Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Title: Close Your Eyes
Rating: G
Character: Kirk (his POV)
Summary: When you wish that reality would just go away...Takes place during Edith Keeler's death in "The City on the Edge of Forever"
A/N: Completely and totally unbeta'ed sorry for any grammar errors. This just popped into my mind. Literally.

He saw McCoy run to warn Edith Keeler, to get her out of the path of the truck. He couldn't let her live, as much as he wished her to. For the sake of mankind, she had to die.

She can't die! Let McCoy save her... his heart pleaded to his mind.

She has to die, there is no way you can let her live and not have history changed. his mind argued. Close your eyes...

"Jim, no!" He heard McCoy exclaimed as he held onto his friend, to prevent him from saving her. He closed his eyes just as he heard the truck screech to a halt, and a short piercing scream that tore his heart. He kept his eyes closed to push the tears back once he heard the awful silence that followed the scream.

He kept his eyes closed for once second longer, wishing that this was only a dream...