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Summery: Sequel to Just like Dear Old Vlad. Has Maddie Fenton figured out what her son has been hiding? If not, can Danny, Sam & Tucker keep her from finding out? DXS

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Mum's The Word

Sam woke up gasping and in a sweat. She sat up and looked around her darkened room. She could vaguely make out the form of Danny sleeping her couch. She took a shaky breath and made her way to the bathroom, stepping over Jazz who was curled up in a sleeping bag on the floor. Tucker was another issue all together. Sam forgot he was there and she tripped over him. But, nothing short of the princess ghost, who hopefully was still downstairs dancing, or better yet back safe and sound in the Ghost Zone could wake him.

Sam went into the bathroom, splashed water on her face and looked in the mirror. She looked horrible. The nightmare she had was terrible. She dreamed she was flying up in the air, higher and higher then dropped by a horrible creature with red eyes. Sam normally would have brushed the nightmare off as stupid if all that hadn't actually occurred on Friday. It was Sunday morning. Danny, Jazz and Tucker and the Princess Ghost, who happened to have saved her life, were still at her house after the fight with Vlad. With the exception of Princess and well, Danny himself, no one felt they could deal with another ghost. Sam's house was the best place to avoid them and so far they'd been kept away.

Princess didn't say much. She rummaged through Sam's closet for pink, and continually begged Tucker to dance. "Poor Tucker," Sam said to herself. The princess seemed to be fixated on him for some reason and she gave him very little peace. If it wasn't for the fact that Princess had saved Sam's life and they owed her, Tuck would have made sure she went into the Fenton Thermos a long time ago. Sam wondered if the princess was keeping the other ghosts away some how and was sort of grateful for her presence. Sam made her way back into the bed room. Tucker was mumbling to himself about no more dancing. Sam couldn't suppress the smile on her face. She checked on Jazz who seemed to be sound asleep then she crept over to Danny and sat down beside him.

If Sam felt bad for Tucker, then she felt worse for Danny. The last few days had been really hard on him. They had spent all of Saturday relaxing and being pestered by Jazz who cooked for them and treated everyone like they were mischievous children who needed constant adult supervision. That meant that Sam and Danny hadn't had a moment alone together since she showed up and dropped the bomb that she thought Maddie Fenton knew that her son Danny was none other than Danny Phantom. Danny was almost obsessively worried that his mother knew, and was half afraid to go home, which was why he was still here. Jazz was there because she wouldn't leave Danny alone at Sam's and Tucker was there because, well he was their best friend. They were the Trinity of Terror as Jazz termed it.

Danny stirred only a little as Sam ran her fingers through his dark hair. She loved his hair. She traced the line of his face along his jaw and he smiled. He grabbed her hand and tucked it under his chin. Sam suppressed a laugh then kissed his forehead. The smile remained on his face. He wore such a look of peace and happiness. It made Sam's heart fill with peace and happiness of her own to see he was so…happy. She wished she could insure that same peace in his waking hours as well as his sleeping ones. At least he wasn't plagued by nightmares like she was. Sam looked over her shoulder at Jazz, who was sleeping with her back to Danny then crawled under the blanket. Danny remained asleep but welcomed her into his arms. Sam sighed contentedly as she settled herself with her head on Danny's shoulder and fell asleep.

The next time she woke, it wasn't to a nightmare, but a sweet reality. She stirred as she felt someone showering her face with kisses. She opened her eyes and was met a pair of beautiful blue eyes. "Good morning," Danny said. He was smiling and Sam felt her the beat of her heart speed up and her toes curl.

"Good morning," Sam replied then closed her eyes as Danny placed a gentle good morning kiss on her lips. Sam wrapped her arms around him and held him close, refusing to let the kiss end. It wasn't until she heard someone clearing their throat near by that they both opened their eyes and looked up.

"Good morning Jazz," Sam said cheerfully as she looked up at Danny's sister who was standing over them like a thundercloud with her arms crossed and her right foot tapping.

"Hi Jazz," Danny said a dreamy, goofy smile still present on his face.

Jazz pulled Danny of the couch. "Come on Lover boy," she said. "Come help me make breakfast." Danny kept the goofy dreaming look on his face all the way to the door. Finally he looked at Sam and winked as Jazz dragged him out of the room.

"Curses," Sam said as she plopped back onto the couch. "foiled again!" She looked at Tucker who was still sleeping then took a deep breath and snuggled back into the warm spot Danny had left on the couch and fell back to sleep.


