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Title: Attack of the Bunnies!

Chapter 1: Bunny Ears

Note: This fic is dedicated to one of my friends (you know who you are) and our little stalker-bunny incident.

Howl Jenkins sat at a cluttered desk in the living room. It was 2:00 AM. Everyone was asleep except him.

Howl turned around to face the fireplace, but saw, to his dismay, that there was no one there. Great. Calcifer had gone for one of his little "strolls" again.

Howl moved the paper he was writing on, which was covering the photo album that he now opened. There was a picture of him and Sophie, at an amusement park ((I have no idea if there are amusement parks in Ingary...let's just say there are)) holding hands. Someone had given Sophie bunny ears.

But, holy crap, those weren't Howl's fingers. In fact, they didn't even look like humanfingers. They looked more like...paws. With shaggy grey fur on them.

Howl gasped. They were...bunny paws.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day, Howl showed Sophie the picture.

"A bunny?" asked Sophie incredulously. "But they aren't that tall..."

"Maybe it was a pillar of bunnies," said Howl, grinning and yet seeming to be totally serious at the same time.

"You are so weird," the girl said. "You think bunnies are stalking us?"

"Yes, I do!" shouted Howl. "And it's beginning to creep me out!"

Later that day, Calcifer returned. Howl told him about the picture.

"That's odd...ooh, speaking of pictures, let's look at that whole roll you took of me!" shouted Calcifer happily.

"Oh, fine," sighed Howl, as he pulled out the photo album and turned to the "Calcifer pages".

As Howl flipped the pages, Calcifer began to talk about the pictures. "There's me and you...me and Sophie...me and Markl...me and Heen...me and a random bunny...me and-"

"What did you say?" asked Howl urgently, flipping back a page.

"I said that was me and...a...random...bunny," stuttered Calcifer.


End of Chapter 1

I'll continue this soon! Bye!

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