Chapter Eight

Everyone was sitting up in Danny's room. That's where they had gone after the fight with Vlad. No one wanted to go home, but instead sought the comfort of their friends, people who could understand the perils of ghost fighting.

Jazz sat on Danny's computer, perusing the Internet. Tucker was sitting with Valerie who was watching him with near open mouthed amazement as he shared with her the data on his PDA and the exploits of his ghost fighting expeditions with Danny and Sam. Some how, Tucker played a larger part in the stories he told Valerie than he had actually played. Sam smiled as she watched her friend, she wasn't about to say anything. Tucker had every right to have someone impressed by him.

Danny was downstairs with his parents. They had a million questions for him. They wanted to know about Vlad and the accident and the other ghosts he'd been fighting. They wanted to know about all his powers and so on and so on. They were very accepting though. Sam just hoped they weren't giving Danny too hard of a time. She looked at Jazz a moment, absorbed in the computer then at Tuck and Valerie, absorbed with each other and snuck out of the room. She tip toed downstairs and made her way into the basement.

"His name is Skulker," Danny said as he pointed to a picture of the ghost hunter ghost. "And that is the Box Ghost."

"Yeah," said Maddie as she laughed. "We defiantly know him."

Danny shook his head. "I don't know how but he always escapes from the Fenton Thermos."

"We'll have to work on it!" Jack said as he flipped a thermos.

"Don't do that!" Maddie said as she caught the thermos in mid air. "Vlad is in there!"

"Oh!" Jack exclaimed. "I'm sorry." Sam watched as Maddie waited until she thought no one was looking and gave the thermos a few good, hard, violent shakes. Sam laughed and Maddie looked up, flushed with guilt.

"Sam Sweetie," She said as she welcomed the Goth girl into the basement. "Did you come to rescue Danny from our obsessive attentions?" She could tell by the way Danny was smiling that he really didn't need rescuing. She felt a little twist of jealousy course through her. She wasn't sure if it was because the bond of Danny's secret, something which was just between Tucker, Danny and herself was now completely breached, or if it was the way Danny's parents were showering him with attention and how she wished her parents could give her the same affection. Still smiling and looking content, Danny jumped down from counter he was sitting on and walked toward her.

"Why don't the two of you go relax?" Maddie suggested. "We can always talk to you later. I'm sure we'll come up with more questions in the meantime." Danny shot his mother a pained expression and she laughed.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Danny asked. Sam feeling shy for some reason only nodded her head.

"Be careful Sweetie," Maddie called as the made their way out of the lab. "Watch out for ghosts." Danny looked back at her questioningly. He couldn't tell if she was joking or was serious.

Danny opened the door for Sam and they walked into the cool night air. Sam took a deep cleansing breath. "I'm sorry about the whole nanny thing," she said after a long silence.

"It's okay," Danny said. "It wasn't your fault. Spectra was in control of you."

"If it's any consolation it tore me up inside to break up with you," Sam continued. "I really don't know how Spectra was able to talk me into it."

Danny took her hand. "It tore me up inside too," he admitted.

Sam closed her eyes, she felt bad that she had hurt him. "I'm so sorry Danny," She started.

"There's nothing to be sorry for," Danny said as he put his arm around her waist. "It's all over now. And we even defeated Vlad."

Sam smiled an leaned into him as they walked.. "What are you going to do with him?"

Danny laughed. "My parents have all kinds of ideas! Dad wants to build a ghost proof case and stick the thermos in it for all time."

"We could always send him to Walker in the Zone," Sam suggested. "I'm sure he'd like to have custody of Spectra and Bertrand too."

"You know. That's what makes me nervous," Danny said. "Ghosts can escape from the thermos. I don't like the fact that Spectra and Vlad are in there together, plotting evil. They'd defiantly escape from Walker."

"They're probably fighting as we speak," Sam replied. "Tucker would wager you to decide which one makes it out alive." The two walked in silence for awhile.

