This is a fic that I'm doing for a good friend of mine, mistressbellatrix; thank you for the Kouga pictures Bethy! n.n Love!

This will be nothing but smut…no plot, no nothing! Just hard core, incestuous, gay, smut! I would have it be more than just that, but unfortunatally the show little Beth-Beth likes best isn't one I watch often, so I'm kind of winging it from what I know of the show and the character's personas. Plus, the smut is probably all mistressbeth cares about. Ain't that right, mistressbellatrix? –smilesmile-

WARNING: This story contains YAOI, INCEST, and other ADULT SITUATIONS; if you are offended by any of these things then I suggest that you turn back now. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Full Metal Alchemist Series or any of the characters, I own the story and the plot or lack there of. I also own and created the poem that appears in the story. Thank you.

Takes place when Alphonse is human. (Making smut between the brothers when Al is armor would be just plain odd and confusing…o.O Would that even be possible? -.-)


Dear Brother: Ode To Ed and Al


There were just two things Alphonse Elric loved, writing and his brother, Edward Elric. He and his older brother had gone through so much together. They had lost their Mother and body/appendages together, searched for the Philosophers Stone, fought Scar and even the Homunculi. Then by the end of it, they had gotten their forms back, or at least, Al did. Ed was still cursed with the mechanic arm and leg, but Al didn't care, he would always love Ed, no matter what.

"Brother…" Alphonse thought back to when he got back his body, Ed could have gotten his arm and leg back instead, but no, he let Al get back what he had lost first.

"Al!" Ed practically kicked the door down coming in, "I can't fucking take this any more!"

Alphonse looked to his brother startled, he never came the writing room, it was Al's and he went there to be alone, Ed usually respected that.

"Just what the hell have you been doing in here?" Edward walked closer to his now surprised younger brother, looking on the desk to see paper with writing, which Al quickly covered.

"Brother! I'm busy." Al was in a panic now, he wasn't ready for Ed to see just what sort of things he had been writing, sure, it was just poetry, but it was whom the poems were about that caused Al to blush and hide them the best he could.

To Alphonse's dismay Ed was able to get the paper, in a friendly manner of course, Ed basically teased him as he tried for the paper and to farther his amusement he added comments such as "What is it about Winry? Do you still want to marry her or do you have a little girl friend that you're hiding from your brother?' Then even more to Al's dismay, as Ed got the paper he read it out loud, thusly embarrassing Al to the point of death. (If death by embarrassment were indeed possible anyway.)

"Dear Brother" Ed read the title somewhat confused; he hadn't been expecting this.

"Love is undeniable

Caring is inevitable

Does family really matter?

Brother, we are two unique people

My feelings will never change

Though I must remain stone

You must know

My love for you is never ending" By the end of it, Ed's voice was becoming quiet and his breath was becoming shallow. "Oh…Al…" Ed looked to his younger, blushing brother with shimmering eyes.

He never knew Alphonse felt that way…he never knew, despite how close they both were. Edward moved closer, his mind unaware of what his body was about to do.

Al watched as his brother came closer, his flush only rising more, "Brother…?" He wasn't prepared for what occurred next as Edward's lips touched his own. Al's eyes widened in pure innocence and wonderment as his brother began ravishing his mouth and pushing back onto the desk. Alphonse could not do anything but return the affection, he loved his brother more than anything, it couldn't be wrong to love someone, even if they were your brother. Loving was in no way wrong, and Alphonse was quite aware of that now as his mind was set free and his body moved of its own accord.

--To Be Continued--