Prologue: Ever since the dawn of time there has been a war between the light and the darkness and ever since anyone can recall the light has always beaten the darkness. But what happens when that darkness is so durable and so powerful that the light has failed to succeed in conquering its enemy? What happens when the only way to beat the darkness is by fighting the darkness with darkness?

Just as the sun set and darkness covered the valley right off the east coast of Northbridge town, Noctowls, Umbreons and other night dwelling Pokémon made an appearance. The valley's center consisted of tall green grass which fed some of the Pokémon. Right in there, were beautiful flowers which danced as the air gently caressed their gentle petals. A river also made a home of the valley, as a family of Umbreons played by the river the moon's face was reflected in it. All through out the land there was the deep and tranquil sound of peace. Nothing of technology was seen around, no cars could be heard passing by nor was the toxic waste of the car's exhaust pipe polluting the area. No humans littered the area with cups, cans or paper. There were no such things as crime or war or pain in the valley. There was just the tranquility of the night, the dance of the wind and the chant of the night life.

As peaceful as it seemed and felt, that peace was soon broken when a young man around his late teens raced through the tall grass. He was wearing black, baggy pants, a gray jacket with the Quicksilver symbol in red in the middle and a gray hat with said symbol on it. He was running as fast as he knew he could. He had been running for a long time, he felt the effect in his tired legs but he knew that if he stopped running they would get him for sure. His lungs were aching from the heavy breathing he was doing from the exhausting task of running for his life. His mind however was not active; all he had in mind was to get as far away as possible. He did not know where he would end up in but he cared not. All he could focus on at the moment was running.

At Northbridge Valley's entrance Ash, Brock, May and Max made their way towards two pillars wrapped in vines. In between the pillars they could see two cliffs separating a gorge which led into the Northbridge valley. Brock and Max looked up at the giant cliffs, they had to tilt their heads back in order to appreciate their size which compared to them were like gods atop of Mt. Olympus. Ash and May stared into the gorge as if asking themselves if going through was as good an idea as jumping into a pool full of starving Sharpedos. "Should we go in?" May asked as she looked into the blackness of the gorge. Brock and Max caught up with them and looked at Ash waiting to see what he would say. After all, coming to Northbridge Valley was his idea. After hearing that strong Pokémon dwelled in the valley all Ash could do was talk about how he would go in and catch the strongest Pokémon he could find.

The gorge's blackness was intimidating and it was almost midnight which gave it a more terrifying feeling. He stared into the blackness of the gorge and suddenly felt a strange feeling go up and down his spine. Never had he felt such a feeling before. It felt as if fear, concern, tranquility and curiosity had been combined together and had overwhelmed him all at once. Pikachu, which sat on his shoulder, looked at him curiously. It tapped him on the shoulder and Ash snapped out of the strange trance he had been drowning in. He shook his head and said in a determined matter which was more how he usually acted. "Yeah! Let's go." He walked in first and then the others slowly went in.

The trip through the gorge was quick and less frightening than they had anticipated. They reached the other side in a matter of 7 minutes and laid eyes on the most beautiful valley any of them had ever seen. All four of them gasped in awe as they saw the river and the flowers and the playful Pokémon which came to life when the moon would shine its pure beauty on them. They scanned the area for a place to make camp and spend the night in. There was no problem with that. Brock soon spotted a small cave at the foot of a cliff which rested right next to the river.

They walked over and made sure the cave was not home to any Pokémon. There seemed to be no one inside so they made camp. Although the moon's light shunned brightly they needed a bit more light so they gathered some wood to make a fire. They searched the near by area but only found thin twigs and two branches which would not be enough for a decent fire. Brock looked at it in question and as he crossed his arms he said while looking at the wood. "Well, if we want a two minute fire then this will do. We need more fire wood." His question was blown out with the intention that someone else would volunteer to find fire wood. He turned to the group and none of them seemed to make the least of an attempt to race to the task of collecting wood. Finally Ash spoke up and said. "All right, I'll get the wood. C'mon Pikachu."