"We're actually kind of alone," Sam remarked. "I mean Vlad is in a Fenton Thermos, everyone is at your house."

Danny looked around thoughtfully. "But there are several possibilities," he said and began to list them. "The Box Ghost, Princess…"

"If they show their faces, just let them be," Sam said. "What can they do except annoy?" Danny's eyes sparkled with amusement as Sam reached up and kissed his cheek. They paused and looked around. Nothing. Danny bent down and kissed Sam quickly then pulled away. They looked around. Nothing. A set of headlights flashed by as they moved toward each other to try one more time to see if anything would interrupt. Nothing did, so they put their arms around each other and kissed. A car horn beeped and looked up and to see Dash Baxter and a few of his cronies.

"Gross!" Dash called. "Geek love!" Neither Sam or Danny had any witty comeback. They just smiled at each other. There were worse things in the world to deal with than Dash Baxter.


Maddie and Jack were waiting for Danny and Sam when they returned. "We want to go to Vlad's lab," they both said.

"Your father and I have been thinking and we've talked to Tucker and deduced that the Fenton Thermos is just not a reliable enough receptacle to hold a ghost." Maddie as she took Danny by the arm and started pulling him from the room. Sam who had a death grip on Danny's hand followed along.

"Dude," Tucker said as he followed along. "Vlad is going to escape from that thing sooner or later. We really should take advantage of his absence to scour his lair."

"And take back my stolen equipment!" Jack added.

"I'd really like to see some of his evil plans for myself," Valerie said still feeling a little resentful and used by Vlad Masters.

The only decision to be made was whether or not to go by car or go by the Specter Speeder. Danny argued that the Ghost Zone was pretty dangerous and they couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't run into a host of baddies.

"We're not afraid of no ghost!" Jack cried.

"Yeah," Danny whispered to Sam, "That's what I'm afraid of." Sam covered her mouth and laughed. They both looked over to Tucker. He was still beside Valerie looking rather pleased.

"I guess there is one person who doesn't need rescuing," Sam said as she hugged Danny's arm.

"I'm just glad that Valerie is off my back," Danny said. "That in itself is cause for celebration."

"Danny!" Maddie cried from halfway down the stairs to the lab. "Let's go Sweetie!"

Danny rubbed the back of his neck for a moment as he looked at Sam. "Oh boy! This is what it's going to be like from now on."

"Oh no!" Sam said in a dry tone. "We better run for our lives."

"Wait for me!" Jazz called as she ran downstairs in her hazmat suit.

Valerie looked at her for a moment then at Danny's parents then to Tucker. "What's with this family and hazmat suits?

"Hazmat suits are cool!" Jack, Maddie, Jazz and Danny said in unison.

"It's genetic," Sam said dryly and Tucker laughed.

Danny changed into his ghost form rather self consciously. He'd never done so in front of a large group of people who were watching him interestingly.

"What's with the D?" Jack asked as he pointed to the middle of Danny's chest.

"Uhhhh Ummm," Danny said then looked to Sam and Tucker for help.

"It's a D, Mr. Fenton." Sam told him.

"But what does it mean?" He asked.

"It's his grade point average," Jazz answered. Tucker and Sam snickered.

"I have a steady C average I'd like you all to know," Danny said defensively.

"It's a symbol for Danny Phantom," Sam said then explained exactly what the symbol meant. When she was done. Everyone was smiling at her.

"That's where it came from!" Danny said in surprise. "You made it didn't you?" Sam blushed.

Jack pouted, "I liked the hazmat suit with my face on it better."

"Oh get over yourself," Maddie laughed.


They made it through the Ghost Zone to Vlad's office with no opposition. Which made Danny very nervous. When they reached the lab everyone split up in different directions to search.

Jack growled to himself as he walked through Vlad's lab. "He stole this?" He exclaimed as he picked up a wrench with Fenton Works emblazoned on the side. "This is my favorite wrench!"

