First Date: Picking Her Up

Title: Picking Her Up 1/1
Author: DebC
Rating: PG-PG13
Keywords: D/P Relationship potential, UST
Disclaimers: Declan and Peggy belong to the creative minds of Carl Binder, Peter O'Fallon, Lions Gate and PAX. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving the world such wonderful characters.
Summary: Declan nearly doesn't make it in time(Dec POV)"Picking Her Up"

Declan stood in front of his bathroom sink, a toothbrush in hand, leaning close to the sink to examine his teeth. "Perfect," he said, dropping the toothbrush onto the sink's edge and picking a comb.

From the other room, he could hear Mole whining to go outside. "Coming, budding!" he called out as he walked from the bathroom to cluttered living room. Mole sat by the door, and let out another agonizing whine as soon as he saw Declan. Declan crossed the room to the couch and rooted underneath it for the leash that Mole frequently misplaced. Mole hated the confinement of the leash, but tonight Declan just didn't have time to chase the dog all over creation.

A half hour later, he was chasing the sandy-haired dog all over the park.

"Mole! Moley, come back! Here boy!" Declan called out as he ran after the frequently disobedient dog. Correction, Declan chided himself. Mole wasn't disobedient. He had selective hearing. The dog only heard what he wanted to hear, and was even more selective with what he decided to listen to.

And right now, Mole was ignoring Declan outright and racing across the park towards the duck pond.

"Mole! Hey--!" the dog stopped suddenly, sending Decln tripping over him and sprawling on the ground.

"Awwww! What a cute doggy!" came a young voice from above Declan. He struggled to his feet in time to see a little girl fawning over Mole and petting his fur. Her mother hovered nearby. Declan knelt beside them.

"Is this your dog?" the mother asked.

"Ummm... "Declan was breathless. "Yeah. He's mine. He, ah," he help up the leash and slipped collar. "He's a little smart for his own good sometimes."


"Thanks a lot, Mole," whined Declan when he got back to his apartment with the errant dog. His jeans were covered in dirt and grass stains and his shirt was soaked in sweat from the "great chase."

He patted the dog on the head on his way to bathroom.

A second shower and new change of clothes later, Declan was on his way out the door.


Declan turned left, his fingers tapping the steering wheel of his truck to the tunes from his favorite radio station. Peggy lived on the next street and his little jaunt in the park hadn't cost him anytime. In a few seconds, he and Peggy would be going on their first real date.

"Wow..." he muttered. He still couldn't believe that she'd actually said yes. He hadn't expected her to. It was a dream come true for him, and he was so nervous about screwing it up--even if it was just bowling.

"Um, hi, Peg," he muttered as he walked to her door. "How're you? You look lovely tonight." Declan frowned. "No, that sounds lame," he told himself, knocking. I really must be nerv-- "Oh, hey, Peggy!" he exclaimed, swallowing as much of his nerves as he could when she opened the door. "Sorry, I'm late."

Peggy smiled back at him. "You're not late, Declan. Shall we go?"

(Continued in "Dinner & Bowling")