"I always thought you'd know better."

As the small child's voice spoke Ash could feel something very cold touch his left hand. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a small apparition resembling a girl around Max's age standing next to him holding his hand in her small hand.

The small girl was Eriscordia when she was just a little girl. She was wearing a white cloaked robe like the one from the picture in Dr. Marco's house. Eriscordia's face shun with a radiant glow of pure innocence that was not there before. Her smile was sweet and her eyes were full of joy, the same joy you would find in any happy child.

"The minute I looked into your eyes I saw the purest heart since Thanades. He was always kind to me and treated me nicely. Thanades was very dark but he was the gentlest and kindest person to walk the Earth…just like you, Ash."

Ash laughed in a shy manner and put his hand behind his head as he sort of blushed from the compliment and said. "Me? Nah."

"Sure you are. I know so. Isn't that right, Pikachu?" Pikachu lifted its paw in the air and agreed with Eriscordia by shrilling out. "Pikachu! Pi, Pikachu!"


Ash smiled sweetly and then kneeled down right next to Eriscordia. She quickly jumped into his arms and hugged him sweetly. Ash returned the hug while Pikachu jumped in to hug both as well and smiled at the former rivals.

"I knew I was right." Said Eriscordia as she placed her hand right on Ash's heart and whispered a familiar line. "In the middle of darkness there's a light." Ash couldn't help but smile again and so did Eriscordia and Pikachu.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I have a gift for you." Eriscordia stretched her arm out and when she opened her small hand a small, starry white orb levitated in the middle of her right palm. Ash looked at the orb and then at Eriscordia in curiosity.


"I want you to wield the power of the light. Then you will have complete control over the light and the darkness."

"Eris, I---I can't."

"Think of it as a thank you for setting me free gift." Deep inside Ash did not want to part Eriscordia from her powers that had been bestowed onto her but she was giving them to her in good faith. After thinking it over Ash slowly lifted his left arm and as soon as their palms came together Eriscordia transmitted all of her powers onto Ash.

"Most people don't realize it but darkness is not a force of evilness. The darkness is every huge and little challenge given to us by fate. Sadly, those who fail to pass a challenge consider it bad. Truth be told you cannot live without the light or the darkness. You need both in order to have a perfect balance."

"That's true." Said Ash as he petted Pikachu.

"Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you, Ash Ketchum."

"Same here."

"Pi! Pikachu!" Agreed the little yellow mouse as it lifted its paw in the air. Eriscordia smiled at Pikachu and turned to face the sea. The small apparition began to vanish but before it completely vanished she turned to look at Ash and said with a huge smile.

"I meant what I said earlier. Nice outfit, Azreal."

For a split second Ash was oblivious to what she had said but then he looked at himself and laughed realizing why she had said that. Seconds from vanishing Eriscordia winked at Ash and finally vanished from the realm of the living to rest once and for all.

Later that day around noon the citizens of Alexandria City and Northbridge Town got together to celebrate how a courages young trainer saved them. After a lot of drinking, partying and much eating Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy and Dr. Marco called the group over to speak about Ash's new situation. Dr. Marco walked over to Ash and placed his massive hand on his shoulder and said with a huge smile.

"Well, after talking it over we have decided that Ash seems fit to release out into the world. He's no threat to anyone and he did save us all." After Marco said that Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy agreed. Ash proved to be more than capable to control his "gift" and they knew he was a kind heart with not one shred of evil in him.

After staying for just a few more minutes Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May and Max said their good byes and made their way towards Northbridge Valley. As soon as they set foot on the valley they heard some one calling out to them. The group turned around to see who it was and it turned out to be Karin, Dante and C.J.

"Glad we caught you guys before you left." Said Karin as she tried to catch her breath. "We were wondering something. Back there at the cliff, you asked us to give you a moment. You never told anyone anything but we know what you did."

"Yeah, very cool indeed, kid." Said Dante as he crossed his arms and C.J. agreed as well. Ash lifted an eyebrow in question and said. "But how?"