"Danny can you get this filing cabinet open?" Maddie asked. Danny walked over and phased through the cabinet. He pulled out a few files. He handed his mother a stack then decided to look through a few himself. The first file said. "Butternut, My Darling" he opened up the file then covered his eyes.

"Ummm Mom," he said flushing as he gingerly handed her the file. She looked inside, gasped then flushed bright red.

"Vlad really is a creep!" She said as she took the file over to her husband. Jack opened the file and his eyes went wide.

"Whoa Maddie!" he exclaimed. "You look hot in a gold lame hazmat suit." Jack looked at the pictures a moment then frowned. "Hey! How did he get these?"

"He didn't," Maddie told him. "He pasted my head on someone else's body!"

"OH!" Jack said then looked at a few more pictures. "OH!" he said again then growled. "If I ever get my hands on that Vlad Masters. I'll kill him!"

Tucker, Valerie and Jazz were at Vlad's computer. They were printing out information such as ghostly weaknesses and a huge file on Danny and his ghost powers as well as several outlines of several dastardly plots to take over the Ghost Zone.

"He's pretty obsessed with you Danny," Tucker said as he read the files. They found a small extension on Valerie which made her burn with anger. Jack walked over when they found the file on the ghost portal.

"I think we should destroy his information and then the ghost portal so he can't build another one!" Valerie said angrily.

Jack laughed then pushed the kids out of the way. "How about instead, we mess up his information a little bit." He typed a few lines here and there and changed some key information about the machine."

"When we leave," he said as he hit the save button. "I'll set the portal to recalibrate at the wrong frequency. Next time someone tries to access the portal from the outside it will blow."

"Danny," Sam called softly from the corner of the room. He put down the file he'd been reading and went over to see what she wanted. She was standing next in the corner. She looked past his shoulder to see if anyone was looking then pointed to the corner, which turns out wasn't really a corner at all, just a façade hiding another part of Vlad's lab.

"Danny?" Jazz called. Danny and Sam looked at each other in alarm for a moment then Danny grabbed Sam and kissed her.

"Whoa!" Jazz who was approaching said as she backed off. "I'll ummm just…go over here!" She ran quickly over to her mother and began looking at a file over her shoulder.

Danny and Sam broke away from the kiss and shot Jazz a quick look. Sam smiled wryly at Danny. "What was that?" She asked. "A fake out make out?"

Danny smiled and blushed, "Yeah, but who is to say I didn't enjoy it this time?" Sam raised her eyebrows. "Ok I enjoyed it every time, but you're the one who started it!"

"Yeah well," Sam said as she looked down at her feet. "I had to find some excuse to kiss you and get away with it." They looked into each other's eyes for a moment before they both blushed.

"So um," Sam said as she pointed to the corner.

"Yeah." Danny said then shot a look at everyone over his shoulder. "Let's check it out."

Inside the room was a Fenton Thermos. Danny and Sam looked at each other in fear.

"Is that what I think it is?" Sam asked as she walked over to the thermos sitting on a pedestal with a light shining over it. Danny walked close to the thermos and confirmed their fears.

"I guess he decided if he couldn't turn you evil, that he still had a weapon to use against you." Sam said.

"How did he know about Dark Dan?" Danny asked. "And more importantly, how did he get this from Clockwork?"

"Danny!" Tucker yelled. "You better get over here." Danny and Sam ran out of the room and over to the computer.

"It looks like Vlad has been hacking into my computer." Tucker said in annoyance. "He knows everything. He knows about Dark Dan and my crush on Valerie and…" Tucker stopped. "Err did I say that out loud?" Everyone laughed except for Valerie who blushed.

"Anyway," Tucker said then cleared his throat. "It looks like Vlad planned to use Dark Dan as a last resort. It doesn't say how he got him from Clockwork, just that he planned to release Dark Dan if you didn't comply with his plans."

"Great!" Danny said then turned to his father who was scratching his head at the thought of Dark Dan.

"He's you?" Jack asked.

"Yes," Danny answered distractedly. "He's an evil version of me Dad."

