important?

Hadn't they just met?

She heard the empty chair next to her screech as the legs were pulled across the surface of the floor, and Syaoran sat down. He smiled at Sakura, and he stated, "You seem to want to ask a lot of questions."

"Say, Li-kun, you seem very thoughtful and quiet."

Syaoran looked at Sakura, and he shook his head, "I thought I told you to call me Syaoran."

Sakura smiled bitterly, "Oh I see. I just thought…"

"You thought being polite would be better. Not to know a stranger to thoroughly yet. Am I correct?"

Sakura smiled, ashamed, "Yes you are correct." She looked up, and pointed, "My house is two streets from this one. Where do you live then?"

Syaoran murmured, "I go with the wind."

Sakura remained quiet and did not give him an answer. It seemed as though that there was something unusual about this boy. He didn't seem like the other restless and juvenile boys in her class. In fact, Syaoran seemed the exact opposite.

"The wind is ever flowing. It suits my needs," Syaoran continued, "It welcomes me, and it shows me what I truly desire."

Now Sakura was really afraid. She was afraid of Syaoran, and the way he spoke so naturally of something that was unseen in this world.

Syaoran noticed the silence from Sakura, "Did you know of a legend? A legend concerning a girl, a boy and a portal through two worlds?"

Sakura shook her head, and Syaoran continued, "The girl was a wimp. She despised life, and she took it for granted. One day, while she was moving houses…"

And Syaoran continued with the rest of the legend, and it had a familiar tinge to it for Sakura. She didn't know why, but somehow, she wanted Syaoran to keep on feeding her information.

"The girl was idiotic." Sakura observed, after the tale was told.

Syaoran nodded wisely, "Yes. She was."

Somehow, Sakura's heart felt cold as Syaoran whispered his reply. She had never expected him to agree with the girl's stupidity…

She was rather shocked as Syaoran grabbed Sakura's hand, and started running, "Let's hurry before it gets too dark."

Sakura just ran with him.

To run with the flow of the wind…

Up ahead, Sakura could see some bright lights…maybe an automobile's? But they were going way beyond the speed limit, and she felt Syaoran take a sharp intake of breathe.

She could hear him hissing, "Not again. The balance is complete. You do not need to bring more chaos…"

He pushed Sakura off the road and onto the pathway, and Syaoran closed his eyes, ready to take the blow.

Five seconds passed…then ten. He opened his eyes cautiously, revealing that he was still in one piece.

He looked over to the pathway, and his eyes widened.

The car had deliberately driven onto the pathway and crashed into Sakura. Syaoran could feel the wind whispering to him, "The balance is now complete."

Syaoran gritted his teeth as he approached Sakura's side, "Are you alright?" and he quickly got his phone out, "Hello? I need an ambulance! Immediately, I have a girl that's about to die…"

Damn it. The balance still had to act upon its will. So much for thinking I could stop it.

"Don't go to sleep. You might not wake up again." Syaoran murmured while placing Sakura's head upon his shoulder.

Sakura felt so cold. She smiled, and she said to Syaoran, "Did you know, I've only met you today. I still think you're very strange…"

Syaoran smiled bitterly, "Really. Maybe you don't remember, but I've known you longer than just for one day…"

Syaoran, the balance must be restored.

He closed his eyes, and he murmured, "I hate the friggin' balance."

Sakura frowned, and chose to ignore that, "Before the ambulance comes, can I ask you something?"

Syaoran looked at Sakura; no… you're going to die before the ambulance arrives. All because of the bloody balance.

"Will I ever meet you again? They all say you wander around quite a lot. I want to meet you again."

Syaoran's mouth twitched and he muttered, with his head bowed, "As you wish."

The sounds of the ambulance could be heard, and the doors burst open. But a dead girl was carried onto the back of the ambulance, with a boy beside her, his fists clenched.

In the Year 4005

Humanity caused the destruction upon Earth. Weapons of mass destruction were finally created by nations all over the world, and a series of long wars were created.

The land was poisoned by humanity's evil, and as Earth's orbit steered further away from the sun's heat and light, Earth fell into darkness.

And within the deep darkness over the country of Japan, a girl was born. A girl with a dying wish to meet with him again.

End of Chapter One

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