This fic is dedicated for my wonderful beta, Helgaleena who doesn't know at all about Naruto world, but still kind enough to beta this fic for me. I'm hoping that by continuously beta-ing my Naruto fics, she'll be interested in Naruto

Inspired by this quote from a Harry Potter fanfic, The Truth of Out Transgressions by Roxierocks:
Too many transgressions can make a star shines brighter.
"It means that you can make every mistake in the world, a thousand misdemeanours and there will still be someone who only loves you more for it."

Someone Who Only Loves You More

Sometimes in the night, Sasuke would wake up, and gazing at his sleeping companion, he would wonder if this miracle of being loved back by the one he loved had really happened to him, or if he deserved the happiness and comfort of going through the days, sleeping, and waking up next to his beloved. What good and right things had he done to warrant this blessed life with Naruto? But, whenever that question started to nag at him, and he began to doubt himself, he would remember with such clarity the answer that Naruto gave, the one true reason that made him leave Orochimaru and his wrong quest for power to come back to Konoha.

"Because Sasuke is my most important and precious person. Always has been. Always will be."

And then, when his doubt was quenched and he was at peace in his heart and mind, he would remember another answer, different words yet with the same meaning, from the one that used to be his most important and precious person.

"Too many transgressions can make a star shines brighter." Itachi said with a faraway look on his eyes.

"What does it mean, Aniki?" Innocent, naïve little boy that Sasuke was, he couldn't understand the meaning of such words, the depth of such wisdom.

That faraway look on Itachi's face was gone, and now he focused his whole attention on his beloved little brother standing before him. Then a rare, gentle smile, meant only for Sasuke's eyes, graced the normally cold features.

"It means that you can make every mistake in the world, a thousand misdemeanours and there will still be someone who only loves you more for it." Itachi said seriously. And taking his brother's hands in his, he locked his crimson shadowed black eyes with the pure black of his little brother's. "No matter what happens, I want you to always remember this, Otouto."

Back then Sasuke didn't really understand the meaning of those words, didn't realize the intense emotion and the almost pleading look accompanying that heated gaze. But on a night like this, when he has had his fill of watching his lover's angelic sleeping face, and he felt so content and happy that it felt like drifting on a warm blue ocean, he would turn his head towards the window, and catching a look at the crimson moon, he would silently, fleetingly ask that lurking shadow an eternally unanswered question:

"Aniki, when you said those words to me, when you made me promise to always remember them, when you killed our parents and the whole Clan and spared only me, were you hoping that I could be that someone who would only love you more, despite every mistake, and the thousand misdemeanours you had made?"