Karin smiled at Dante and C.J. and said. "Oh, a little Crobat told us."

"Plus we figured you had figured it out as well when you first touched the sphere." Said C.J. with a confident smile. May on the other hand had absolutely no idea what they meant by that so she stepped forward and asked. "What do you guys mean?"

"I let Eris go."

"You what!" Yelled Brock, May and Max at the same time but Ash explained why he had done that. Of course Karin, Dante and C.J. already knew why so they let him do the explaining.

"Relax, you guys. I freed Eris from the curse. See, their dad was half right. Eris was cruel and bitter but that was before those witchdoctors had placed the curse. The war was not because of the land; they had worked that out through an agreement. The war was really all about who would be the next heir to the throne. Both civilizations had joined to form one but both had two kings and two heirs so when each wanted their kids to take the throne a war was spilled over."

"Makes sense." Said Brock and Max agreed.

"Yeah. So both of their parents turned to their own witchdoctors and they were the ones who gave them the gifts and it was them who placed the curse. It wasn't Eris, she was just another victim just like Thanades."

"But then why does everyone think she is evil and why hasn't anyone corrected this?" Asked May who was not placing it all together as neatly as the rest were.

Karin who all this time had her hands behind her back showed them what looked like a very old letter. Karin faced the written part towards Ash and the others and said. "Because we were told not to say anything until she was set free."

"You see, our great, great grandmother found a set of letters all addressed to Thanades and one addressed to 'who ever it may concern'. Both Eris and Thanades wrote this particular letter explaining how the war started and why it did. Oh, and the letters Eris wrote to Thanades explained that both of them were friends not enemies. They just tried to end the war but in the end failed."

"Oh. Poor Eris." Said May in a sympathetic tone which everyone else agree to. Suddenly Brock got an idea in his head and looked at Ash curiously and said. "So, we know Karin, Dante and C.J. knew the truth about Eris and Thanades but how did you know?"

Ash smiled wittingly and said as he looked at the letter in Karin's arms. "While we were out there in the sea pulling off the attacks she told me. Not in words though, she shed a single tear and somehow I saw what really happened in that tear. I guess she was saving it till the end. Seems like she always leaves it till the end but then none of the other "Thanades" seemed to have understood so she did what she had to in order to survive."

"So in a way ya did the right thing, Ketchum." Dante said as he patted Ash on the back and everyone else agreed, including Pikachu. Ash smiled and said. "So, guys, what are you gonna do from here on out?"

"Well—" Began to say Dante but then he was cut off by an anxious Karin with some good news. "Well, I am off to start on my own journey! That is like so wicked! Dad, saw how Spellbound began to trust me and he kept his promise."

"Hey, that's great! Maybe we'll run into each other." Said Ash followed by a reply from Pikachu. "Pikachu!"

"Yeah, that'd be great!"

They wished Karin the best of luck and they all continued on their own paths. After crossing Northbridge Valley, which took a while, Ash and the others came face to face with the gorge. "Well, this is it. Let's go guys." Said Brock as he walked in first followed by Max who said. "Too bad you guys didn't catch any new Pokémon."

"Well, in a sense Ash is a Pokémon. But…I wonder if he would be considered a legendary?" Said May as she laughed and kept walking down the gorge but Ash quickly said. "Hey, we're getting just a little too ahead of ourselves." The group of kids laughed and so did Pikachu.

The little yellow mouse jumped off of Ash's shoulder and walked ahead of Ash. As Ash was going to set foot on the rocky path of the gorge he heard the faint sound of children laughing. He slowly turned around and a few feet away were two small apparitions. One was Eriscordia who was holding hands with a small boy who Ash thought to be Thanades. Both apparitions were holding hands and waving at Ash. Ash smiled and watched as the two apparitions vanished into thin air. After they were gone he kept walking down the gorge and on with his journey.