Jack and Maddie looked at each other for a moment then said, "Cool!"

"Not cool!" Sam said as she looked at Danny. "We need to get the thermos back to Clockwork."

"The thermos isn't stable anyway," Jack said absently. "It will only hold a ghost for so long."

"Is there anything we can do to make it more stable?" Jazz asked.

"Well," Jack said. "I put Vlad's thermos in a Fenton containment shield. It's like the ghost shield but…" Jack began to go into detail about the containment shields while Danny, Sam and Tucker gave each other worried looks.


Danny, Tucker and Sam stood and watched as Jack Fenton put the container holding Dark Dan, Danny's evil a self, next to the container holding Vlad.

"All should be safe and sound now," Maddie said to the kids. "Don't you have school tomorrow?"

"And a dance." Jazz added. Danny had almost forgotten about the dance. Right now all he wanted to do was get to Clockwork and find out how Vlad obtained possession of the thermos with his bad guy self inside.

"I'll walk Valerie home," Tucker announced. He told Danny and Sam that he'd see them the next day at school, and to not worry about the thermoses, they would find a way to make sure neither Vlad or Dark Dan escaped.

"You're grandmother is home?" Maddie asked as she lead Sam and Danny out of the basement. Leaving Jack and Jazz to talk about the containment field and improving the Fenton Thermos.

"No," Sam answered. "She went to Florida."

"Then you stay here tonight," Maddie insisted. "In Jazz's room of course." She smiled sweetly. "Danny take her home to get her clothes. You have school and a dance tomorrow so make sure she brings something pretty."

"But Mom," Danny started. He really needed to find Clockwork.

"There are no buts Danny," His mom ordered as she pushed them into the living room. "You are still fourteen years old. You have responsibilities other than ghost hunting. You have school. I expect your grades to get better. There has been too much stress in your life. I want you to start having fun. You're going to the dance tomorrow. Leave the ghost fighting up to your father and I for awhile."

Neither Sam or Danny said anything as they walked to her house. Finally Danny asked, "Do you want to fly the rest of the way?"

Sam shook her head, "I'd rather walk if it's okay with you. We have a lot to think about."

"Mom's going to know if we go through the portal." Danny said.

"Do you think the Fenton Ghost Containment Shield could hold if Vlad or Dark Dan or both escaped from the thermos?

"I hope so," Danny said worriedly he tried to lighten up a little bit. "At least we still get to go to the dance together."

Sam smiled and squeezed his hand. "And we get to see Tucker and Valerie together."

"So things aren't all that bad," Danny said trying to sound positive.

"As long as Princess doesn't show up," Sam whispered as she looked around. Danny laughed but Sam remained serious. "I have a weird feeling about her Danny. She's been gone awhile now. She's going to show up at the wrong moment."

"Isn't that true for every ghost?" Danny asked as he frowned and stared worriedly ahead. For one brief moment his life had untangled itself. Sam was his girlfriend. His parents knew about and were okay with his ghost powers. Both Vlad and Valerie were off his back. Tucker was in the beginning stages of a relationship with Valerie. But instead of being happy as he should have been, Danny was more worried than ever.


"Get away from me!" Vlad yelled at Spectra from inside the Fenton Thermos. "Your elbow is up my nose!"

"Then move your nose!" Spectra growled.

"Spectra," Bertrand called. "Do you mind? You're standing on my head!"

"When I get out of here!" Vlad cried, "Those Fenton's are going to pay! I'm going to make sure of that!"

"That is if there is anything left of them after I'm through with them," Spectra vowed.

"You'd have to get to them first!" Vlad said. "Ouch! Get your elbow out of my eye!"

"That's not my elbow!" Spectra said. "That's my hair! You're ruining my hair!"

"Your hair?" Vlad screamed. "Look at mine."

Bertrand sighed from where he lay underneath their feet. "I guess no one is going to get off my head," he yelled. Neither Spectra or Vlad moved. "Okay. Either of you have any aspirin then?"



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