Both Ash and Pikachu walked on to get more firewood while the others finished with the camp. Pikachu climbed up on Ash's right shoulder and smiled at its trainer. Ash put his hands in his pant's pockets and looked down at the ground in hopes of finding wood quickly. The search lasted a while as both of them kept a look out for firewood. It was a search they would soon have to face was in vain. There were no trees in the area or at least in the area they were in. The only trees Ash could see were at the other side of the valley, right up on the side of the cliff walls. That was sure to be a walk of about two hours and he couldn't carry all that wood by himself. As he walked on Pikachu sensed something was watching them. It looked around but saw nothing so it kept looking at the ground in case it saw some wood. Ash sighed deeply and said. "We're never gonna find any wood out here Pikachu." The small yellow mouse replied. "Pika."

Suddenly that feeling Ash felt when they were at the entrance of the valley invaded him once more, only this time fear was the dominant feeling in him. He remained calm outside but inside it felt as if a war was going on. He raised his gaze and looked around frantically as if searching for something. He circled around and looked with no stop, Pikachu was somehow feeling the same thing but fear was not the dominant feeling within the small electrical mouse. Ash's eyes scanned the area so quickly it was starting to give him a headache but he didn't care about that. All he cared about was to get rid of that feeling or better said feelings he was having at the moment.

He placed his hands on his face, covering his eyes. When he removed his hands and opened his eyes he did not see that peaceful and green valley any longer. All he saw was a battlefield. He saw people running around everywhere, some screaming, others holding spears in their hands as if ready for war. There were strange small houses made of twigs and mud all over the valley. There were women and children running towards the exit of the valley, he saw men fighting with each other. Then a loud and ear shattering roar was sent into his ears, he covered his ears with his hands and looked around to see what made that sound. At one end of the valley he saw a giant winged creature and at the other end he saw one similar to the other.

One of the creatures was black and the other was white. Ash couldn't see any details because they were so far away from him. All he could see was their color and their massive wings which looked like they could create a cyclone by simply flapping their wings. Suddenly all the humans disappeared and so did the giant creatures. The entire scene was back to how it looked minutes ago or so he thought. He looked around but couldn't see the camp site nor could he find Pikachu. He looked around in an almost panic, his breathing quickened and his heart was racing. He walked forward and called out everyone's names. "Pikachu! Max, May, Brock! Where are you guys! Hello?" He walked a bit forward and then as he inhaled to call out again he heard a low hissing sound which froze his spine and made his hair stand on end.

He slowly turned around and right behind him was what looked like a person. He or she was wearing a white hooded cloak and that person had the hood up completely engulfing their face in blackness as if not to identify them. His breathing was now faster and heavier and his heart was racing at such a fast pace he could swear it would jump right out of his chest at any given moment. He dared not approach this person; deep inside he had a horrible feeling about this person. Who ever that was lifted his arm up and pointed behind him. He slowly turned around and saw another cloaked person but this one was wearing a black cloak and looked far more frightening.

Both figures slowly approached him at a slow pace. Ash swallowed hard and as his breathing kept getting faster they stopped and both at the same time screamed in a strange voice. "Release us now!" Ash quickly closed his eyes and when he opened them again they were gone. He looked around him and found no one except for Pikachu who was several feet from him and was looking at him in a manner as if asking what was wrong with him? Ash exhaled deeply and said. "Are you okay?" Pikachu walked up to him and replied. "Pika. Pi, pikachu." Ash turned around and before he could take another step someone ran right into him. Both of them fell to the ground from the impact. A young man in his late teens got back up and said as he tried to catch his breath. "Watch…where you're going, punk!" Ash got back up and quickly snapped. "Hey, you were the one who bumped into me!"

The kid fell to his knees and tried to catch his breath from what Ash thought was too much running. Ash's anger quickly subdued and he went over to the kid who seemed extremely tired from so much running. "Why were you running?" When the kid finally got his breath back at a normal pace he said. "I was trying to get the---long story kid. I just…have to get out of town for a while."

"Well, why? Are you in some sort of trouble?" The kid chuckled and said as he looked up at Ash. "Not just I, sport. The entire world is in deep, deep trouble. You know what? Enjoy your last few days here on Earth. Make amends, do things you had always wanted to do, I don't care, just enjoy life…while you still can…" Having said that the kid got back up and started running towards Northbridge Valley's entrance. Pikachu looked at the kid curiously as did Ash, then they both looked at each other and lifted their shoulders. Pikachu then climbed back up on Ash's shoulder and just as Ash took a step forward he saw something glowing on the floor. He looked down and saw something in a sphere like shape. He kneeled down and picked it up. It felt like a small marble that was wrapped in a torn piece of clothe. He unwrapped the object and held in his hands a small white sphere which was glowing.

