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Chapter 1- Stakeout

"Ugh! Where is she?"

"Chill, Tucker, I'm sure Sam will show up soon. Why are you so on edge, anyway?"

Tucker coughed and looked away. "I was busy, and it was annoying getting called out to ghost hunt again."

"Oh, and you think I'm having the time of my life?"

"Yeah, but you barely need us. You're the great Danny Phantom, slayer of runaway ghosts."

Danny frowned. "I do not 'slay' them."

"You know what I mean."

The bushes around them rustled, and both boys jumped in surprise. They settled down again, however, when a squirrel ran up a nearby tree.

Once again, they were on a late-night ghost stakeout. Sam had yet to arrive—was late, actually, which was strange for her—and they were keeping watch for both her and the ghost. For some time, a specter had been causing strange behavior in the people of Amity Park. People were leaving their long-time boyfriends and girlfriend for stupid reasons, and parents were splitting up left and right. Whoever this ghost was, they were ruining relationships and families, and Danny had to put a stop to it. So they were at the park, waiting to see if the ghost would come. It seemed that was the place most sightings were made.

"So, what were you so busy with in the first place?" Danny asked in an irritated tone. Lately Tucker had confined himself to his room, where he was constantly frustrated by ghost hunting and his friends interrupting him. At first they had thought he got a new game, but even a video game wouldn't keep him locked away this long. He would have beaten it three times by now. Danny was sick of the whole thing, and Sam agreed with him.

"I was… online."

"Oh, yeah, well that's a surprise. Doing what?"

"None of your business."

That made Danny angry. "Since when has your business not been my business? We're best friends, Tuck! We always told each other everything. Why are you being such a jerk?"

"What happens between Lea and I doesn't concern you!"

Tension was thick as silence stretched. "Uh… Tucker? Who's Lea?"

Tucker was frowning, his lips pressed tightly together. He whipped his beret off, crushing it in his hands.

"She's just this girl… we're kind of together."

"You have a girlfriend?"

"We met through instant messaging."

"Wait, an internet girlfriend?" Danny's laughter echoes in the still night, and he quieted quickly, but he was still shaking with the contained mirth. Tucker glared at him.

"Shut up! She's not really a girlfriend exactly, just someone I talk to."

"Yeah, sure. Ow! Hey, why'd you pinch me?"

"But, I didn't—"

Suddenly there was a rustle as Danny straightened behind the bushes. He was gazing out toward the fountain of the park and as Tucker searched, he saw a dark form emerging from behind it. Slim and lithe, the figure slinked toward their hiding place, and Tucker readied himself for attack. It was then that Danny sighed, and his head tilted strangely to one side.

"I never realized how pretty Sam was when she's wearing all black."

Was Danny crazy? Sam always wore black. But as he looked out, he saw that the figure was indeed Sam, and soon she was climbing into the bramble beside them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" she whispered.

"Your lips are amazing," Danny replied, and with that, he yanked her on top of him and fastened his mouth to hers.

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