"What do you think you're doing Daniel Fenton?" Jazz asked as she turned on him in the kitchen.

"What?" Danny asked clueless as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. Jazz was making him seriously embarrassed. He didn't see that there was anything wrong with kissing Sam. He liked kissing her and looked forward to kissing her again sometime in the future, and hopefully without someone interrupting.

"Danny Danny Danny," Jazz said as she cracked eggs into a bowl. "There is so much you don't understand."

Danny leaned up against the counter and smirked at his sister. She was always acting as though she was the adult. Even when faced with their parents. Truth of the matter was that sometimes she was the most adult in the family. A lot of times though she was a just a stick in the mud.

"Sam's my girlfriend Jazz!" Danny said. He grinned dreamily again. It was nice to say that. He wanted to repeat it over and over again. Jazz shot him a withering look and he stood up straight. "I'm allowed to kiss my girlfriend aren't I? I mean it's not against the law or anything is it?" Jazz shook her head. Danny scratched his and gave her an expectant look.

"Danny!" Tucker yelled on cue as he came racing into the kitchen. He skidded across the floor and nearly bumped into Jazz who was pouring milk into a measuring cup. "She's after me again! That darned ghost. I can't dance anymore. I just can't!"

"Oh dear Prince," the princess called as she drifted down the stairs. "I so want to go to the ball with you." Tucker groaned and hid behind Danny. Both Danny and Jazz were trying not to laugh. The princess had a one track mind and it was hard to sway her. She was a ghost after all. Right now her mind was set on dancing with Tucker.

"Would you mind dancing with me instead?" Danny asked as Tucker cowered behind him.

"Yes! Dance with Danny!" Tucker begged. "Please!" Danny extended his hand and took the Princess into the living room to dance. It wasn't too long before Sam made her way into the kitchen.

"Do you want some eggs?" Jazz asked as Sam opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of soy milk.

"Ummmm that's gross," Sam answered. Jazz shrugged her shoulders and made her self a bowl of cereal. Tucker took the bottle of soy milk and made a terrible face as he tasted it. Then stuffed a forkful of eggs in his mouth.

"Where's Danny," Sam asked.

"Wif da pwncess," Tucker answered with his mouth full.

"Don't talk with food in your mouth, " Jazz admonished.

Tucker gave her a look of disbelief then said, "Yes Mother." He grabbed his plate and fork and a few more scrambled eggs and went into the other room, casting Sam an apologetic glance.

"So," Jazz said as she sipped her coffee. "What's going on between you and Danny? Hmmm?"

"Uhhh I don't think that's any of your business," Sam said as she put her spoon down and looked at Danny's sister.

"Uhhhh yeah it is," Jazz countered. "I'm his sister. I'm entitled to know his business. It's my birthright to butt into his life." She narrowed her eyes at Sam. "Danny says you're his girlfriend."

Sam's eyes light up. "He did?" She asked excitedly then composed her excitement and said. "Oh he did did he?" She couldn't disguise the smile on her face and it was contagious. Jazz smiled too.

"Seriously," Jazz said. "You hurt him. I smash in your face." Sam blinked at Danny's sister and nodded her head. She didn't know what else to say. "He's going to need us. If Mom knows what I think she knows. Danny's gonna need help!"

"I know," Sam said as the smile slipped from her face and was replaced by worry. That was another reason why everyone had stayed at her house this weekend. Danny was afraid to face his mother and the talk she told him she needed to have with him. "We're probably just being paranoid."

"I hope so," Jazz said as she took her plate of food and carried it into the other room.

"Pushy isn't she?" came a disembodied voice from over Sam's shoulder. Being quiet used to Danny sneaking up on her, Sam didn't jump.

"You're a sneaky little eavesdropper," Sam accused as Danny appeared beside her and transformed back to his human self.

"Guilty as charged," Danny said as he tweaked Sam's nose.

"And she's right," Sam continued. "You can't hid from your mom forever."

Danny advanced on her and put his arms around her waist. "Does that mean you won't run away with me?"

Sam's eyes lit up. "If it means we can get away from Jazz then yes!" Danny laughed and followed Sam into the other room. Tucker and Jazz had decided to watch a movie, but were arguing about what to watch. Danny and Sam sat down on the love seat and cuddled up together. Tucker and Jazz noticed them sitting there but decided to leave them alone. If they had known what was to befall all of them in the coming week, they would been merciful and left them alone entirely.