Note: All material in this fiction is my property, except for those terms which are already property of Bandai Entertainment and Sotsu Agency/Sunrise. A big thank you to Yoshiyuki Tomino-sama for creating such a wonderful and inspirational series!

This is my own AU, and written as such. However, for those of you who subscribe to the Turn A Bang theory that all the Gundam universes are linked, I have included subtle references to Turn A itself as I have intended for this AU to be set two thousand years after Turn A.

Some of you may also notice that there are parallels in this fiction. I have also inserted a bit of my own political commentary, so don't interpret some of the things presented as fact. It is only my opinion.


The year is Colonial Time 203. Over two hundred years after the colonial commercial combine of ZATIN, the Zoroaster Astral Trade and Information Network, declared themselves independent and waged the great War of Liberation. During this war, they used the power of high technology, in the form of mobile suits, to seize their victory over the Earth United Nations (EUN). In doing so, they carved out a commercial empire that would span Earth, the moon, and the asteroid belts from which resources for the colonies were taken. With the signing of the Treaty of Hue, the Earth United Nations essentially became puppet governments. Over time, the control that ZATIN over the various Earth states had degraded, but they kept control by means of diplomacy, economic measures, and espionage. If necessary, they stepped in, using their technological superiority, and their new battle strength, the mobile armour. Faster, more maneuverable than mobile suits, their shape also didn't matter very much, whereas mobile suits always had to conform to vaguely humanoid forms.

In recent times, after a period of peace and stability, war began to rear its ugly head again. People within the various Earth nations and in the Lunar States began to express their discontent for the commercial imperialism that ZATIN had forced upon them, as well as the attitudes of their military. United by these grievances, a group formed, calling themselves the World League, all from different places on Earth, the moon, and even within ZATIN, to strike for their beliefs. Violently if necessary. The largest display of their power was shown in CT 0195, almost two hundred years since the War of Freedom that liberated ZATIN and brought the Earth under its heel. The League released a deadly virus into the ZATIN mainframes, destroying almost all the data in the military and government mainframes, spreading by the space and earth-spanning Z-Net, a wireless network working by broadcasting and saturating waves of information. The virus altered the waves of information broadcast by the Z-Net transmitters, crippling communications systems, guidance systems in both civilian and military craft, and having a curious side effect on the power plants used universally within the earthsphere: neo-fission generators. These generators were an extremely refined form of normal nuclear fission, able to use any element, not just the heavy ones such as uranium or plutonium, and even worked better on the waste produced from fission of these heavy elements. The altered Z-Net waves, or Z-Waves, sped up the reaction so much that the neo-fission reactors were simply overloaded, and exploded. This lead to huge casualties, particularly within Zatin, where the use of neo-fission reactors was the most widespread, with the destruction of many colonies due to neo-fission chain-reactions transforming the reactors into highly destructive nuclear bombs.

In light of these attacks, the ZATIN chairman, Nicholas Schrabb declared war on this group, declaring an Earth Crusade against these people who would dare to resort to terrorist tactics to shove their views down people's throats.

They also pupported to be protecting the drained and depleted Earth from the commercial depredations of ZATIN's corporate elite. This Earth Crusade has raged on for eight years now, with no end in sight as ZATIN continues to identify new EUN members who sympathise with the World League.