He stared right into the sphere and went into a trance. He looked at it and became more and more serious. The more he stared into it the deeper he went into the trance. Pikachu called out to him several times but Ash would not respond. Pikachu stood in front of Ash and waved its small paw in front of his face. Still, Ash would not respond, he just kept looking into the sphere. Pikachu then noticed how his eyes were changing color right before its eyes. The brown was slowly being drowned in a bright yellow which seemed to glow. Suddenly Ash passed out an fell on the ground, after several attempts of calling out to its trainer but received no response Pikachu decided to run back to camp and bring someone back.

Early in the morning Ash slowly opened his eyes. He remained lying on the floor and examined the area. He looked around and noticed he was in his sleeping bag inside the cave they had made camp in. He sat up and looked for Brock and the others but he didn't see them anywhere. As he rose he began to feel a bit dizzy for some reason, he walked to the cave's entrance and saw everyone was up and about. Pikachu looked back and saw him standing there and the small mouse ran over to him and greeted him. "Pika pi!" Ash hugged Pikachu but remained quiet. He felt rather strange and very tired; he could hardly recall the events that had taken place the night before. Max approached him and said. "Well, you don't look so good."

"Are you okay? You feel all right?" Said May as she went near him. He didn't answer any of the questions that they were asking. All he could focus on were thousands of images that were racing through his mind at the moment. Images that took place thousands of years ago. Brock soon joined them and asked if he was feeling all right but Ash wouldn't answer to any of them. He just looked right through them and into oblivion as if there was something out there speaking to him. May waved her hand right in front of his face but he didn't react, he just kept staring into nothing and it was starting to worry them.

Suddenly he snapped out of that and looked to where they had been sitting and saw the sphere he found the night before. There was something different about it; it was not glowing like it was when he picked it up. He stared at it and as Brock was going to pat him on the shoulder he quickly turned around and threw up behind him. Brock and the others backed up a little and figured he had gotten sick. Brock quickly ran to his backpack and got a map out and looked at it in hopes of finding the nearest town.

"Well, the nearest town is Northbridge town which is that way." Brock pointed out towards the other side of the valley, which at the moment seemed to be miles and miles away. Max sighed and said. "Think he can walk all the way there?"

"I'm not sure. But we'll go slowly and give him a break if he needs one. So come on guys, let's pack up."

Brock, May and Max packed their things and Ash just watched them. Pikachu sat several feet from Ash and watched him carefully; it sensed something alien within him, something strange and unnatural. Pikachu looked right into his eyes and saw something strange in them. Ash looked at where Brock pointed out when he spoke of the nearest town. His mind was blank and he suddenly began to shiver, which was strange since the atmosphere was cool not cold enough to shiver from it. Pikachu called out for any of them and as Max looked Pikachu pointed at Ash who crossed his arms across his chest and was shivering.

"Guys, I think we better move it."

They picked up the pace and as they set out they handed a jacket to Ash. He put it on but he was still shivering. The walk was well over two hours but they somehow had to make it across the valley and into Northbridge town and once there they would try and find some one to take a look at Ash and see if there was something wrong. As they walked by a herd of Stantlers they froze and stared at them. The Stantler seemed shaken up and were slowly backing away from them as they passed by. The same thing happened when they passed by a group of Sentrets. When they passed by the group of Sentrets ran away in fear. They paid little attention to their behavior since they figured the Pokémon in that area were not used to seeing humans.

After two hours of walking they finally reached the town of Northbridge. The town was pretty big. It had a feeling of advanced technology but at the same time it gave off a feeling of the days of yore, the streets were wide, the buildings were tall, short and some skyscrapers in between. They could see clear across to the other side of town and in the middle they saw what appeared to be a park in the middle of the entire town. Another thing that stuck out and was almost unbelievable to believe was the fact that the town was very clean. There was not a single newspaper or can on the floor. They stopped admiring the town and began to look for any signs of a hospital. Max quickly spotted one and before he could point it out Ash collapsed on the sidewalk.